Reset Book Launch Mumbai Q and A session

After his book release, some tough Questions from MoneyLife editors and the audience on the Economy answered by Dr. Swamy in this engaging session. A must watch!

Ex-President Pranab Mukherjee addressing the audience at the release of Dr. Swamy’s new book RESET

Dr. Swamy Speech at the launch of his book RESET Regaining India’s Economic Legacy( New Delhi)

Prof RV at the launch of Dr. Swamy’s book RESET in Mumbai

Dr. Swamy speaks at the launch of his book RESET in Mumbai


  1. Most of the Economists are saying demand is the problem and Dr. Subramianian swamy is correct in that regard. The Govt. should address the problem and it has addressed supply issues (This is also neccessary but demand should be addressed first). Credit availability to SME’s can address the employment but affordability of Rupee is also an issue (either the wages should increase by reducing personal income tax or increase the international value of Rupee-which RBI is suppressing and not allowing market forces to prevail).

  2. Dr Swamy should face a panel of Economists of repute & standing rather than of journalists, to challenge & discuss his recommendations.
    This discussion is of no use.


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