Dawood Ibrahim has a second wife, nephew tells NIA. Now staying in the Karachi defense area

Nephew deposes before NIA, spills the beans on Dawood Ibrahim

Nephew deposes before NIA, spills the beans on Dawood Ibrahim
Nephew deposes before NIA, spills the beans on Dawood Ibrahim

Haseena Parkar’s son Alishah Parkar reveals details of the don to NIA

Fugitive underworld don and UN-designated terrorist Dawood Ibrahim has a second wife who is a Pakistani and he has lied about divorcing his first wife, his nephew has told the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is probing a case pertaining to a global terrorist network and a criminal syndicate involved in terrorist and criminal activities in India. The statement of Alishah Parkar, son of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar, is part of the charge sheet filed by the NIA in the case in Special Court in Mumbai.

He further mentioned that Dawood Ibrahim is currently living in a defense area behind Abdullah Gazi Baba Dargah in Karachi, Pakistan, along with his family. The case is related to a global terrorist network and a transnational organized crime syndicate, namely ‘D-Company‘, which it claimed is involved in various terrorist and criminal activities in India.

“Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar’s wife’s name is Maizabin and he is having three daughters Marukh (married to Junaid, son of Pak cricketer Javed Miandad), Mehrin (married) and Maziya (unmarried), and one son Mohin Nawaz (married),” Alishah Parkar said in the statement, which was made available recently.

“Dawood Ibrahim has a second wife, she is Pakistani Pathan,” he said, adding that Dawood Ibrahim shows that he has divorced his first wife, but the fact is it’s wrong.

The NIA in its charge sheet alleged that Ibrahim had sent a “huge amount of money” through hawala channels to the accused arrested in the case pertaining to aiding terrorist activities of ‘D-Company’ in India. These activities were related to carrying out terrorist attacks in Mumbai and other parts of India to strike fear among people. The D-Company has established a special unit to strike terror in the people of India by attacking eminent personalities, including political leaders and businesspersons, the probe agency further claimed.

Ibrahim and his close aide Chhota Shakeel have been shown as wanted accused in the charge sheet. The three other people charge-sheeted are Arif Abubakar Shaikh, Shabbir Abubakar Shaikh, and Mohammad Salim Qureshi — all Mumbai residents and arrested in the case.

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  1. How many wives or children or girl friends (paid & upaid) he has is relevant only for historians. With whom he sleeps daily & flirts during weekends is relevant for Pfizer to sell their drugs
    Pakistan is a peaceful country, world’s only Islamic nuclear power and an economic “dynamite” – how fast it collapses & rejoins Mohenjo-daro ruins is waiting to be seen – a case for historians to know why the great civilization called Mohenjo-daro failed !! Is it due to same reasons as modern times show ?
    Will rich Saudi buy nuclear secrets from this Peaceful Country ? i.e. stolen 2nd hand nuclear technology or buy (at peanut price) the plant itself & transport it (complete with human resources) to Mecca and bailout Pakistan ? It will save time, money & make it super power to fight with iran & other enemies
    Stephen Speilberg – drama unfolding or Tom Cruise Top Gun at display ?


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