Sree Iyer speech at the Book launch of C Company in Chennai

PGurus Editor-in-Chief Sree Iyer speech at the Book launch of C Company in Chennai. C-Company - How Jignesh Shah became the No.1 Target of P. Chidambaram. The book is available online at Amazon and at a Crossword store near you.

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  1. What a fantastic speech and yeoman research work!

    Chidambaram has done extensive damage to FTIL. A lot of people (the same people who used to curse Karti Chidambaram for manipulating the markets and creating havoc in people’s portfolios)feel that CHidambaram wanted to remove a flea from his cuppa coffee…but somewhere Chidambaram went full psycho! He wanted to not only stock MCX-SX but also kill Jignesh Shah!! Snuff him out completely …the actions taken to completely destroy Jignesh Shah are unparalleled in the history of India. Chidambaram looks like he was consumed by his hatred for what Shah had achieved and the threat he posed to the entire C-Company ecosystem.

    The propaganda unleashed by C-Company was also a thing of awe and fury. Nothing has been left in the quest to defame and destroy Jignesh Shah’s reputation completely. Yet, after 5 years of incessant incarceration, grilling and torture … what do we find? Zero! Zip! Nada!

    Yet, what do we see? The same C-Company propaganda machine fueled by Chidambaram’s money doing incessant propaganda on Social Media (Twitter and Facebook), pretending to be BJP followers, promising votes and all kinds of appeasements, spreading twisted lies….still trying to make a case to arrest Jignesh Shah(despite no proof of any wrongdoing), to sell his company, his properties and totally destroy Jignesh Shah!! Yes, the C-Company troll sena(Brokers, Reporters, Celebrities, Gullible Politicians etc) is active on social media and they have attacked Swamy and Sree Iyer too. Desperately trying to contort evidence to fit stories and sell their destructive narrative to Dev Phadnavis, Arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi.

    The fight against the money and might of C-Company troll sena is fraught with stress and the prospect of defamation. I wish Swamy ji and Sree Iyer ji all the luck and strength in this fight against the forces of corruption and evil May you find the strength and grit to destroy this ten-headed monster called C-Company.

    I am eagerly looking for the day when Swamji files the case in Supreme Court. I am sure that day will start a chain of dominoes which will signal the end of C-Company.

    Om Satyameva Jayate.


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