Don’t Cherrypick Rapes

The humbug and hypocrisy of the celebs and not so celeb activists is indeed nauseating.

Don't Cherrypick Rapes
Don't Cherrypick Rapes

The extreme bias of the full-time pseudos against Modi runs so deep that even the gang rape of an eight-year-old is converted into an opportunity to target the PM with alacrity.

A Telugu actress stripped in front of Telugu Film Producers Association office recently to protest against the widespread use of casting couch. She said the sexual abuse of women in the film world was unimaginable. She gave graphic details of the sexual exploitation. But, not one person from Bollywood protested. The Karishma Kapoors, Javed Akhtars etc all adopted ‘maun’. Maybe rape is kosher in the film industry!! By the way, all of them did immense harm to the memory of the Kathua child victim and her family by identifying her and even posting her photographs!! Maybe because the family was not from the fab India fraternity, but poor shepherds whose emotions don’t matter.

When a 3 year old girl was repeatedly assaulted sexually in a school by a trustee in Andheri, Mumbai, not far away from the plush apartments of the Bollywood celebrities, none of them protested. Was it politically correct to remain silent?

Before you get me wrong let me make it amply clear that I am NOT opposed to the outrage over what happened in Kathua. The bastards who did the crime should be bobbitted asap.

But what I am against is the cherry-picking of rape incidents. A few months ago an eight-month infant was raped by a 28-yr-old demon and that too in the nation’s capital. Why did that horror not shock the conscience of the candlewalas?

One of the reasons for rape is the projection of women as sex objects in our films.

When Preeti Jain, a struggling Bollywood actress, accused producer Madhur Bhandarkar of sexual exploitation, how many from Bollywood came out in her support? Does the Teflon coating wear off only when it helps take Modi bashing to another level?

Not long ago a woman journo flung chappal at a high-profile editor at the edit meeting for sexually exploiting her. Except the “Saamna” no other newspaper published the news.

The extreme bias of the full-time pseudos against Modi runs so deep that even the gang rape of an eight-year-old is converted into an opportunity to target the PM with alacrity.

One of the reasons for rape is the projection of women as sex objects in our films. Why is the film fraternity silent about it? Who is writing songs of the likes of “Choli ke peeche kya hai…”? Grand Masti is a film steeped in vulgarity. However, the film industry is okay with its crassness. After all freedom of expression is involved you see. Bollywood is okay with sleaze.

A leading English newspaper is writing reams on the shame of Kathua. But its sister publication is promoting pure porn under the guise of a sexual counseling column. I wonder if the sex-related queries are actually asked by readers or manufactured by the news desk. Some months ago I complained to the Mumbai cops about this cheapo column. Predictably they did zilch.

The humbug and hypocrisy of the celebs and not so celeb activists is indeed nauseating.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Sorry Sir. I differnwith you.bThe difference between J&K and U P cases are that culprits are identified by Investigation team and victim still the Ruling regime has the audacity to support the culprits. That is the anger by cituzens. In other no Regime and its party have come out in open to support the Culprits.

  2. Very much true. Regardless of community women’s safety and honor must be duly safe guarded. Film industry across India has gone out of limits.

  3. It was a horrid crime and ought to have been condemned by all right thinking people as soon as it came to light. But the inexplicable silence by the political bigwigs and the politicisation by bar association of Jammu was appalling. It is this which attracts strong criticism.

  4. Any stray incident of minor or major (latter especially if minority community is involved) is sought to be blamed on PM Modi by the MSM and thr Cong.Left combine purely as a viable votr catching opportunity. Had it been MMS, the Congis would brush aside the event claiming that the PM cannot micro manage things. The instant case however should be condemned by all without politicising or communalising it andthe guilty must be brought to book.
    Strong counter campaign by the BJP must be started with people having good knowledge and better communication ability to match the disinformation campaign of the combined opposition duly discarding the mostly biased MSM.

  5. “The greatest enemy for oneself is the enemy within” – that statement goes well for an individual at micro level as much as it applies very well for the country as a whole at macro level.
    The enemy within for India are the Hindus who are hell bent to show the Sanatana Dharma is a very bad light- these have essentially sold their souls for few ounces of gold and for a relatively better materialistic life, which has been bribed to them by the ‘Mlecha’ enemy outside. If you look closely since they do not mainly follow any edicts of Vedic ritualistic system, any banter or debate with them on what is right and what is wrong is highly wasteful of both energy and time. The solution is hidden unfortunately in either teaching vedic civilisation to west or bringing the western civilisation down by whatever means it is going to take do so. What this does is curtail and stop the funding agency on which these enemies of sanatana dharma sustain and flourish. Poverty within far left wing will teach them what is spirituality and strength of Sanatana Dharma…

  6. The world is set ready for third world war, at this juncture domestic turbulence is not fair…again Rahul proves he is PAPPU.and The media’s gesture is filthy.

  7. It is most unfortunate that the entire opposition parties are bent upon bringing disrespect to BJP in general and Mr Narendra Modi in particular. They are not interested in any progress on any field by our Country. They have plenty of enmity and jealousy over the rapid progress that the Country has made in the last 4 Years and they did not want this to be allowed lest their total failure in their governance would be exposed in full. One scam after another is coming out of the bag and these loans were granted during their rule earlier. Appraisal was done purely based upon the closeness the borrower had with the political party and the influence enjoyed in their acquaintance. Not even a single day is passed without reading a News item over a rape took place somewhere in our Country. Age, caste, religion or the status does not come on their way to expose their lust over the female body. I totally agree with the views expressed by parngp saying:as part & parcel of the ‘Islamist agenda’ to de hinduize in West Bengal is being successfully brushed under the carpet! BJP will withstand all these manslaughter and continue their journey to bring prosperity to our great Nation in the Years to come.

  8. People generally follow the flock principle in expressing views and more to gain attention. So Rape to any event, it’s me too or I am going to be noticed.

  9. Well said. This has nothing to do with PM or particular political party. Those monsters who committed this brutal action should be punished without any delay.

  10. I think someone should rape your daughter only then only you will come to know the pain and agony. And then Modi will in his Speech state that your daughter will get justice and you would be running around for justice.That the only punishment given to you for linking this politically and making fun of this issue.

    • do you mean no rape has taken place in this nation for 7decades?The problem is even those who have been hit by the stringent tax laws and their implementation have joined the bandwagon.There are people like me who will support present govt only for economic policies not for cow protection or hindutva.But what do you have to say about previous governments keeping quiet when foreignfunded missions here were doing religious conversion and putting blocks for projects like kudankulam reactor?

  11. The murders, rapes, molestations, kidnapping have become a part of the society since time past many generations. Previously, fuedal landlords and their managers flaunted their power and influence on the society. Today it is by the so called “servants” of the people, the elected members. Every political party has their own share of rapers, looters, dishonest and castiest leaders in their ranks with no exception. What is required for every political paty to put their heads together and take on these demons and ostracize them from the realms of political influences. Will they be ready? The opposition in their desire for ousting Modi would not even raise a finger against even their panchayat leaders. Instead every act of crime carried out by such neech people from the ranks of Modi’s party will be magnified and given wide publicity. the luytens media will also join them for all of their motive is to remove Modi and not eliminate the evil from the society.

    However, Modi and Amit Shah should do everything to cleanse their stable of people like Senghar. They will do so for their own good or else they would soon stand alone deflated and defeated by the joint efforts by the opposition and the Lutyens media.

  12. This double standards on part of the ‘left liberal’ commentariat cabal is not only nauseating but is also a part of their calculated and planned agenda to vilify Hinduism & Bharat at the global stage! This strategy also has been their foremost weapon to defame the Modi gov internationally from day 1 ! While 1 rape of muslim girl child has been highlighted globally, 100’s of such rapes on a daily basis in WestBengal of poor dalit hindu girls/women as part & parcel of the ‘islamist agenda’ to de hinduize WestBengal is being successfully brushed under the carpet!


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