Crooked ways of AAP – declares name as Atishi Marlena, signs as Marlena, but hides curious surname

What is the need for AAP to hide the surname of Marlena and pass her off as a Rajput? Hypocrisy or outright attempt to fool voters?

What is the need for AAP to hide the surname of Marlena and pass her off as a Rajput? Hypocrisy or outright attempt to fool voters?
What is the need for AAP to hide the surname of Marlena and pass her off as a Rajput? Hypocrisy or outright attempt to fool voters?

Sisodia claims  surname is Singh, Rajput, Kshatriya etc.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is an interesting mix of motley elements/ borderline crooks and Urban Naxals led by a fake head honcho, Arvind Kejriwal. The latest fake and crooked activity is by its Delhi East Lok Sabha candidate Atishi Marlena who now hides her curious surname and use only her first name Atishi and her party leaders claim that she is a Singh, a Rajput and even term her as Rani of Jhansi.

What is the truth behind the curious name Marlena?

Atishi Marlena’s parents were Professors working in Delhi University (DU) Colleges and are Ultra Communists. Her father Vijay Kumar Singh and mother Tripta Vahi are leaders of an unknown Communist faction (or is it a fraction?!) known as the Albanian Communists. Both of them were engaged in hate mongering against Nationalism, Army, Hindutva, etc while enjoying lavish salaries from the DU. These Ultra Left Professors even engaged in a campaign for mercy petition for the Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru. Out of their craze towards Communism, they came up with a curious surname of Marlena (combining Marx and Lenin) to their second daughter Atishi (37). Like her parents, Atishi Marlena was also a chronic communist and joined AAP in 2013 like her husband Praveen Singh.

Her elder sister Rosa Basanti (Rosa name derived from Polish Marxist theorist Rosa Luxemburg, say veteran Professors of Delhi University) is married to noted Television anchor and journalist Bhupendra Chaubey.

There is nothing wrong with the name Atishi Marlena – the problem is the hypocrisy of hiding the curious surname. Now her mentor and AAP’s second-in-command Manish Sisodia tweets that Atishi is a Singh, Rajput, Kshatriya and even compares her to Rani of Jhansi!

In nomination affidavit she declares her name as Atishi Marlena and signs as Marlena

Why this duplicity in bringing forth the caste and hiding the original surname? Atishi Marlena who now only goes by the name Atishi must be thinking that people may think that she is a Christian due to the curious surname Marlena. All her name records show her name as Atishi Marlena and she was forced to declare in her nomination affidavits. Interestingly in all pages she signs as Marlena.

Marlena Election Affidavit Pg1
Marlena Election Affidavit Pg1
Marlena Election Affidavit Pg 2
Marlena Election Affidavit Pg 2

When she was working as an Advisor to the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and engaged in the Education Department, she claimed that she was only receiving One Rupee as salary. This claim of One Rupee salary is bunkum. Anyway, as per her nomination affidavit, she and her husband have more than Rs.60 lakhs each as bank balance including fixed deposits. And there are many reports about her false claims on having done stellar work in Delhi’s education records. As AAP has a bandwagon of paid or ideologically oriented journalists, these kinds of claims can be made as public relations exercise. There are many reports exposing these fake tall claims.

In a nutshell, AAP is a party of shysters with fake claims and fake ideology led by one of the biggest liars Arvind Kejriwal.

PGurus Editor Sree Iyer had written a detailed book on this fake party titled as “The Rise and fall of AAP”[1].  You can read how this party hijacked somebody’s else movement to grab power at Delhi.


[1] The Rise and Fall of AAPSree Iyer, Amazon

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  1. Yes. Definitely Yes. I fully agree.

    My master used to say

    Muslims are very cruel

    Christians are great cheats

    We should imagine the sufferings that should have resulted in such an opinion

  2. Most of the metropolitan cities were already converted during UPA period ….
    Check out Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai n Delhi…
    All churches were given free hands to convert either by money or by threat to doing business etc…
    Their persons were allowed to enter everywhere…
    Check out all the recruitments during UPA period .. either they will be Christians or converts…or those recommended by churches…
    They wanted to have adhar only to let in their preferred people in all areas…
    Check out civil services or government exams – most of them would have got job because of their preparations either in Christian run institutions or by reading namesake Hindu magazines like Hindu…
    Medical exams will have only Christian/convert people as toppers…
    Because of all these activities the standard is going to go low…
    Tamil Music college director, Madurai is a Christian ?
    Tamil music base lies with Hindu music …
    JJ did a blunder in appointing Shobha Chandrasekhar as the head… slowly they have penetrated into classical music too that they could make Carnatic singers sing jesus songs that too theyagaraja Keerthanais?
    Just because theygarajar hasn’t patented it, is it right to do such atrocities?
    Those ladies are honoured by Christian media too…
    People should be careful…
    Muslims are violent but Christians are dangerous to Hindu culture because they are liars, Cheaters, fake news creators, copiers (they will in future say thirukural was written for jesus too..)
    God let Muslims rule India for 800 years but didn’t let Christians rule India for even 200 years… because they are more dangerous because they have no shame in copying and claiming others assets as theirs….

  3. Dear editor
    I think that PGURUS is doing a good job of unmasking the so-called opposition and their fake claims. That said, kindly disallow chronic abusers and raters like Anupam SCB from posting venous and highly abusive comments. Comments like his (?) would dent your reputation. So be careful about the comments you put on your site.

    • Dear Sir,
      Very respectfully, I beg to submit to your kind self that TRUTH and NOTHING but NAKED TRUTH , is what Iám stating, so kindly do not read my comments. Respect fully stating Iám oldest follower of PGURUS, and all this bumkum of abusive speech, hate speech, Fact check, Troll branding etc. is a NEW INQUISITION, OR COMMIE-ELITE COMMISSARY to SUPPRESS the PROLES (General Hard working, honest EDUCATED but again public, Engineers, Drs, scientists, Farmers…, BUT not two pit tie wearing journos, some Film, fashion Cabaret dancers called actors, in short scummiest scoundrels or maggots). Indian and in fact every constitution of Free Democratic countries give RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Not just to Tukde gang or CORPORATE MEDIA FILTH, but to all

  4. Sobriquets in our country are a massive business before and after 1947.
    Nehru was a Muslim and his progeny too. Dynasty ruled us for 55 years with Hindu names.
    Sonia……Antonio Maino(Telangana Amma) the Indian voters nearly made her PM of India and from May 2004 to May 2014 she was the NAC Chairperson ruled us thru PM Maun Mohan Singh. Congenital liar Rahul Vinci…… story is very big. RaHu if he wins will make his vayal Nad / Waynad constituency another kashmir under BJP’s nose!

    Majority community still allows fakes to rule and plunder us!! Temples and its surroundings are being encroached.

    So called this AAP Mar-lena (jindagi ka kamaayi), JNU,DU, JMI, Hyderabad Central University, AMU …….fat salary story pales into insignificance!!!

    Kejriwal is a product of domestic and foreign media nurtured by the Dynasty and now Maha Thugs Bandhan. Delhi voters need freebies hence he wins…….we keep believers in foreign ideologies in power and make them fabulously rich if not filthily rich!!

    Secularism mantra keeps plunderers going domestically and their progeny on greener pastures globally!!!

    In a lighter vein, Vriddha Ashrams /home for the aged in the country are meant for those “who did not loot”!!

    BJP’s infighting leads our country in so many ugly situations in Delhi in particular and in general in the country.

    After 2014 BJP win,it realized that corruption was an issue and started going thru the motions six months before elections. Majboot Sarkar is yet to show interest in sending crooks to jail…..judiciary is a hurdle…..let us after May 2019….!!

    • Muslims support Leftists blindly. Leftists support Congress in India. World over if you see the pattern, the Leftists enjoy the support of Muslims. With Muslims wealth, the Lefts are playing the trick all over the world. Wherever Leftists are sidelined, Muslims lie low.


  6. Communists of ANY HUE have to be exterminated ferociously, ruthlessly and savagely, no civilized country allows Communism..Its Christian conquistador genocide slave trade with another name. Communism follows ditto what Conquistadors did in North South Central Americas, Australia… in name of Bloodthirsty jesus.Communists do just that, except with Catholic Xtianity. They have NEVER TOUCHED a Catholic, Western nation.Like conquistadors, Templars they destroy Eastern gentle civilization. Poison head is SAME, Vatican.. They have HIJACKED Islam now, to destroy Islam, Buddhism for Xtianity

  7. MAR LENA is a cover for something else..A INVITATION TO ALL VAGABOND, VAGARANT LAWARAIS filthy, smelly, unbathed Goras..Pakipanjabins WORSHIP white d..

    • That’s the reason why Kejriwal & his gang has kept her to relieve themselves. Basically AAP is ISI funded party. They have to be routed from Delhi and Kejri must be put behind bars.

      • Yes, Alka Lamba, another Pakipanjabin with her. And NOT ME OR BJP But Italian Nazi Party accused Alka Lamba of running a High Class escort services..
        You guessed Right..RATION CARD PARTY AFTER ALL, led BY AALU of AALU-MAALU fame, and Kejri and Maalu are cousins. In Indian civilized families its called Behen C..But for Italians and pigs , its normal

      • There are so many people working against Hindus and against India!

        They wear all types of caps to hide the poison inside their heads.

        Hindus should seriously learn to protect themselves.

        That is the need of the hour

  8. She is neither a Rajput, all that is Bullshit. She is Pakipanjabin, the genetic lumpen rattlesnakes created in Brit sewers through sewer Pakipanjabin White fronts worshipping Pakipanjabin whores. The evil plants of White skinned evil christian Brits. Surprising that 3 million Hindus were killed in genocide in 1947, but not a single Pakipanjabi was killed (as they were hand in gloves of killers), they are a pack of Mixed breed of Greeko Iranian Turks and offcourse 80% Brit whites, the bloody colonizers sent in by Brit and Rev Father Nehru, running dog of MI6..Is it not surprising that these genetic low IQ, deranged demented rascals came as beggars, naked hungry raped pigs and with 15 years became the Richest community after Iranian traitor Parsis and Inquisitor Conquistador Portuguese Haramis the Xtians. ITS NOT AN ELECTION BUT A WAR BETWEEN HARAMIS (OUTSIDER WHITE PRD BASTARDS RULING US) AND HINDUSTANIS (NATIVE INDIANS, 100% INDIANS CALLED SANGHIS), SANGHI VS FIRANGI

    • I wonder the kind of education you might have received. Being human is first thing one should remember. By PakiPanjabis you mean refugees from PAK I guess. Well I can tell you one thing, my family came from PAK and lost everything there however we embraced this nation as it was India before. We gave so many war hero’s, scientists, economists, sportsmen, artists and etc to this nation. We strengthened the nation’s economy just like the south Indians did. I wonder you know any of this or have any sort of IQ to be rational about this fact. I pity on you when you see any pakipanjabi being successful in his life and you have to eat filth of your own mouth. Shame on you man !!!

      Go see a doctor otherwise you will go mad if your children or anyone in next generation will get married to pakipanjabi and will remain happy.


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