Dr. Gautam Sen, Writer, Political Economist on the UK elections and what might happen post results

With Hollywood celebs such as Hugh Grant jumping in to canvass, the elections in the UK could throw up another hung parliament, says Dr. Gautam Sen, formerly of London School of Economics. Is BoJo going to win his own seat? A must watch!


  1. Nice. A completely different set of questions for Dr Sen. No Kashmir, no Hindu temples, and nothing whatsoever about labour interference in India’s internal affairs. It is as if the interviewer doesn’t care about the viewers!

  2. Sri..easily one of your best interviews..not just because this DrSen is articulate/knowledgeable with what goes on in UK but you had a set of questions ready,allowed DrSen to explain.This is how an interview should flow which makes it interesting for spectators like me who desperately looking for neutrals to opine on international matters not vested jokers like BBC or CNN and their bunch of poodles..Time opinion makers shift away from anglo saxon dominance and that can only happen if the quality of competing media is world standard.China cannot do it because of their govt. control even though the quality of their media is world standard but India can but the indian media is in the hands of convent educated english speaking knowall morons with very poor media standards


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