DDCA President Rohan Jaitley faces allegations of sexual harassment, abuse of power and corruption

Is this a case of the son following the footsteps of the father? Arun Jaitley and now Rohan Jaitley?

Is this a case of the son following the footsteps of the father? Arun Jaitley and now Rohan Jaitley?
Is this a case of the son following the footsteps of the father? Arun Jaitley and now Rohan Jaitley?

Do the Jaitleys think DDCA is their personal fiefdom?

Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) President Rohan Jaitley, son of former finance minister late Arun Jaitley, is facing serious allegations of sexual abuse, misuse of power, and even corruption in the Cricket body. A woman named Jyotsna Sahni has complained to the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket In India), alleging that Rohan Jaitley has sexually harassed her after promising to marry her.

Is Amit Shah washing his hands off the Jaitley family?

The rooms that had been booked for the victim, were from DDCA funds as per a report by a YouTube channel run by journalist Sakshi Joshi. The victim has sent an email, detailing her side of the story to BCCI’s office bearers Jay Shah, Roger Binny, Rajiv Shuka, and VVS Laxman, said the report of Inside Sport.[1]

Same name, different generations…

The 17-minute video uploaded by journalist Sakshi Joshi uploaded Jyotsna Shani’s complaint, after contacting her is really shocking, exposing the allegations of sexual abuse and corruption in the Cricket World. Rohan Jaitley’s father, former finance minister late Arun Jaitley was also head of DDCA for more than 10 years also faced serious corruption charges in DDCA.

Should Jyotsna have approached an accidental lawyer?

As per Sakshi Joshi’s report, Jyotsna who was facing marital issues wanted a divorce and met Rohan Jaitley (who is also an Advocate in early 2020). As per Jyotsna, Rohan promised to get favourable divorce order and even bragged saying due to his late father Arun Jaitley’s clout, any Judge in Delhi will give her favourable order (obviously a violation by an Advocate), they became friends and Rohan promised to marry her. Rohan also shared his marital problems and expressed his desire to marry Jyotsna. Interestingly as per the details of the email and attached documents, bookings in many hotels (Hotel Oberoi and ITC Maurya in the name was Jyotsna was paid by DDCA!!!. As per the allegation, Rohan and Jyotsna were staying together in many hotels in Mumbai and other places and even stayed with Indian Cricket Team during many matches.

Rohan’s pillow talk unfolds many kickbacks

As per the email of Jyotsna, published by journalist Sakshi Joshi, Rohan’s wife caught their relationship, and her family started giving her threats of life on many occasions in Delhi. The shocking part is, as per the email, Rohan during his intimate moments shared with her how he makes money from several DDCA contacts. According to her, Rohan told her Philips company gave him Rs.3 crore as kickbacks for flood light contracts at DDCA controlled stadium Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium (now named as Arun Jaitley Stadium) and how Lokesh Sharma arranges crores rupees kickbacks for works in the controversial stadium. Even Arun Jaitley was facing charges from iconic cricketers Bishan Singh Bedi and Kirti Azad for corrupt deals in several contracts from controversial Stadium works from the mid-90s. Veteran activist Madhu Kishwar has uploaded her interview with Bishan  Bedi:

Diamonds for selection?

Another serious allegation by Jyotsna is that Rohan told her during intimate moments how he get big gifts like diamonds during cricket team selection. (This case is not just a sexual abuse case and hope a high-level probe is ordered on the functions of the Indian Cricket world. Sakshi Joshi’s full 17-minute video on Jyotsna Sahani’s charges can be seen here:

Sakshi Joshi tweeted also:

This is a fit case for the police to take cognizance and other agencies to probe the blatant corruption in Indian Cricket World. Will they?????


[1] Rohan Jaitley Sexual Harassment: DDCA President at eye of storm as victim alleges sexual harassment, complaints to BCCI, ReportFeb 24, 2023, Inside Sport

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  1. How did Arun Jaitley’s former junior, Senior Advocate Maninder Singh, who is like family to Rohan Jaitley get appointed as Government of India nominee on the DDCA Apex Council when the Govt nominee is supposed to be independent. He is clearly disqualified because of conflict of interest. Sports Minister Anurag Thakur must answer.

  2. Saw Mr Piyush’s response.
    Just a tip of the Jaitleyberg it was 45+5+50 at the Delhi end. This is besides other things.
    I am sure Swamy knows far more.

  3. Nothing will happen. He knows the full real and actual details of Demo. The BJP will stand totally exposed.
    All churidhars will fall off.


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