#EP60 The great hack by Russia, Iran fires at US Consulate bldg in Baghdad, China & more

#DailyGlobalInsights #EP60 The great hack by Russia, Iran fires at US Consulate bldg in Baghdad, China & more

Sree Iyer: Good morning, namaskar and welcome to episode 59 of daily global insights with Sri and Sree. SridharJi Chityalaji, namaskar and welcome to PGurus channel.

Sridhar Chityala:  Namaskar and good morning. Very happy good morning to you all and your paycheck could increase from $600 to $2,000 very soon.

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to 60th episode of daily Global insights. I am Sree Iyer, I am with SridharJi Chityalaji. It is on the 24th of December 2020. Viewers, we will not have a hangout tomorrow. We will be again resuming on the 28th and we have a lot of important breaking news that has not been covered in the mainstream media. We start off with the stimulus talk with the suggestions of the president that the individual amount is raised from 6$00 to $2,000. Suddenly, there seem to be all sorts of challenges that Congress and Senate leaders are facing to know more about all that stuff. Let’s go over SridharJi. SridharJi, namaskar and welcome to PGurus channel.

Sridhar Chityala:  Namaskar and good morning to all, good evening if you happen to be in India, so it’s a bright sunny morning here on the east coast. Well, I think we have a very interesting situation developing in Washington DC, which is President has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. Effectively, he has stated all these programs, you know, which we highlighted 55 billion in unquantified is all junk to give $600 is an insult to people and their allowance should be raised to 2,000 dollars. So, it has caught everybody by surprise and yesterday, you know, Nancy Pelosi was scampering and he said we told you and so Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Cortez, Chuck Schumer everybody kind of releasing their hands. Hey, you know, hurray, hurray, hurray, we want $2,000 to be given. Rand Paul immediately states making direct payments to these people is nothing more than socialism, so, I kind of oppose it and there is very little response from Mitch McConnell in terms of you know, whether he is going to be supporting. Now, obviously, the bill has not been officially vetoed. The present 900 billion dollars is not been vetoed but having said that President has said, you know, I’m not going to sign off on this bill, go back.

So, you have now the Democratic House and Senate members urging their fellow colleagues in terms of saying hey, come and support, so, we can get this done in one day. It was supposed to be yesterday didn’t happen, whether it’ll happen today, I don’t know, definitely, it’s not happening on 25th. So, they may sit again on the 26th and 27th because the deadline is the 28th.  So, You know, he has just put an important kind of spectacle, we thought the whole budget was somehow, cooked up because the two important show stoppers which held back the stimulus package all these days, you know we were hoodwinked when the bill was passed with those two conditions, not in the stimulus, as well as this charge cards of 55 billion dollars, which we have been raising a hue and cry about and also, you know tweeting and communicating to everybody. Hey, you know this money served be going to people in the United States has a taxpayer’s money. So, where this is heading we don’t know but, clearly, he seems to have you know, checkmated his own party, which is to say go back to the drawing board.

Sree Iyer: Sir, in addition to this the mystery of the 55 billion dollars, Trump also turned down the defence bill and many people especially, mainstream media is not revealing what the reason for turning that thing down. Perhaps you can share that with our viewers.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think, it’s almost underplayed and not given the due importance, the 730 billion dollars or 533 billion dollars defence bill, he made it very clear, I’m going to veto this bill and everybody thought it is, you know, the vetoing of the bill has something relating to whether the funding being not adequate to meet the looming threats from Russia and China, but, below that there is a very important condition. In fact, he states what the condition is, I asked for the 230 liability protection to be removed because the reason is that is the hidden Channel which is hurting the national kind of security. So, the tech platforms which have hidden and many of their actions, which seems in President’s view undermine the National Security, they’ve been getting away. So, they said, I asked article 230 to be removed and that should be an encompassing pot of the defence bill, not just merely the 533 billion dollars and this also means that you know, at least one of these two named countries cannot take shelter using those two platforms. He seems to be the implication not highlighted in the main media not stressed in the main media, but just washed under the carpet.

Sree Iyer: Yes, indeed. And that is the very reason for our existence because you hear it from us first and we have many more breaking news stories today. So hang on, the next one that I would like to talk to you about, Sir, is the 9 months of spying that has been going on the US government networks as well as our private sector. And this has been happening from Russia, allegedly, we don’t know for sure who has done it. And what is more important is the colouring that it’s being given that people don’t know. Oh that Russia is just merely spying. I mean to me if I’m able to get into somebody’s network. Why would I stop at just merely spying? It will be something much more insidious than that. What are your thoughts on that?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I have two observations, first and foremost the size and the magnitude of this attack is quite astonishing. The second is that is almost incognito, you know, it’s no visibility, which was featured yesterday. So, this is apparently going on for more than nine months. The hackers have hacked into the nuclear infrastructure projects and program both tactical as well as defence. It is almost like free passage into the corridor, wandering around unnoticed. They also have broken the protocols of what they call is cyberinfrastructure defence kind of agency. If you remember Chris Krebs was supposed to be one of the heads of that and he was asked to leave. Now, we don’t know whether anything coinciding with this but, the story is even the Cyberinfrastructure seems to be vulnerable.

And they have cracked into that part of it as well. Not only have they cracked into the infrastructure within the government. There are about 18,000 government and non-government contractors working on these specific projects. It seems like their stuff has also been breached. So, nobody is able to quantify the amount of vulnerability and what has been and nobody is even willing to accept it when I say nobody, I mean not people like me but people like who matter in the National Security, people who are in the field of security defence, cyberpiracy, the defence protection programs and mitigation programs dealing with it. These are the pundits who deal with this aspect on the day in and day out basis, they say this is not about spying, this is something more than spying and just washing under the carpet that this was just merely an attempt to spy and steal information is very very very inappropriate and somebody is trying to cover these up. So, this again is not visible in the main media, but, it’s just something that people have to be worried about because we had two times we have had this from Russia, then we have seen that people have been constant consistent denying the whole election infrastructure, the breaches in the election infrastructure and the United States has been blaming very specifically two countries. Primarily one country but the two countries involved, whether our systems were compromised by virtue of proximity of Dominion and other stuff to someone else or the infrastructure forget the Dominion part of it, forget it, but you know, whether the infrastructure was compromised and vulnerable.

Sree Iyer: Yes indeed and we will now take a look at some of the events occurring around the world. The first one is the attack or the aiming of missiles by Iran at the US Consulate building in Baghdad. For some strange reason, this has not been mentioned in MSM at all, It’s been a few days since this happened. Trump has issued a warning. What is the latest status on this and what exactly did Iran, allegedly do?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, you know their Katyusha Rockets were fired. If you recall one year ago, the United States in joint operation took out Soleimani, their Republican National Guard general as he was coming into Iraq and making his way to the border area that provoked retaliation and the green zone was attacked by the Iranians with these types of rockets. Now, it’s very interesting because Mr President is making his way to Mar-A-Lago for his vacation, Christmas Day Celebrations yesterday. He made this comment which is to say that hey, you know, don’t take it as easy, you did it one year ago, you did it probably on Sunday or Monday or Saturday, you fired some rockets, it didn’t do much damage, but we’re not just going to keep quiet. There will be a disproportionate response if you continue to kind of misbehave. So, that again is an incident which seems not well cover, but, it’s also showing that the vulnerability of lack of clarity in the outcome of the elections. How many people are actually trying to leverage this particular period of vulnerability in terms of flexing their muscles?

Sree Iyer: So everyone now is in this mindset, by everyone, I mean everyone around the world, especially the world leaders, that somehow the clock will run out on Trump’s presidency, and then they will have a much easier time under a Biden presidency. This seems to be the mindset the way people are acting so we’ll just come back to that in the days and weeks to come. Let’s take a look now at what is happening in India, then we’ll go to Pakistan. So let’s start with India sir. The US has just now shipped a bunch of Hornet Fighters for India, isn’t it? Can we share a little bit of information about that and viewers? We will send you a link to a YouTube file that shows you what these Fighters are why they are headed to India.

Sridhar Chityala: Okay. This is not a mainstream news item, but you can see it as the as these planes make their way. Yeah. There is a consistent message that is coming from the state department that China has not gone away and it is basically that they were practising with the Canadians and the Canadian Army got wind of it and the Chinese soldiers training in the Canadian Rockies in the cold area, on the mountain Warfare in the snowy regions. I don’t know who was instigating, but anyway, that was dismissed. They have still anchored themselves, they have built infrastructure, they have built reinforcements in the Ladakh region. So the United States says ‘you need a much more robust infrastructure and you need to be prepared.’ So they have sent to augment what we already have, Rafale, BrahMos missiles and the Sukhoi, the MiGs and so on.

The Hornets have been sent and they just flew from Maryland base, you can see it in the video and they’ve gone to reinforce their infrastructure in the potential event of any mischief being attempted by the Chinese in the Border region.

Sree Iyer: And let’s take a quick look at what is happening on India’s other neighbour, Pakistan. There is a video that PGurus put out today on a conversation with Abhijit Iyer Mitra, which has gone viral. Viewers are requested to take a look at that to understand the context of what we are going to talk about now. In that, this program was recorded three-four days ago, wherein it was Pakistan claiming that India was about to do another surgical strike. On Pakistan, when on the Indian side there was no such information. We all know that India’s armed response has almost always been our response to something that the other people do, very very restrained, very professional army, this is not something that just goes triggered-lucky trigger-happy. So this news, when this was circulating, people are curious about what exactly was Pakistan up to and now we know don’t we sir? Can we try to connect the dots here? What do you think was the reason they put out this fake news when something else was happening in and around the world.

Sridhar Chityala: I think, one cannot speculate, many things that happen in the country. But two specific incidents that have caught the Western media. Attention is around Karima Baloch reporting being dead. Many allege drowning in in a swimming pool, but some People allege that it could be anything more than that. Then, of course, we had one of the journalists who have been writing against the Army. He seems to be in Sweden he seems to have either passed away or disappeared. So you have you know incidents of this whether there’s any correlation to those incidents relative to what’s happening in Pakistan. Also, there seems to be some reluctance, I’m told that many of the people are concerned about taking the vaccine. So, potentially people have stated that they are just going to alter the DNA. So, any of these events and incidents, how do you not prop-up and then you come up with this theory that India is going to be attacking Pakistan, very shortly. Also, this goes back to the proximity of the Pakistanis to the Biden Administration though Biden Administration would like to say that they would like to keep an arm’s length. They see India as a strategic partner, but you see more and more of these activities from notably three countries one is Russia, one is China, and one is Pakistan. These are the three countries where you have seen, there is a fake report that came out or is claimed fake that has put out in India, which says that India – Russia biannual Summit is cancelled and it’s never been cancelled ever. That’s been going on ever since India decided to join the Soviet Bloc. So the news comes out that that’s not the case and the biannual Summit would kind of go on. I mean in addition to the report that was shared about the delay in S400s. So I think that your specific question, we can only assume that there is no Surgical attack, it only means that there is something else that’s behind the scenes, what it is, we will probably continue to and will continue to unravel as things move on. It also could mean that they have renegotiated a six billion dollars increased package for the support of SEPEC with the Chinese whether they were using this as a negotiating tactic and say, Gilgit – Baltistan is an important Corridor. We need this that and so on. The six billion loan needs to be signed off.

So which of these factors, when you put all these different data that is floating around, you can only speculate that the cloud could be constructed in many several angles to justify a specific strategy.

Sree Iyer: So we will see in the days and weeks to come what exactly is going to happen. We know for a fact that Pakistan is completely bankrupt and we also mentioned, I think yesterday or day before yesterday, about France renegotiating some of the loan payment terms. So, you see this thing play out. Only one country now is willing to lend to Pakistan and it is coming at a very high price for that country. So we have to see how that goes. Let’s take a quick look at covid. It is again at the front and centre. There is another strain that seems to have raised its ugly head. What is the latest on covid and how is India’s vaccine response and all the other things that India is doing in its Pharma sector helping the world?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think we now have a third strain. I don’t know whether it is officially the third strain or fourth strain or the nth strain, but this is the third strain which again they have picked up in Britain and the third strain seems to have emanated from South Africa. It is a variant to the second strain that was discovered in southeast London. And so this particular variant they have not been able to quantify. It seems to be now, visible in at least four or five different countries outside of the UK. So it certainly created panic amongst the adjacent nations and it has created panic even spreading as far back as Australia. So, therefore, many countries are now beginning to shut down, not only shut down domestically, but many countries are beginning to shut down its borders with the UK, which we kind of discussed yesterday. There is also, it’s not yet being socialized or advertised or publicized, they also believe the variant two is here in the United States. It’s probably already permeating amongst people. How many exactly, nobody knows because unless it kind of mutates to a specific level and translates itself, and people complain you’re not going to see the visible effects of the pandemic, but it has certainly created challenges. Yesterday or day before yesterday, we covered extensively around what exactly are the programs and Britain did a fair amount of research that is not from WHO but that from the British National Health Service and British Medical Association in terms of what they observed around.

Sree Iyer: Viewers, there is one other item of news, that we wanted to cover which was the status of an Indian ship that is waiting to dock in China. It’s about 6 months now. This ship is carrying coal from Australia waiting to dock and it has not been permitted to land on a Chinese port, we still don’t have all the details but this is just one of many such ships that are outside on the border of a country wanting to dock but they are not allowed to. One of the reasons being given is a couple of the ports have a massive infestation of covid. So China as much as it is trying to hide it is still not out of the woods it is still having a lot of challenges in terms of containing this covid crisis and we have to wait and see how that plays out.

So that is all for today from us. We will be back again on the 28th Monday, same time, same place. Namaskar.

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