Modi Government again budges to the farmers, allows Tractor Rally on Republic Day

Time for the Modi government to mend its style of functioning – a good bill now lays waste

Time for the Modi government to mend its style of functioning – a good bill now lays waste
Time for the Modi government to mend its style of functioning – a good bill now lays waste

Tractor rally allowed at three different protest points in the Delhi borders

The Narendra Modi Government again budged to protesting farmers by allowing them to conduct Tractor Rally on January 26, the Republic Day. Today Delhi Police under the “powerful” Union Home Minister Amit Shah simply agreed to farmers’ unions in allowing a rally of tractors from three different protest points in the Delhi borders. This showdown came days after Delhi Police which in an unprecedented way filed a petition in Supreme Court to ban the tractor rally citing all sort of charges including penetration of anti-national Khalistani elements. The apex court has rightly dismissed the petition asking Delhi Police under Amit Shah to make decisions, rather than seeking court’s approval. These things clearly show that Narendra Modi Government is indecisive. Clearly, this shows that there are no consultations or brainstorming happening in the ruling party BJP, except between the top two leaders (Modi-Shah) who seem to live in their own world.

The previous week, many expressed shock when the government offered to suspend the three controversial farm laws to put on hold for 18 months[1]. But farmers’ unions rejected this magnanimous offer too and stuck to their stand of repealing the laws. Repealing the laws means, the government has to inform Parliament that they are withdrawing the laws, which is such a pathetic situation for ruling BJP, which came to power with 303 MPs in Lok Sabha in May 2019 elections and having enough manageable majorities in Rajya Sabha. Frankly, BJP is a loser in these farm bills, as they lost their decades-long-ally, the Akali Dal.

The chaos in Rajya Sabha is a black chapter in Indian democracy. And within two months, the biggest beneficiary of these three Acts, tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail managed to make more than Rs.41,000 crores by selling just 10% of their shares to foreign investors.

Administrative Style is flawed

There is a problem in Modi’s style of administration. Former President late Pranab Mukherjee in his recent book says he advised Prime Minister Modi to consult with all, including people in the opposition. Sadly, Modi’s opposition parleys were only limited to talking with the cunning Sharad Pawar and we have seen how he “flipped the bird” to Modi in the Maharashtra Government formation. To add insult to injury, Modi even gave Pawar the Padma Vibhushan award, calling into question the sanctity of these awards. In the long run, BJP lost another trusted ally, Shiv Sena. Coming back to farm laws – What was the urgency in bringing these laws as Ordinance in June 2020, when the entire country was in lockdown? Modi and his people and their social media wing thought people will believe the monotonous talks and slide shows?

Intent good but…

The way such important landmark bills were bulldozed through Parliament was not good for democracy. The Bills passed in September session (during the pandemic time) without sending to Standing Committee, where at least threadbare discussions would have happened. The chaos in Rajya Sabha is a black chapter in Indian democracy. And within two months, the biggest beneficiary of these three Acts, tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail managed to make more than Rs.41,000 crores by selling just 10% of their shares to foreign investors. Now all such gaga-gaga on foreign fund flow is gone in the intense fiery fight put up by the farmers from Punjab, Haryana, and Western Uttar Pradesh by blocking the Delhi borders for the past 60 days in these biting cold winter months.

When even Supreme Court messaged…

Even the Supreme Court tried to patch up this fiasco. It stepped in, in an unprecedented manner by suspending the laws. The message was clear – Time to change your style of functioning. It is now time for introspection for this government, to engage and brainstorm. Social media cells can’t help. They are just paid managers to create public relation exercises, make noises, and/ or abuses. But farmers have proved them wrong through their resolute protest by braving the chilling winter. Now they demand nothing but a total repeal of the laws. Is it time for a better approach, with an open mind to bring new laws meant for agrarian reforms by consulting every stakeholder and allowing the Bill to pass through all procedures of Parliament? It must be borne in mind that Agriculture is a state subject and the Center must consult with the state governments.


[1] Modi Government budges, agrees to put on hold the controversial farm laws for 18 monthsJan 20, 2021,

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  1. BJP strategy is simple. Give long rope to any agitation and it will die gradually as all agitations have shelf life. Look at the past incidents be it Kanniah at JNU, Jamia in Dec 2019, Shaheen Bagh and at present farmers rally. In the first two cases when police took action, judiciary stepped in and chided govnt.Shaheenbagh, the organisers wanted blood, but it petered away, with court appointed interlocutors recommending blockade. Govnt received bashing on farm laws by political parties who supported earlier including criticism from courts. Then govnt threw the ball in the court. Then judiciary put the responsibility on Delhi police for tractor rally. What are the police suppose to do ? Deny permission , Modi will be branded as fascist by western media and Biden and political parties. Give permission, P Gurus has branded BJP as inefficient.

    We are a nation filled with U turn politicians and perhaps the only democracy where opposition parties, criticise ruling party for EVERYTHING. Highest foreign reserves, means nothing. Digitalisation means nothing. Corona vaccine means nothing. Good highways means nothing. No power cuts means nothing etc etc. Agitations, something. atrocities on women something. Tuticorin plant closure some thing. Lalu illness something. American Indians in Biden cabinet something etc etc.

    I have three people in mind better than Modi, who will be appreciated by Majority ( ALL ). Biden, Xi ping and Imran Khan. Only Imran will be successful as he uses Shariah and loved by cricket crazy Indians. Biden will become ill due to BP and Xi ping will scratch his head as india doesn’t have reptile menu.

    Pl take my post in right spirit and let us do our best in raising the image of nation, while decisions by govnt are made by think tanks.

  2. Modi govt. hesitance in acting tough has made these completely unknown ‘fake’ farmer leaders into icons. I think govt. should do three things to stop all this drama:

    1) Take back farm laws and let the state govt.s bring these laws individually. If the laws are really good, then most states will implement them after seeing results in BJP ruled states.

    2) Pass a law that any protest, agitation, or any public gathering if done without govt. permission will be liable for fines. If such gatherings cause loss in revenue, then participants and leaders will have to pay it back. Then, implement this law strictly. This should have been done after Shaheen Bagh, but MUST BE DONE NOW.

    3) Go after these Khalistani elements of these protests with full force before they create any other major problem.

    I hope Modi govt. gains some sensibility and strength to deal with such situations. I think much tougher times will come this year as world economy starts to collapse and India will not remain untouched. Modi govt. should buckle-up for it. The Anti-illegal-protest LAW IS A MUST.

  3. From the analysis put forth by experts it appears that the three Farm Bills are a step in the right direction. It is unfortunate that what is good for the majority has been blocked by a select few. Is it not obvious that some unseen hand is financing this entire agitation? With the way preparations have been made at protest points it appears that those agitating have recourse to unlimited funds. Further each farmer is contributing to the nation like any other citizen and in fact there are several priviliges which an ordinary factory worker doe not have. And again they are getting paid for what they are selling and the bulk of the population does not food at subsidized rates.So if you have a minority who do not want a particular law in a democracy they should not re-elect a party which does not work in their interest.As for the opposition is concerned they are conveniently taking out “morchas” to support the farmers when in the past they themselves have suggested the changes in their “manifesto.” And why are the farmers not willing to discuss amendments to the law but merely asking for a blanket repeal? What if the entire business community hold the cities to ransom because “the do not wish to pay income taxes” as they find it draconian?

  4. God just got Mr Vinay Gautama’s permission to be believed in by, among others, Mr Vinay Gautam with Sree Iyer in tow. It is not unoften that confident comments on active political situations leave one with egg on the face – just ask the leftists. It is also possible that in this situation not interfering with the antics of a section of the farmers leaves them bereft of public sympathy which in turn leaves no political risidue. I am not offering another opinion but just pointing out the pitfalls of quick judgements

    • PGurus has been consistent on its stand towards the Farm bills – they are good. After Delhi riots/ Shaheen Bagh experience, Home Ministry should not have allowed the assembly at all. Why doesn’t anyone point out this glaring flaw?

  5. It is a sensible thing to allow peaceful protests because India is not a communist country. However both the so called farmers and police are duty bound to keep the rallies free from public nuisance and violence.

  6. First gross mistake on the part of the Centre to use Entry 33 in List III to push the Farm Bills. Such adventurism weakens the spirit of federal cooperation that India needs in this hour of crisis. Second, agriculture is exclusively a State subject. And, even if centre

  7. ModiG and BJP know very well that nation’s farmers are with them all over the country. Punjab farmers who contribute only 12% to national exchequer are threatening the center to take away the laws that have been welcomed by all other states. Now by allowing the marchers to go around the city and making sure no violence takes place on an 26, modiG has taken away the opportunity for farmers and their supporters world wide publicity. Now once the day passes through peacefully. the govt can go after the people who did the dirty work of misleading the farmers with fake news . SAD and Congress in Punjab got exposed in a big way. BJP an go alone in Punjab. what options does SAD have ? They will start begging to come back to NDA.

  8. Modi alone is responsible for this mess due to his style of functioning. No body in politics believes him due to his bad ‘use and throw’ style. No body to tell him what to do as he loves only praising and he don’t listen to criticism. Sad that Modi spoil the mandate given to him


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