Lies and more lies of Shashi Tharoor as Kerala floods

Shashi Tharoor is shuttling between Germany and Geneva giving specious reasons, while his state and his constituency suffer from floods

Shashi Tharoor is shuttling between Germany and Geneva giving specious reasons, while his state and his constituency suffer from floods
Shashi Tharoor is shuttling between Germany and Geneva giving specious reasons, while his state and his constituency suffer from floods

Why is Rahul Gandhi keeping Tharoor in Germany with him?

When his state Kerala, as well as some parts of his constituency Thiruvananthapuram, are facing flood-related calamities, Shashi Tharoor is shuttling between Germany and Geneva giving specious reasons. In his constituency, areas like Neyyattinkara, Jagathy and Karamana are in a calamitous situation and many are staying at rehabilitation centers. There are more than 20 relief materials collection centers operating in his constituency which is the capital of the state. But this uncouth MP from Thiruvananthapuram had buzzed off to Germany on August 17 to attend a non-relevant event of Kerala origin business men’s annual get-together, titled as “World Malayali Council”.

For the same function, Kerala’s Forest Minister K Raju and Muslim League’s MP E T Muhamed Basheer and CPI’s Pattambi MLA Muhammed Muhsin also went to Germany and are now caught in controversies. How irresponsible are these representatives of people? The Muslim League MP’s constituency and CPI MLA’s constituency are also facing flood related calamities and the Forest Minister was in charge Minister of one of the most flood affected Kottayam District. These three persons are now back to the pavilion with bowed heads.

But shameless Tharoor is shuttling back and forth between Germany and Geneva to do escort and facilities providing service to none other than Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who landed in Germany on August 22 evening. When the media questioned, Tharoor trotted out the excuse that “actually his services are not much needed” in the state as well as his constituency.

When people started reacting adversely, Tharoor has started indulging in a public relations exercise, stretching the truth, saying that he went to the United Nation’s Geneva office to seek help for his state. He further embellished his statement by saying that he had consulted the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. This blatant lie was exposed after the Chief Minister said that he had gone to attend the funeral of his “old friend” Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General.

Thaoor was his Officer on Special Duty (OSD) and a close associate of Kofi Annan, when he and his son were caught in Iraq’s Oil-for-Food-Scam. In this big scam of 2005, the Congress party headed by Sonia Gandhi had made former foreign minister Natwar Singh a scapegoat. Natwar Singh went to collect oil coupons from Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein and took it in the chin for his party. Soon we saw India declaring a middle level public relation officer Shashi Tharoor running for the post of UN Secretary General and lost the election, and after a few years Tharoor becomes an MP on Congress ticket. These incidents reveal the proximity of Tharoor with Sonia Gandhi’s family. Hope Natwar Singh will reveal what happened in the infamous Oil-for-Food-Scam.

For the past few days Tharoor is totally engaged in Germany providing assistance to Rahul Gandhi along with Sam Pitroda. But Tharoor is still playing gimmicks through his Delhi based media buddies like Rajdeep Sardesai by participating in TV debates about Kerala Floods from Germany.    

Instead of questioning Tharoor, his buddies in media are trying to save him from public anger for globetrotting while his state Kerala and its more than a million people are facing untold miseries.

Last but not the least – Why is the Congress President Rahul Gandhi not asking Shashi Tharoor to go back to his constituency and oversee the relief operations? Is there any specific help or assistance needed for Rahul Gandhi in Germany, which can only be managed by Tharoor?

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  1. Kerala is witnessing its worst floods in a century and millions of people affected. But CONGRESS President and Trivandrum local Congress MP (blue eyed boy of Lutyen’s media) Mr.Shasi Tharoor feel that they have more urgent work in Germany viz., bashing the country’s PM on foreign soil, inventing ridiculous reasons for emergence of ISIS in Gulf etc. And with temerity they say there presence is not needed in Kerala. They are right of course. There is no election in Kerala right now. So Congi hearts which start automatically bleeding for poor during elections times is not bleeding now.

  2. Who tutored Rahul to justify the genesis of ISIS and subtly linking it to the possible emergence of such violent forces due to exclusion of Dalits , tribals and mionorities in India ? To many of us , Rahul , accustomed to parroting what was told by his core team in the party , has no such crooked intelligence ?

  3. Good to expose Gigolo. But will PGURUS also expose Lalu’s antics at hospital?? Dr. Swamy’s close buddy! I hope they can and they should!! Then I will trust PGURUS more!!

  4. Mr. Tharoor and his boss Mr. Rahul Gandhi in Germany. For what? Maybe Mr. Rahul is taking tutions from this former Diplomat who is now the only person left in Congress think tank still without any encumbrances while most of the other stalwarts are busy applying for bails. The other person Mr. Surjewala has been entrusted with Modi bashing because of his high decibel levels who has successfully pipped the other decibel Mr. Sibal at post.


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