Flood relief for Kerala through GST

A minimum of over 100 crores can be generated every month

A minimum of over 100 crores can be generated every month for Kerala Flood Relief
A minimum of over 100 crores can be generated every month for Kerala Flood Relief

Author, activist, and advocate Ajay Jagga writes to the FM with a suggestion on raising 500 cr for Kerala flood relief without any pilferage or misuse.


Shri Piyush Goyal
Union Finance Minister-cum-Chairman GST Council

Govt of India

Subject: Flood relief through GST; over 100 crores (minimum) can be added every month

Hon’ble Sir,

In Kerala, after some relief from rains, the rescue efforts are stepped up as Army, Navy, Air Force, the Coast Guard, and disaster management agencies such as the NDRF are rescuing people and providing whatever possible help. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also declared Kerala floods of ‘severe nature’.

Now, thousands of institutions have started seeking funds for Kerala Flood Relief. There is no check for a common man to filter the true and fake bodies. As such, in order to avoid the misuse of donations, it is suggested, that in India, there are around more than 1 crore taxpayers under Goods and Services Tax, which are filing their monthly returns and making a monthly payment of taxes, so after talking to all stakeholders, even if Rs. 100/- (average) is added as a donation amount, in each return, it can add Rs. 100/- crores per month. If this continues for five months, this can add RS. 500 crores, in a simple manner, without any pilferage or misuse.

Also, it is requested that a window of KERALA FLOOD RELIEF may be provided in GST portal, so whenever one goes to file the return he can see a blinking icon of this and if he or she feels to pay more than Rs. 100/- they can do it through credit card.

Further, an option can also be given in the ITC window, that if someone wants to give some amount as a relief, he can be permitted to do so, through a transfer of ITC.

Kindly look into the proposal for providing relief to Kerala State.

Thanking you.

Yours truly

AJAY JAGGA, Advocate

231, Sector 21-A, Chandigarh.


  1. In India as per latest statistics 1%of d population having 73%of d nationalwealth.1%contribute we can built 1more country. preaching Is easy,practicing needs3H. 1big Head brad minded thinking2bighHeart,compassion 3big helping Hand.either govt has to recover or make them 2return.
    Looters flee away,money flow out of the country,black money flows to foreign countries, corruption high at all level and every where,people fed up, UN REST why?
    System failure.yes, who is responsible?
    All say,we can’t do any thing,all are safe.who is going to bell the cat?
    Poor man waiting.
    Can they recover from 1%.or made them to surrender.
    Who is accountable?


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