#EP81 In 4 days Biden has indicated China tariff may exit & flip flops of Yellen | Sridhar Chityala

With some mixed messages from the United States, other countries are scrambling to secure a hold on their future. Janet Yellen said one thing a few days ago, only to reverse herself. Now in an interview with the New York Times, President Biden has indicated that he might waive the tariffs that the Trump Govt. had imposed on Chinese imports. With other rollbacks such as taxes, should the people of the US be concerned? Or will they flip flop again? Watch this hangout with Sridhar Chityala to find out.

Sree Iyer: Namaskar, hello and welcome to this channel. I’m your Sree Iyer. Today is the special episode number 81, January 24, 2021, and I have with me our guest Sridhar Chityalaji. Sridharji, namaskar and welcome to PGurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala:  Namaskar and a very warm good morning to you, though here we are freezing in minus degrees in New York.

Sree Iyer: Yes, indeed 40 degrees here and which is pretty close to zero. I mean as close as to zero as we can tolerate, you should remember that we are spoiled out here other than the fact that the Earth shakes and we have pretty good. Sridharji, we convened the special episode because there is so much happening over the weekend that our viewers should be aware of, let’s start off with the New York Times interview that Biden gave were a few very interesting observations emerged, whether these are going to happen in effect. They’re going to be put in effect or not. We’ll have to wait and see but certainly, it gives us a hint into what this Administration wants to do. It seems to be that tearing hurry to do a few things and we have a few concerns about that. So let’s start sir with his statement that he will be lifting tariffs on 360 billion dollars’ worth of goods against China, which Trump had imposed, which if you remember was what started it all a few months ago. Now, if you viewers you may remember this, a few days ago, we had mentioned about how 145 billion dollars’ worth of inventory from China was actually sitting in the docks in San Francisco, will this mean that they are going to give an order to let those things in without laying any tariffs? And so, what is all this thing is you the United States going to now claim that they invented the Wuhan virus in Wuhan? I don’t know, I’m just making this up but don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what Sridharji has to say about it.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you for setting the context, what it just brings to the fruition is a very quick and rapid unwinding of Trump’s policies. You know, how one came up with these 360 billion dollars magic number to eliminate the tariffs. But, at the same time say keeping the Trump’s phase one plan in place, which is the specific threshold that China needs to meet from an export point of view, but the fact of the life is 360 billion just increases and China says, thank you, no, thank you. I’m taking it. I’m ready to go. I’m going to push these goods on. And there is a democratic representative Maria Cantwell who justifies these 360 billion dollars by stating that it is going to create, you know 245 thousand dollars in one of the interviews that followed this New York Times article that you are referring to. Now they forget the fact that the tariffs helped to bring, you know, close to 483 thousand dollars manufacturing jobs back into the United States, they’ve forgotten that. This was also the subject of debate that occurred in the vice-presidential discussion and where the vice president Kamala Harris slipped and then she talked about 30,000. So, we have the first kind of sign of issues that we are propping up. Now, if you go back during the Senate hearings of Yellen in terms of the nomination, she had gone public cited by CNBC that she has a whole bunch of fiscal tools, monetary tools that are available at her disposal to deal with China around these IP issues, legal issues, tariff issues, subsidy issues, currency issues and some of the human rights violations she touched on that facet as well. So, when you go into the facet, then, you find today on the just either preceding on the post this New York Times article she went on further to say well, you know, we got to be careful with China and you know we shouldn’t rush into any quick decision and we should be working with our allies in terms of how we have a coordinated strategy. So there is a flip-flop even from Janet Yellen around this. She’s not yet to be confirmed, but she will breeze through she would get confirmed. So you are beginning to see the kind of the political tremors, you know, you know going into the Yellen kind of sing and dance scenario.

Now, I have not checked this, but I also heard from my other colleagues that in the whitehouse.gov there seem to be some exemptions also creeping in on the 5G and the ZTE Technologies which initially where you know considered hostile from the US interest point of view. So, there is a slew of actions around China that seems to indicate a Biden softening stand and how far how deep is going to go, we don’t know but, clearly, there are visible signs of softening from Biden.

Sree Iyer: Sir, one thing that I observed from what you just said is that the shadow of China seems to be hanging very strongly over this incoming Democratic government and what explanation will Biden and his government have, when they come to know that any Chinese technology has the possibility, they may have some receiver circuitry which will respond to an electromagnetic pulse and render that equipment useless. How many times does the US want to be slapped around by China for “trusting” China? I’m just baffled that something as black and white. I can understand some of the other political postures, but this is black and white, technology doesn’t lie if it designs one way it is going to work one way and unless you have a bug but, it still well predictable behaviour. What is this rethink on 5G? I thought it was black and white clear that the United States was going to develop its own 5G technology.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think there was also the adjacent players who are providing support to 5G technology and adjacent players were involved in using 5G and who are importing certain other types of equipment from the United States were considered to be banned. So let’s wait and see whether there is a formal communication around that but, some of the points that you’re making are very valid, let’s wait for the form of communication on that specific topic. It’s very clear India, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, the United Kingdom and France have pursued an independent path, as far as the 5G technology is concerned.

Now, if you 5G is baffling to you Eric Swalwell, who is considered to be potentially in compromised who was in the cell in the house intelligence committee now, he is the impeachment manager. So, when you have somebody who has had questionable issues around China and potential compromises, you find, he is the impeachment manager that tells you. Similarly, Adam Nest also is involved in one of the actions within the whole kind of impeachment process. So I think that we’re going to infer a lot more surprises the first set of media releases that we are getting should not be the barometer for what further to come in terms of the broader policy actions. The broader policy actions seem to indicate that Biden is being pushed and pushed back into the old Obama years when Chinese incursions and Chinese belligerents increased right under his watch. One more important point for some strange reason the Obama extending into Biden somehow feel the Cold War still exist. The problem is with Russia. The problem is not with China. And that is probably a significant miscalculation notwithstanding the rhetoric constantly saying, well, you know, we have problems, we have stuff but we still need to be cognizant of what’s happening with China. It seems to be okay, by the way, we need to be, but, we’ll do more business with them. It’s a very very unfortunate and knowing all this stuff that has happened. It’s a very unfortunate situation.

Sree Iyer: Viewers the EMP incident is real. It happened in 2010. You can go back and lookup Google for what is EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and at the time that alleged incident took place Mr. Obama was on a trip. In fact, he was in India, visiting India and evidently the response from the US government was too late or enough late that the Chinese submarine which initiated it escaped. So anyway, so, these are all things that people will not want to admit and well, you deserve what you vote and that’s what you have got right now in your hands and good luck America, you are going to have a lot of fun in the next four years, if the first four days are any indication. Sir, let’s go back and look at the next thing which is the confirmation you touched upon it, you just said that Janet Yellen is up for confirmation, so are many other people of the Biden administration, isn’t it?

Sridhar Chityala: They are, I think two people have been confirmed as I think the person who has been confirmed as Lloyd Austin as the defence secretary, he has been confirmed. Similarly, Avril Haines has been confirmed as the Director of National Intelligence. This Janet Yellen comes up on Monday, then, Antony Blinken comes up who is the Secretary of State, so he comes up and then after that comes another important person by name Gina Raimondo. Gina is the governor for Rhode Island, she’s considered a much more moderate Democrat, comes from the Venture Capital industry, but there’s been some controversy surrounding her, but she’s going to have your broad set of policies and activities surrounding her ranging from managing economic data, the census, also the trade policies around the world, technology deals that shape the whole kind of the security aspects of the country Etc. So I think Gina Raimondo confirmation will be a very interesting kind of confirmation. Similarly, Antony Blinken would be one. I would also say the CIA nominee, Mr. William Burns, notwithstanding the fact, he is a fairly well-known figure they would be Very interesting kind of observations in terms. They’re all slated the coming week, which is the week commencing January 25th. Before you ask, I just want to touch just to wrap up two other points on the Biden stuff, one is this $15 you kind of talked about, there are sweeping changes $15 is now made it even for federal employees minimum $15. So it’s kind of double the minimum wage from 725 to almost 15 that he has introduced as a mandate. He has also introduced as a mandate and he has asked the director for FDA which is the food and Department of Agriculture to increase the subsidies and to increase the direct benefit transfers to a whole segment of people by 15% including adding uses the word low-income 12 million. To me the low-income number is 9 million, low income is not 12 million. The 12 million number to be more points to all these illegal aliens if I correlate these two numbers. He is introduced that as an executive action, also introduced rolling back the taxes as an executive action. All these series of things has been snuck in and introduced and he hasn’t stopped them even further and he said those families who have children between zero to sixty age, they will get $300 per month and balance through tax credits, that’s 3600 dollars cash going out per year. And those who are between 6 and 17 age 250 dollars per year,  these are already in the stimulus. So, using executive actions, these changes have been cascaded besides we have already talked about the jobs getting out in the energy sector. So, that we are stating at is that we in PGurus are going to add all these numbers and going to start projecting week after week, month after month and hold the government accountable because nobody adds numbers, in the United States nobody adds numbers and calculates the budget impact and the deficit and the debt impact because such things are thrown in. So, it’s important as Citizens, we have to stand up and point out these numbers are frequently wrong and it is going to create a very much as one Senator put it, we are now into big government and socialistic government being unleashed into the United States. So, this has huge consequences all done in less than three days.

Sree Iyer: Now, I have one clarification, I think viewers also might be thinking along these lines. You have two numbers 9 million and 12 million, does the 12 million have to include the 9 million or it’s a separate 12 million by which you mean, these are the illegal immigrants?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, based on what I have, you know heard through the rhetoric’s and the numbers is the 9 million low-income families in the political rhetoric, 9 million low-income families who remain below the poverty line despite stimulus one and stimulus two, clearly they have to be the focus, so, that’s where I am drawing the numbers from. The 12 million number is the illegal migration, which is illegal immigrants who need to be put through your two-phase process of this five years and eight years in terms of normalization and absorbing them into the system. That’s why the moratorium was entry introduced an asylum Seeker, you know the special officer was constituted. So, my inference comes from those two data points 9 and 12 from the whole set of rhetoric that we saw in the campaigns and in terms of who has not been addressed clearly in the stimulus program.

Sree Iyer: Thank you, sir. And let’s move on to our next big topic of the day, which is the impeachment trial. From what reports I’m reading, the process is going to start on February 8th, that’s what the Senate has agreed to do. And Trump has hired a lawyer for his defence and he’s also planning a reply. Now, this whole thing is a waste of taxpayers money. The Democrats have already wasted the taxpayer’s money in voting these resolutions in different cities on anti-CAA which has nothing to do with the United States. At least, this one has to do with the United State. But again, it’s a moot point that this person is no longer the President of the country then why waste time impeaching and plus what is to judicial standing in the Constitution. What is the clause in the Constitution that says that you can impeach a President who’s no longer in power? Then, in that case, will they take up the case of Mr. Bill Clinton. What are your thoughts, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think my thoughts are very clear that we are stepping into a constitutional issue, that’s number one. Number two, we are getting into a political satire, the same political satire that we witnessed during the Clinton impeachment saga, which dragged on you know, singing and dancing that went on and the whole stuff unravelling. I think that’s what it is going to be now. Here’s the scenario so let’s go with the impeachment managers have been appointed by the House, you know, who will be launching the proceedings both Senate Mr Schumer and Mitch McConnell have agreed to a type of set process and they have also announced the date, which is February 8th to initiate this. They agreed that a simple majority yes or a no vote will determine whether they proceed with the impeachment hearings and then prosecution, they have agreed to that. Now the question is who will preside over this impeachment, the question pops up. Generally, when you are impeaching the sitting President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or SCOTUS would be the presiding officer. By all indications that we are hearing that SCOTUS says, I don’t want to get into a political kind of a bun fight, I am not impeaching, I’m not here to listen to the Proceedings of a sitting president, so he’s giving a subtle hint, Trump is no longer a president is out of the office. So, therefore, I won’t be presiding. So, in that case, if common sense prevails and the political kind of consequences of the actions perverse, they’ll say okay that’s an indication that it is not, so, let me kind of step out. No, Democrats do not have any part of it and I would say some Republicans too, it’s time to take revenge against Mr Trump. So, therefore this is the best opportunity to do. Under these circumstances who would preside, the vice president of the country will be the presiding officer. Now, who is the vice president of the country is Kamala Harris is the vice president of the country. So, she could emerge as the presiding officer or she would say, you know, I’ll be kind of very excuse me and appoint some retired chief justice or so, but don’t know, it remains to be seen. So, that’s the kind of process in the proceedings. Now, let’s go to the next step which is the name is the impeachment which is around speech and instigation which resulted in riots and destruction. Does it constitute an impeachable offence, many people on one side of the aisle have stated there is nothing in his speech that states that he triggered, that he only wanted them to do a peaceful demonstration of their dissent against what happened, which is the electoral fraud. So, there’s nothing that says, you know, go and destroy the buildings and inside riots and so on and so forth. So this part is they go back and draw reference to in 1801 letter written by Thomas Jefferson would say is that you know, when you have an issue that the people have the right to dissent and right to express their protest and so on and so forth. They cite this as precedence. But, we have gone past all of that. So there is that issue around whether the speech itself…  And how is this going to be decided? This is going to be again decided by this set of political figurehead sitting in the House and Senate or Senate making a decision, ‘no, no that constitutes that and I vote to proceed that further.’ And this drama goes on for two months. There’s a subtle indication that they have asked National Guard to stay on till the end of March. The government is in motion, but still, the National Guard is going to be in Washington DC till the end of March. Why? They probably expect some trouble. But no trouble is likely to be forthcoming but the National Guard stays on because they feel that this could drag on till the end of March. So assume that it drags on till the end of March. So there’s going to be a whole drama that is going to happen and there are two scenarios. You can’t 67 votes that is 17 Republican’s votes and saying that president is guilty. So if Trump accepts that he is guilty then he has a remedy to go back into a District Court or even escalated to Supreme Court and say how can you impeach a sitting president. That is the only thing, so they don’t want him to be visible in the elections, they don’t want him to contest. So he can say go to Supreme Court or District Court and overrule which is a is constitutionally invalid you can go and conduct. So this whole drama will evaporate when it gets to that final stage post impeachment. The impeachment itself is irrelevant, doesn’t stand. Let’s assume what is the consequence of impeachment? He doesn’t get an office. He doesn’t get a pension. He doesn’t get the security and so on. That also, he will contest and say ‘Hey, this whole thing is null and void, the whole thing is unconstitutional, the whole thing is illegal because I haven’t done anything of what you said. So this is the drama and this is the sequence in my view and I draw some of these things from the research plus some of the speeches that I’ve heard on one side. You go to the opposite side they say it’s all legal, legal, legal when you know, there is no constitutional provision basically to impeach a non-sitting President. So, therefore, this is the drama as I see and this is the process and we are in conjunction with these hearings plus this whole drama around stimulus that is going to happen plus those four big decisions namely, Paris Accord, immigration, energy bill and all these institutions and the covid, we are still having the covid situation that is going on. That’s a separate topic in its own right. This drama will go on and I think it’s going to be a massive distraction to the United States. I see a big problem in the first quarter as far as the markets go. If this drama takes an ugly shape.

Sree Iyer: Now, there are also dissensions within these parties. We’ve talked about dissensions in Democrats and dissensions in Republicans. Today, for the sake of time let’s just stick to the Republican party. Where are the officers? And where do you see the party going forward?

Sridhar Chityala: I think there’s a set of Republicans who feel that, while we saw that Mitt Romney is one, we saw Mitch McConnell himself, we saw Liz Cheney in the house, you saw 10 of the house representatives from the Republican side voting jointly with the House Democrats in getting this done. So, I have to wrap up in one minute, I think Republicans have a problem inside. There are two groups, one is a pro-Trump and there is an anti-trump group. The pro-Trump group has people like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz and Josh Ollies and Tom Cottons, you have a whole bunch of them who has stood up very firmly and talked against it and then you have Mitch McConnell’s and Mitt Romney and other kinds of people.

Mo Brooks is a very big house representative who’s pushing for Trump to be exempted and even the election fraud being contested. So I think where it will go is, without doubt, there are all indications, this goes back to Trump making a statement which is ‘this is the beginning not the end and I will be coming back very soon in some form.’ That was his statement from Maralago after he landed in Florida. ‘I’ll be back. I’m coming back in some form.’

There’s a lot of indications that there’s a new party that may be coming up. It is called the Patriot Party. It is making lots of rumours. Lou Dobbs talked about it on the Fox channel. It is conceivable that there is a third party called the Patriot party, whether they card branch it, the Republican party will rename itself as the Patriot party or whether they’ll be two or three-party system that will emerge out of this is something that we will know very soon.

Sree Iyer: Well, I should mention here that some Democratic senators also feel that there is no need for impeachment. Especially the senior senator Dick Durbin from Illinois. He doesn’t think that an impeachment process is needed. So this is not done and dusted. This is not a long partisan life there are some people who have some personal equations perhaps with Trump that they are trying to cross and one of the dangers is that the Democrats need to realize is if you try and demonize a person and it turns out that isn’t so but you are giving him airspace you’re keeping him in the Limelight you stand in danger of suffering a backlash which will drive the very people who hated him back towards Trump. So there is that danger. India knows it all too well. Go back and look at what happened in the period from 1977 to 1980 and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Sir, let’s take a look at business and we still also have Global News to cover. There are a lot of have things happening around the world. First off, stimulus, where do things stand on the stimulus?

The stimulus has no resolution, which is$1.9 trillion is hanging in balance. There’s a lot of questions from the Republican Senators side that they have to oppose especially is this $350 billion number, which is the local and community administration number. So they expect this number to be a significant number and there was a debate over the weekend, the weekend has not finished here, on the conservative side as well as on the Democratic side, Austan Goolsbee, as you know, is a famous economist. He says that the $2 trillion is needed and he makes his case by stating that if that the President Trump’s tax cuts had a $1.6 trillion impact on the overall debt over a period of 10 years. So the story is that these 2 trillion on a pandemic is needed.

Now I disagree with his view and I have shared that with you, which is maybe one day I’ll debate with him too which is to say there is $1.6 trillion is in cash in the hands of the people on a continuum, so there is an economic outcome that flows from it. When you put $2 trillion dollars money, we already put $3 trillion dollars, we have another $2 trillion coming from the FED, so we have $5 trillion into the system and you’re going to add another $2 trillion on a 28 trillion dollars debt these $2 trillion has no multiplier effect. You have increased their taxes, you have cut jobs, you have made certain industries non-competitive and you are now adding expenses which have no direct flow into the US economic system. I know many democratic pundits would argue,  somehow you are going to have a butterfly effect coming in when you go and join Paris Accord and put $450 billion as your obligation to meet that purpose. I don’t know how quickly this butterfly will flow and stop and create, unwind the challenges in the United States or the world. Don’t know. Similarly, this $15 tax increase does not make any sense at all. In fact, there’s a very strong article, will discuss this. $15 per hour wages in dollars per hour in wages, that’s also justified, $15 per hour wage has no kind of… many businesses will become non-competitive and they have already estimated what it is. So I think what I’m trying to conclude here is that to answer your question, which is the stimulus has a problem. Because this $15 is embedded in the stimulus, is one of the line items in the stimulus, along with $1,400 direct payment, $400 for increasing it to the unemployment elements, $15 minimum wage as a mandate, $350 billion towards this local government and administration, $170 billion towards schools. And then I think if I remember the numbers correctly because those numbers are etched in my brain. So, therefore, I can go on repeating those numbers any number of times because it’s mind-boggling when you look at these numbers. Then you talk about $50 billion towards further pandemic, then you talk about $20 billion towards the enhanced covid test that needs to be conducted. So when you add these numbers it comes close to $700 billion or $690 billion dollars. There is an astonishing number where you don’t see any kind of direct economic consequence that is flowing from it. So stimulus is stuck. If I have used the numbers as a basis to give you an update that there is going to be a lot of opposition from the conservative Republican members.

Sree Iyer: Sir, we will come back to business if we have time. We’re already 30 minutes into this program. I would like to go now to the global news because there’s a lot of developments happening in Asia as well as in Europe and West Asia and in the United States. Let’s start with the 9th round of talks between India and China on the current status along the Line of Actual Control. What we do know, now this is a fact, that China has built up what they call as a village on their side of occupied Arunachal Pradesh and this is disputed in the sense that this is a disputed territory. The Chinese have had that land for a long time, they have been there. Now, they’re making some proper constructions there and we got a clarification that this started sometime last year and now yes, they do have some finished constructions that that is just one place. Now the news is emerging that across the Uttarakhand border with Tibet, there also the Chinese have started construction. It’s not to say that India has not, India has also done a lot of things. It has made the Daulat Beg Oldi Airport flyable now, you can fly in and out. They have access roads to that place, that is the Last Frontier, if you will before you go into the Chinese Occupied Tibet. We’re going to use this word Chinese Occupied Tibet, after all, that is the truth. So, what do you expect will come out of this latest round of talks that started today?

Sridhar Chityala: Nothing.

Sree Iyer: Then, why are we talking?

Sridhar Chityala:  Because there is a unique diplomatic code, you follow the protocol. You keep talking, you keep talking, you keep talking. Maybe they are talking and where one set of people are giving what you call abusing them in Hindi. They are the other set of people sitting on the Chinese side are abusing the Indian side in Mandarin. So, that’s what may be going on. I won’t go, you won’t go, I won’t go, I won’t go. No, you came in, no, I did not come in, this is what goes on typically in these things, or they say you withdraw 10 yards, I’ll withdraw 10 yards or you withdraw a 100 yards and I’ll drop most of the situation. This is what happens, you have seen this in the past precedence.  So, unless, it is a Doklam type of a situation, where Chinese realise they have hit a curly sack and they have no way other than to kind of wiggle out. Then, then they will find a mechanism by which they will wiggle out and looking in such a way that it’s a win-win kind of a situation. I actually posted an article just about a few days ago, the first year anniversary of Doklam attempted standoff. The general who presided over the PLA and some members of the contingent purged, we don’t know where he is, so, I said this is typically a Chinese kind of response and something dramatically went wrong in that Doklam scenario. What went wrong? If you hear the Indian side, that these guys kind of display, usually Chinese do surreptitious, they don’t kind of declare to the wide world,  we are here, we’re coming and we’re going to kind of take over. It seems like that Doklam standoff while they kind of declared themselves a presence on Indian side got him. They basically said this is a block so we’re going to stay position and we are not going to move. So in this situation, you have what you’re pointing out is there’s 1959 the Assam rifles battle with the Chinese and Assam rifles winning that and then leaving that outpost and coming away and this follows occupying that specific spot, going this thing goes back to 1959. Now the houses have been built and similarly, you have pointed out Uttarakhand, similarly, you are pointing out to the Line of Actual control around the Galwan and the Ladakh kind of regions and they still have not by the way we’ve drawn to their old terms which they agree to. They have built up kind of a lot of stuff around that region. So what this points out to is China will continue to bug. They also discovered in the South China Sea this kind of an individual invisible drone attacking some sort of that stuff. So, I mean, I don’t want to deviate from your question which is to basically say, these all these discussions go on to keep the army people on either side continuing to dialogue and make sure that nobody is kind of gaining one step over the other.

By the way, India has not given up any of its strategic positions that it has taken in those, I don’t remember the specific fingers on those high points, which is a big strategic advantage. India has built complete infrastructure, which is changed quite dramatically, especially in the LAC area, Daulat Beg Oldi airport you mentioned, bridges that have been built the positions that they have taken we have now Agni missiles, Sam batteries. Then, you have the Brahmos missiles, you have planes, everything, so, India is ready to take China on and it’s not going to give up. As far as discussions are concerned, nothing is going to come out.

Sree Iyer: Thanks for the clarification. Let’s take a look at some other events that are going on in and around the globe. What is the situation of Covid in Europe,  it is really in a bad shape, we know that but, is a vaccine having any effect. What are your thoughts on that?

Sridhar Chityala: I think that Europeans are relatively doing a better job and dealing with the situation. I think their procedure seems to be working notwithstanding the fact that there is a new variant that has kind of hit from the UK. The UK has also confirmed the new you the new variant is far more dangerous relative to the normal. The vaccines are effective to combat the be it by Moderna, be it by Pfizer Biontech, be it by even AstraZeneca, the vaccines are effective. I have not taken as yet, my own friends have taken in the United States. They go through, you know are two series of steps, you know first and then after three weeks later, they take they given date and then they take the second and in between that period they have a very strict kind of diet and all of those types of protocols. Some people have had, you know apparently to half a day some kind of, you know, unusual feelings in the body, which is typical, by the way, whenever you take any type of vaccine, forget this type of vaccine, but I mean, this is direct feedback that I’m getting from people who have actually taken the vaccine, you know some within my friends’ community. So, I think generally Europe seems to be doing well, I think India seems to be also doing well.

But, the coming back to Mr. Biden because you came up with his chest-thumping which is to say Hey, you know I’m going to do, there is a spiralling death situation in the United States. We will be going very soon to 400,000 deaths and Mr. Biden is the stated we’ll go to 600,000 very soon. By the way, I have no ability. I cannot predict and control the pandemic. Somebody asked if you have a plan, you said, you have a plan he didn’t respond to that question and I’m assuming that we will soon have a plan to tackle.

As far as Europe is concerned is not as fatalistic, they seem to be weathering but they the general belief is that this would be extended till March 31st, some of his moratoriums that are in place or lockdowns Etcetera will be until about March 31st.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much Sridharji, that brings us to the end of today’s special episode, please subscribe to our Channel and also donate to our cause will be back tomorrow same time, same channels. Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar, thank you. Tomorrow will be back at earlier 8 a.m.

Sree Iyer: Yes. I’m sorry. I take that back. He’s absolutely right. It is going to be tomorrow at 8:00 a.m Eastern, 6:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time and 5 a.m Pacific. Thank you very much, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you ji. Have a wonderful Sunday everybody.


Yellen leaves door open to keep China tariffs – for now – but says US needs to work with allies | Fox Business


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