Enforcement Directorate charges media baron Raghav Bahl for money laundering

Two years after PGurus wrote about illegal FIPB clearances and money laundering by Raghav Bahl, the ED files an ECIR

Two years after PGurus wrote about illegal FIPB clearances and money laundering by Raghav Bahl, the ED files an ECIR
Two years after PGurus wrote about illegal FIPB clearances and money laundering by Raghav Bahl, the ED files an ECIR

After corrupt media baron NDTV’s Prannoy Roy, another media baron Raghav Bahl has been caught for money laundering, who was entering into many ventures for the past decades with an unexplained source of funds. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has filed a money laundering case against media baron Raghav Bahl, currently running the website The Quint for laundering funds to purchase an undisclosed foreign asset, officials said Friday.

They said an Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR), a police First Information Report (FIR) equivalent, was lodged by the federal agency early this week after taking cognisance of an Income Tax Department complaint against him and others. The case had been filed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

The ECIR was filed after going into the merits of the I-T department charge sheet and the evidences recorded in it, they said. The I-T Department had recently filed a charge sheet against Bahl before a court in Meerut under the provisions of the anti-black money law or the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act of 2015.

PGurus reported this money laundering in detail involving stock exchange manipulations[1]:

Bahl acknowledged the Enforcement Directorate action, saying the agency has acted after taking cognisance of the tax department charge sheet filed for alleged non-disclosure of Rs 2.38 crore paid towards the purchase of a property in London.

He alleged that he was “getting the sense of being hounded for doing no wrong despite paying all taxes honestly and diligently.”

“I also have no defaults when it comes to the debt obligations of myself or my business concerns,” he said in a letter emailed to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the chiefs of the CBDT and the ED.

The letter has been shared with PTI by his organisation.

Bahl, in the letter, said he and his wife had made” full disclosures” in their tax returns which address the legal issues in the notices issued by the I-T Department which claimed the London property was an undisclosed asset created by pumping in black money.

“I have already challenged the show cause notices and subsequent acts in a writ petition before the Allahabad High Court,” he said in the letter.

Bahl said he was writing to the FM “to intervene not just on my behalf but to see to it that a necessary and laudable drive to track and punish money launderers and black money hoarders is not allowed to degenerate into diversion of resources to hound innocents”.

“Indeed, such action takes away from the authorities ability to pursue real perpetrators, which would serve to defeat the very objectives of these legislative measures, besides wasting precious judicial time and resources,” he wrote.

The tax department had raided Bahl’s premises in Noida in October last year on charges of “bogus long term capital gains (LTCG) received by various beneficiaries” and other charges of tax evasion.

Bahl is the founder of The Quint news portal and the Network18 group and a known media entrepreneur.

PGurus had earlier reported his business partner with corrupt Finance Minister P Chidambaram and obtaining some dubious financial approvals and floating a firm with son Karti in London[2].

With inputs from PTI.


[1] Tax Raids, Press Freedom or PMC Fincorp – what are you hiding Mr. Raghav Bahl? Oct 14, 2018, PGurus.com

[2] Peter Mukerjea & Raghav Bahl’s media companies bribed Karti Chidambaram for FIPB clearances in 2008Mar 21, 2017, PGurus.com

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  1. Arrest this corrupt fake news media criminal and send him to gallows. Allow the corrupt criminals of congress era should be severely punished and hang these criminals one by one. If the present Govt confiscate the wealth of these corrupt criminals, then Indus can be the richest country with zero tax from the Indian people.


  3. We should waste time in legal proceedings , under the current, out dated, cumbersome laws. As Dr.Swamy suggest in one stroke nationalise ,forth with, all the movable/immovable assets in Foreign Country. Let the asset/account owner account/prove and claim.

  4. why are black money in tax haven banks not attached bu ED and other agencies?

    Subramanian Swamy has said it many times- that -law is in place to secure and collect those monies where ever they are- he has said- if he were the finance minister- that is what he would do first.

    why has the current govt not executed it? if it were that simple.

    hope there is a person out there – can explain in lay person terms -law- process- execution- outcome- and why not done thus far?

    the corruption is a major drag on the growth efficacy of the Bharat economy.

    imagine- what can be- if we can get hold of those monies?

    corruption- at all levels of our meaningful activities of daily living and economic activities- curse on our DNA- colonization – 700- 1000 yrs of Bharat history.

    look Communist China- in their journey to 2nd largest economy to date- focused and concerted effort on elimination of massive corruption- and executing it at every level- I believe corruption exists but dramatically lower- so it seems- it is a communist country after all; their political paradigm is unimaginably different. she uplifted millions from poverty. and corruption no longer a significant drag on its economy.

    in the USA- corruption at high levels of economic, political, legislative and judicial levels- funding- last approx 100 years- through the process of political campaigning finance -money has been ruled as a form of speech and corporations are people. it has become a conflict- turning to a class war and wealth inequality war- among other conflicts.

    Bharat has a long journey ahead- perhaps opportunity to leapfrog.

  5. WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank……

    The Top Most 30 members are…..(money is in CRORES)

    1 – *Asadudhin Ovaisi (568000)*
    2 – *Moidin Bava(7800)*
    3 – *U T Khadar (158000)*
    4 – *Siddaramayya*(82000)
    5 – *Sonia Gandhi* (155040)
    6 – *Mallikarjun Karge*(28900)
    7 – *Roshan Beg* (9000)
    8 – *Mohammed Haris Nalpad (15000)*
    9 – *Pranav Mukharjee*(75000)
    10 – *Manishankar Ayyer*(50000)
    11 – *Shashi Taroor*(5900)
    12 – *Ahmed Patel*(220000)
    13 – *Aajam Khan*(76888)
    14- *K J George* (582114)
    15- *Ambika Soni(19800)*
    16- *DK Shivakumar*(135800)
    17- *Chidambaram*(8200)
    18- *Manmohan Singh*(14500)
    19- *Lalu Prasad Yadav*(28900)
    20 – *G Parameshwarappa* (9000)
    21- *Kalanidi Maran(15000)*
    22- *A Raja(35000)*
    23- *Kanzhimoli*(5900)
    24- *Rahu Gandhi*(189008
    25- *Mayawathi*(168009)
    26- *Mamatha Benarjee* (257500)
    27- *Akhikesh Yadav* (300089)
    28- *Digvijay Singh* (220060)
    29- *Sashi Kala*( 154700)
    30- *Karunanidhi*(12870)

  6. Are we not WASTING our precious time, efforts, resources in running after, investigating and covering details of the sophisticated frauds perpetrated by smart, talented, aristocrats like Prannoy Roy, Raghav Bahl and their dubious links to CHIDAMBARAMS. It is now well over five years. The glaring REALITY that stares at the general public is Karti Chidambaram has now won the Lok Sabha seat with a huge margin and it is peoples’ verdict to give him the access to public money to travel back and forth with pomp and audacity to and fro MDU-MAA-DEL. P. Chidambaram is a member of the Rajya Sabha. Nothing has happened to Prannoy Roy and he goes around doing his predictions with his gang in his three piece suit as the MEDIA BARON of India. The boys he has hired Srinivasan Jain, Vishnu Som, Nidhi Razdan go about their job – business as usual. Delhi Lutyens Lobby is so powerful it pervades everywhere and works WELL across the party lines.

  7. Pakipanjabis are known money launderers and HAWALA operators for terrorists. All they want is money and white spermFDI

  8. He is suspiciously White and a Pakipanjabi, so his degenerate, DNA is standing out. The Firangi sewer prds from Pakistan. We can exchange them for Iraqi non Xtian minority, and their “phoren”crazed women can enjoy the pleasures with ISIS..Its running short of sex slaves..By the way these sort of traitor portals like Wire, Scroll, ThePrintMedia are fed by that Ford foundation pimp Nandan Nilkenni, who maybe converted during Italian Inquisition Rule

    • Italian mafia gave a lot of pressure to most of the business tycoons to convert (n get international name and fame) or perish… Many businessmen had to succumb…
      She was the reason for conversion of Hindu nation Nepal to secular Nepal so that conversions can take place easily…
      Raul Vinci during their rule discovered why people go-to temples… (I don’t remember exactly but he said they only go-to see girls or guys) but now god knows why he was running to temples during north India elections.
      Thankfully people didn’t fall for his acting and lies.

      • RAUL VINCI said “PEOPLE GO TO TEMPLES TO EVE TEASE”Missed out “People go to Church to child rape”(including him, a son of prostitute)

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