Ex-President Pranab Mukherjee addressing the audience at the release of Dr. Swamy’s new book RESET

Here is the complete speech of ex-President and Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Teen Murti Bhavan in New Delhi on September 25, 2019. An excellent speech, recalling the various interactions he had with Dr. Swamy and how Dr. Swamy is never afraid to speak his mind. One of his valuable contributions, agreeing to support Intellectual Property Rights brought him the most criticism but the Pharma industry is strong and vibrant because of that.


  1. Swamy is a brilliant mind with no corruption background I don’t know his age.
    Would be an asset to Modi to work for New India.
    He will be very helpful for Modi to cleanse the corrupt in his own party.

  2. S SWAMY is a non- conformist and has the image of a person calling a spade a spade. The PM has to see that while age is a criteria; youbg and bright peiple are not guaranteed a long life. For Example. within BJP, Jaitley. Sushma, Parrikar, Ananth Hegde have all perished. Why not make an exception in the case of Swamy?

  3. Dr. Swami is a genius person. Given a chance he would have shown better results than all other noneconomic persons who has dealt with the economic crisis of our country. I hope Modi government would realize the facts & sincerely make him the finance minister to get our country out of the economic doldrums.


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