Dr. Swamy remembers Chidambaram – an underachieving student, a crook who tried to jail him and more…

From the first time he heard about PC to the time Rajiv showed PC his place in front of him, Dr. Swamy has a lot of interesting stories to tell about perhaps one of the most corrupt ever...


  1. I am surprised at Dr. Swamy saying Air Bus is willing to say that they paid money for a deal in India.How csn they say this as they will face prosecution under the EU Convention Against Corription

  2. Mr Swamy should concentrate in giving ideas to the finance ministry as to how the dwindling economy can be resurrected or else he is the gentleman who brought down the Bajpayee govt with his actions and had called Bajpayee ji a womanizer, alcoholic and turn coat.

  3. I am shocked that even in a well read person like S Swamy, sadism has overtaken him. PC IS NO SAINT, But nobody can deny he is smart. All the MNREGA, GST, AND DEFT HANDLING OF THE ECONOMY FOR ao many years cannot be by chance. In fact not one NEW idea has come freshly from BJP !

  4. When there are 119 MPs in BJP with grave criminal charges of murder and rape and extortion its quit interesting how people see only one criminal in the most populous country ^_^

    Also theres no news about how the court clearly said that 2g scam was fake.

  5. Intresting opinion..Lets see how many years of jail he will serve. Till now nobody from last UPA govt, so called corrupt are are not punished. One can’t forever distract people from real issues of slow down, unemployment, industry growth.

  6. If a daughter is raped infornt of her father, if father the cries agnaist the accused, I hope you will ask him not to cry even you saw your daughter raped infornt of you, and ask him to wait till court’s verdict, ( I want to teach you, court is nothing but common sense), thanks for telling truth that may hundreds laugh agnaist Swamy, but crores admires him.

  7. From my experience in the IRS, I must say that PC is an achiever in every respect, judged by the only measure of achievement and success in the Indian society, as he is the monarch of a huge empire of wealth, having earned money right and left all his active life. Money alone is the meaduring standard of anyone in India–his wealth and not education or competence–and certainly not honesty and integrity–is the basis on which any person is judged and evaluated. PC is successful on all fronts–even in terms of power which, in any way, comes only by dint of money. This may be brought to the notice of Dr. Swamy.

    • However is his power used for any good of the nation ? No so your thesis about his success is flawed through and through.

  8. Who ever does good to the country by exposing corrupt people and those misusing and abusing powerful positions they occupy should be honoured respected and given appropriate positions to do something really good for the country and the people. Dr SWAMY definitely deserves to be given a very powerful position to take the country forward economically socially and politically. He is a task matter and once he decides the destination he knows how to reach the destination fast removing all obstacles.

  9. One who sows the wind has to reap the whirlwind. This was what happened to the scheming Chidambaram with regard to his opponents.
    We have already seen the sagacity of Dr.S.Swamy with regard to his brilliancy in politics & law. Now the people are eager to see a saviour well versed in Economics. Even the latest news gives details of manufacturing holidays by some truck manufacturers. This is not a good omen. The country doesn’t have much time. The services of Dr.Swamy is becoming unavoidable day by day. Mark my words, he will become an indispensable asset to the country & a loyalist left hand of the PM. Ofcourse we all know who the right hand is. Left or right doesn’t matter cause he will the right choice if made.

  10. It’s highly improper to say such insulting things about a man who is yet to be convicted by the courts. In fact even as of now there are hundreds of Indians laughing at Dr. Swamy for his failures in politics. You never know when your days too come to a halt.

  11. Sir not only corrupt, THIS ITALIAN STREETDOG PC was also a ISI agent. It was Rehman Malik- Pakistani ISI Chief who got Chidu appointed as Home Minister, vide ITALIAN WHITE SUPREMACIST , CIA, KGB OpusDei planted SONIA MAINO..
    Also 26/11 was a SONIA-ISI conspiracy. SONIA was stopping Indian Forces, on 26/11. RVS Mani on Indiaspeaksdaily.com


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