Electrical Grids collapsing theory of Left and so-called Liberals bites the dust

Another attempt at a specious narrative of Electrical grids failing falls flat as Left-Liberals have egg on their faces - again

Another attempt at a specious narrative of Electrical grids failing falls flat as Left-Liberals have egg on their faces - again
Another attempt at a specious narrative of Electrical grids failing falls flat as Left-Liberals have egg on their faces - again

There are lies, greater lies and Liberati narratives. Tell a lie a thousand times. That is the Goebbelsian trick that the Left and the so-called Liberals of India use. The very latest in this rather long list was the possible tripping of the electric grids due to Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s call to the nation to light up the traditional lamps or candles for nine minutes by switching off all lights at 9 PM on April 5 to express solidarity in the fight against COVID-19. Soon after Modi appealed to the public on April 3, first the Left parties and the so-called Liberals went into action, wondering whether the PM is doing something unscientific. Remember load-shedding when some of your compadres were in power? Did the grid breakdown? This fake outrage that a call for lighting the traditional lamp was to strengthen ‘Hindutva’ in the country did not find any takers. Sulk on, you intellectual-bankrupts.

Engineered statements

By April 3 evening, some Left-parties-supported Engineers’ Wing came out with a statement of the possibility of the collapse of electric grids in the country when a lot of people switch off power. They forgot that heavier loads such as a refrigerator or an air-conditioner would still be functioning. The Prime Minister merely asked to switch off lights and not the entire power. These “doubts” found their way into the Social Media networks and whatnot. The irony of it all is that these exact guys will vociferously demand every year to switch off all power supply for an hour to celebrate Earth Hour! Not to mention the candle-light marches for just about any cause.

All is well

All is well with the electrical grids, as this news report confirmed[1]. Why spew white lies for the past three days, when all the Prime Minister sought was a symbolic gesture to boost the morale of people, facing a 21-day-lockdown in the country? Last heard they have slunk back to the crude ideas and dirty tricks laboratory on what to do next… What they do not realize is that what comes out is a lot of Lab-oratory, most of which is puerile.

Next outrage – CrackerGate?

The next outrage is complaining in Social Media that many people are bursting crackers and polluting the atmosphere. How can you control a nation of 1.3 billion population? Some may have gotten excited or the Liberati may have diabolically plotted to burst crackers to show the PM and the ruling BJP in poor light.  With mal-intent anything is possible – set fire and create a new narrative around that –  trite, trivial stuff that should be dragged to the Trash bin on the Smartphone (this writer does not want to be blamed for printing out the post and trashing it – just doing the ecologically correct thing)!
Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai even went to the level of uploading an old fire incident from Solapur!

Not to mention that he accused Modi of copying some of the European countries! Some slimeballs derived pleasure by turning on all the lights in their home (this is their way of showing dissent).

Last laugh

The biggest joke was another fake narrative being peddled that as the ruling party (BJP) was formed on April 6, 1980, the Prime Minister might have planned to have countrywide lighting of traditional lamps on April 5. Unbounded enthusiasm for outraging over shallow, meaningless stuff is going to be their Waterloo.

Hatred for Narendra Modi has blinded the reasoning of these Liberati, who are allegedly funded by certain leaders of the Congress party. When Modi announced a specific fund – PM CARE Fund – to channelize the public donations, the same set went into overdrive trying to find faults with it. I hope that God (yes the one they don’t believe in!) gives them Sadbuddhi.


[1] PM Modi’s 9-minute blackout call goes well, no disruption electricity gridApr 5, 2020, The Times of India

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  2. In India Secularism has long back become a bad word. Now same fate emerging for Liberals who are now referred to Librandus. Now Hindu right has overtaken the liberalism and the so called librandus have become most illiberal and reactive lot. There is no going back. Hindu rights are on the right track.

  3. The very existence of India lies in the Indians facing up to the most peritinent question of whether they want India to remain Hindu or simply become an Islamic State. Nothing that the Muslims do is beyond ones comprehension as history has clearly seen how Islam had changed India and Indians as a whole while the Islamic part of India that has now beome Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan clearly extols the real story of what would become of a Hindu in India. It might appear a little to late to act but to act is a duty of each and every Hindu, just like how even in the great Mahabaratha war, the Lord made Arjuna fight to win. The battle is for Hindus to eliminate the likes of the left liberals, all fake media protaganists and any corrupt people who act against the future of a Hindu India. Otherwise the best option is for Hindus to convert to Islam and live in a state of “peace” like in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria or Iraq.

  4. Bond between People of India & Modi Ji is so strong,Congis,Leftists,so called Liberandos,hired writers,sold out TV Channels,Social Medias,hired freelance Journalists who despite spreading lies after lies(failing of Grid,Hindutva,superstitionn,no plan etc) could not break bond between People of India & Modi Ji. These all anti-forces got double shock of 440 KV as People of India shown overwhelming tremendous solidarity to Modi’s Call & Grid remained safe & strong. Shock was so strong,these forces must have rushed to Medical shop to buy Burnol & Bandages. A Comic from Oxford educated Rajdeep Sardesai, a Senior Journalist,Padmashri & ENBA awardee gave much needed entertainment to Public & his comic made him a great Laughing Stock.

  5. Yes, the height of idiocy is that these paid bums don’t even sense that they are becoming brand ambassadors for the person they work against.

    • Very true. These idiots made an unknown Chief Minister of a state in India world famous!
      How many past Chief Ministers of Gujarat can you name other than Modi?
      I cannot.

  6. Lie and Lie and Lie – That is Left. That is their tradition. Hatred is their symbol. No way to cure them. Meanwhile so called Liberals or claiming as Liberals are just NUT case aptly described by the Left as their Useful Idiots.


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