Destructive Opposition

Just how far will the Left-Lutyens ecosystem go to keep the Modi government under the pump? Read on...

Just how far will the Left-Lutyens ecosystem go to keep the Modi government under the pump? Read on...
Just how far will the Left-Lutyens ecosystem go to keep the Modi government under the pump? Read on...

The budget of the Central government and all state governments conclusively proves that the total salaries of government employees, from the Central government to municipalities, and it includes money available for loot via corruption, can not exceed $400 billion.

Modi has added $1000 billion to our pockets in his seven years in office. These are totally extra to what we had in 2013. And even with the pandemic, he will most likely add $2000 billion more by 2024 because the base is ready.

But we want to vote him out to bring back the vote bank managers who would deliver us to Muslims, in the hope of changing our share in $400 billion by few percentage points through reservations.

Man’s mind is the most dangerous machine in the world. The mind can blind man to heaven in front of him and convince him to walk into hell instead, with eyes wide open.

The rats who are preventing us from seeing what I have brought out above, the rats called opposition leaders, media, academia, bureaucrats, and caste leaders; they seem to be winning. But if we really lose to them, the guilt will be ours, we who know the above and refuse to fight for it.

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  1. Pgurus team, since independence may be aware of our one hundred lakh Crores debt as on date!

    Pgurus Billions figures may not be a mumbo jumbo but has 95% accuracy.

    Pgurus team, should remember that in 2019 BJP was projected to get 180 to 200 LS seats but thanks to Pakistan PM Imran Khan for Balakot, Pulwama misadventure BJP got 303. Had BJP secured as projected Nitin Gadhkari would have become PM! Not PM Modi!!

    Ground realities are that people say if anyone national party is given absolute majority of two thirds majority such a political set up is producing scams and HNI’s are running away from the country, under the UPA and NDA’s as well and there is no patriotism in Congress-I and RSS brain child BJP. Now Ultra rich HNIs were also reported!!

    As far as the Administration and Economy is concerned the worst PM is PM Modi since independence.

    If people vote out BJP it is due to its notorious performance barring Nitin Gadkari’s performance. Of course in 2023-24 BJP will bring in China issue and Nationalism and beg for votes!

    Pgurus team is aware of the fact that this Sanatana Dharma following nation survived for 5000 years of few new religious origins, 900 years Islamic invasions, 200 years Brits loot with English lingo residual gift for us in return, 60 years Nehru- Gandhi’s dynasty midnight deals removing original freedom fighters names and few BJP lead Governments for 13 years of quixotic flips and internal RSS squabbles from within.

    It shall not be leftists Lutyens alone it shall be BJP itself is on a self-destructive mode with poor administration, destroying the economy and Banking system and filthy arrogance parallel to Ravana. Why should one vote for a party eliminating its own core vote bank and law abiding tax payers who are now pushed under BPL? We were better of under the UPA sorry to say this Pgurus!

    Let RSS study Israel how to lead an ancient nation like Bharath (means a worshipper of radio activity also). RSS should recall PM Modi without further delay.

  2. My income tax return was processed on 20.01.2021, REFUND determined. Refund not released many days for some technicality in ‘PREVALIDATION OF BANK ACCOUNT”. This was also done in the 1st week of February 2021. On 17.02.2021, 4 amounts Rs 3600.00 (Alleged arrear pertaining to 2005) & Rs 800.00 (Alleged arrear pertaining to 2006) and almost equal amounts towards interest on these old arrears totaling Rs 9,500.00 approximately was recovered and paid to Income Tax Department. I received notifications to this effect on my mobile (SMS) & my Email ID.

    However the balance amount due to be REFUNDED to me is simply being DODGED. I used to call CPC 1800-429-2225 who simply used to say “Please bear with us for few more days. Your issue is escalated. FEW DAYS cannot be quantified. No commitment can be given on when is this FEW going to come”

    For some time they told me ‘Your REFUND failed sir, but you did not receive notification. Unless you receive notification you cannot raise a REFUND REISSUE REQUEST and so on. Refund Banker 1800-429-9760 categorically told me every time I called that there was no REFUND ORDER for the balance amount and that theIncome Tax department (CPC) is BLUFFING – Corroborated by the fact that I did not receive any SMS or Email on this FAILURE OF REFUND.

    I tweeted mailed many times tagging @incometaxindia @nsitharaman @narendramodi – even now I am literally calling #BluffMasterofBharat on twitter.

    Why should I vote for this Bluff-master & SCOUNDREL Narendra Modi? I voted for him twice, I even worked in the party office preparing many pamphlets and helping BJP candidates. I want some one else from BJP like Nitin Gadkari or Dr Subramanian Swamy to throw out this STUPID FOOL OF AN ASS Narendra Modi who has no knowledge, skill or intent to LEAD #Bharat.

    I am ready with PROOFS (Income Tax REFUND) & even in GST harassment (I support GST system over the old system) I can share the documents if PGURUS wishes to PUBLISH them and put them in Public Domain

  3. What is the basis of these random billions? Modi government has broken the backs of middle class with high petrol costs, arbitrary GST, no relief in Income tax rates, taxing interest on PF, so on. Middle class is very disappointed with Modi government. BJP needs to realise this sooner. Any government doing good work need not bother about opposition but if the government just relies on propaganda for votes, it may soon lose confidence of the public. Modi needs to promote free market economy and stop pursuing Nehruvian economic policies like tax terrorism to stifle growth.


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