God’s Own Country or Devil’s Own Paradise?

The day is not far off when Kerala would be rated as a hazardous place for industrialists and corporate barons because of CPI-M

God’s or Devil’s Own Country?
God’s or Devil’s Own Country?

The day is not far off when Kerala would be rated as a hazardous place when industrialists and corporate barons draw out their investment itineraries.

Travel magazines and mass media describe the State as ‘God’s Own Country’ and term it as the ultimate destination of secularism, peace and communal harmony. But travellers and entrepreneurs are warned to steer off the southern State of Kerala, the last stronghold of Marxists in India. If the incidents of the last one month are any indication, Kerala is Devil’s Own Paradise where comrades force even hardened criminals to commit suicide not to speak about ordinary mortals.

The sad saga of Sajan

On June 18, Tuesday, the conscience of Kerala stood frozen as a 49-year old Sajan Parayil was found hanging in his house at Kottali in Kozhikode district[1]. Sajan was an expatriate entrepreneur working in Nigeria and had invested Rs 20 crore (Rs 200 million) for constructing a convention centre of the global standard at Anthoor town, a region known in Kerala parlance as a party town.

The Marxist ruled Kerala is no different from Bengal under the Trinamool Congress. In Bengal Trinamool goondas of Mamta Banerjee collect Tolabaji Tax from even the man in the street

(For those who are not familiar with the Kerala kind of politics and democracy, please understand that there are party villages and towns in the State which are controlled and administered by the Marxists. Nothing would happen in these places without the permission, acceptance and approval of the party bosses! Residents of party villages and towns are allowed to read only newspapers and magazines which pursue the diktats issued by the Marxist commissars. Those who violate the party guidelines are butchered or sent to mental asylums as eternal psychiatric cases. If you have any doubt about this report, please be bold to visit the party villages and towns).

What happened to Sajan was that the Municipality of Anthoor ruled by the CPI(M) did not issue him the completion certificate of the convention centre and asked him to demolish a major portion of the building. Despite his plea that the building has been built as per the plan approved by the town planner and the municipal council, the chairperson of Anthoor Municipality , a “beautiful” lady comrade by  name P K Shyamala, a onetime flame of party’s senior leaders stood her ground and told him that he would not be allowed to open the convention centre so long as she was in charge of the municipal council.

Shyamalan had her own reasons to deny Sajan permission to open the Convention Centre. She is the wife of M V Govindan, another apparatchik of the CPI(M) who is the central committee member of the party. When Sajan understood that he was caught between deep sea and devil, the only option open before him was the highway to meet Marx and Engels which he chose without any confusion.

Sajan is the third entrepreneur to commit suicide in Kerala during the last one year, the other two were from Kollam district. Entrepreneurs and business barons are sitting ducks for the Marxist leaders who never do any work other than collect funds from industrialists, businessmen and planters.

“We are helpless. Probably, we are the only persons who have seen the real faces of the Marxist and Congress leaders in the State. When they come to us demanding funds for their party and election campaigns, they ask us to ‘either fall in line and donate or perish’. But we cannot tell this openly,” said a senior financial advisor of a leading corporate group on Kerala.

Industries deserting Kerala?

The day is not far off when Kerala would be rated as a hazardous place when industrialists and corporate barons draw out their investment itineraries. Industrialists have commenced shifting their production houses and manufacturing hubs from Kerala to other States like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Popees Group, a unit that employs 1500 workers has already started their shifting operations from Malappuram to Tamil Nadu. Shaju Thomas, managing director, Popees Group, went on record the other day when he told Janam TV that enough was enough and he was shifting his operations from the State. The baby care garments manufactured by the Popees Group are very much in demand all over the country. “The shifting of the unit will lead to loss of jobs for 1500 persons as they would not be able to relocate to another State,” said a revenue official from Malappuram.

The suicide of industrialists and business persons are nothing new in Kerala. Lee See Been was a Malaysian company executive who was forced to commit suicide by the combined strength of the CPI-M and the Congress. Been was the chief project manager of PATI- BEL, a Malaysian company specialising in road construction. He was the chief architect of the Palakkadu-Ponnai highway in Kerala constructed by PATI- BEL with the financial assistance offered by World Bank. But the Kerala Government refused to pay the salary of the staff and workers of the project and Been was left to find ways and means to pay them. When his efforts to get funds from the Kerala Government failed, Been paid off the staff from his personal savings. He left Kerala for Kula Lumpur where he took his own life on November 11, 2006. Kerala still bears the curse of people like Been.

Is TMC an old CPI-M wine in a new bottle?

The Marxist ruled Kerala is no different from Bengal under the Trinamool Congress. In Bengal Trinamool goondas of Mamta Banerjee collect Tolabaji Tax from even the man in the street. The Bengal Government itself agreed that the collection of Tolabaji Tax was predominant in the State. In addition to suicides by corporate honchos because of tormenting by the Marxist bosses, women in the State are no safer. The CPI-M offices all over the State have become centres for molesting and raping women. The Palakkadu District Committee office was shot into “prominence” when a Marxist leader by name P K Sasi (an MLA) was accused of sexually abusing a party comrade. The woman, instead of approaching the police, submitted a complaint to the State leadership of the party. The CPI-M appointed a two-member committee to find out the intensity of the abuse and it came out with a report claiming that the abuse was only of a minor nature. Sasi was given a minor punishment by the party! But the complainant and her associates were downgraded in the party hierarchy to innocuous positions as a rebuff for complaining against a “respected“ leader of the party.

All industries in Bengal shifted out to other States because of the Mafia regime of the Marxists.

This was followed by reports about a young college student getting raped by a party worker in the Shornur office of the CPI-M. According to reports, the college student was taken to the party office under the pretext of helping her to prepare an article to be published in her college magazine. But after frequent visits to the party office for guidance from a senior comrade on ideology and dialectic materialism, the young girl became pregnant and is running from pillar to post to get the comrade to accept that he is the father of the little comrade growing up in her womb.

The “icing on the cake” of the Marxist Mega Show came out last week when a Bihari girl complaining to the Oshiwara Police Station in suburban Mumbai that Binoy Kodiyeri, second son of CPI-M general secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, had sexually abused her, molested her and impregnated her promising to marry her[2]. The complainant was working as a dancer in the night club owned by Binoy Kodiyeri in a West Asian nation where he has many questionable business dealings. Bineesh Kodiyeri, the elder son of Balakrishnan had been accused of financial embezzlement to the tune of Rs.13 crores by a Dubai based businessman. It was the timely help provided by a UAE based Keralaite industrialist that saved Bineesh from imprisonment.

The case of Binoy seems serious as all media except the CPI-M owned Deshabhimani and Kairali TV have beamed the details of the complaint submitted by the woman. It has all the relevant documents stating Binoy is the father of the child born in relation with the girl. She has also furnished the copies of the passports of her and the child in which it is mentioned that Binoy Vinodini Kodiyeri is her husband as well as the father of the child. There are also details of bank statements proving that Binoy was providing her monthly subsistence allowance and the rent of the apartment she is staying in Mumbai. A team of Mumbai police officials are in Kannur to interrogate Binoy who has absconded since then.

More details are awaited as the Mumbai Police is searching the State for Binoy. But how much help would they get from Kerala Police, an extension of the CPI-M is anybody’s guess. There are reports that Binoy is staying in a safe house provided by Balakrishnan’s confidants in the State Police. Though Balakrishnan feigned ignorance about the illegitimate relation between his son and the dancer, he was forced to swallow his denials and accept later that he was in the loop.[3]

“My son is a grown-up youth, a husband and a father. I don’t know where he is and what he is doing. This whole news is a vilification campaign targeting the CPI-M,” said Balakrishnan, popularly known as Cooper Balan because of his passion for the particular brand motor car.

The Marxists, known for their arrogance and high handedness all over India despite being a political parasite, are finding themselves at the receiving end in their last political stronghold. There are more than 3 million Bengali migrant workers in Kerala eking out a living by doing menial jobs. The migrant workers are the balance sheet of the 34-year long uninterrupted Marxist rule in Bengal. All industries in Bengal shifted out to other States because of the Mafia regime of the Marxists. The same fate has fallen on Malayalees as the CPI-M have started tightening their hold over the cultural and social fabric of the State.


[1] Kozhikode: Entrepreneur commits suicideJune 19, 2019, Deccan Chronicle

[2] Mumbai police file case against Binoy Kodiyeri June 19, 2019, Kaumudi Online.

[3] Neither CPM nor me will protect Binoy: Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on son facing rape charges June 22, 2019, The Times Of India


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  1. ‘Kerala needs a complete and massive overhaul of its work ethics and culture.’ Sri ram , I couldn’t have put it better. It is one of the greater paradoxes that a state shows very indices in education and health is also an entrepreneur’ s nightmare thanks to the Communists. A whole class of parasitic intellectuals support this party in the name of progressives and secularism ( pseudo-secularism actually). Interstingly, Kerala test are some of the most enterprising and hard working people once they leave the state. The best of Malayalis live and work outside Kerala because their talents are not respected there. You’ll meet them in all the metros in India, in the Gulf countries and in the developed Western nations. They all lament in loud tones about the terrible state of affairs in their mother state. The Devil’ s Own Party CPIM must be wiped before Kerala can once again become God’ s Own Country.

  2. What I am writing is the STARK REALITY in Kerala. Kerala Government is surviving purely on Liquor and Lottery sales. There is ZERO Production in Kerala – it is fully a Consumer State in every respect – even Rubber and Coconut seem to come from outside states now-a-days and Cashew is IMPORTED. There are no substantial Industries to name of. There are not even proper roads in many places.

    Government Employment is considered most lucrative because you can earn a salary without having to do any work and also earn bribes much more than your Salary (the entire Establishment is running because of some sincere souls – Hats off to them!).

    Teacher Appointments in Govt Aided Schools is against a deposit of several Lakhs (30 Lakhs today I am told) which will be returned on Retirement…. such backdoor appointees will also get all govt benefits including salary and pension – on par with Govt employees.

    In Govt companies, even a sincere Manager cannot correct his subordinates – as the subordinate complains to the Labour Union to make it look like a Labour issue or as a women’s harassment issue…. The Labour Unions fight in full strength for anything unjust and undue. The Cost of Living is Phenomenal in most places…… NRIs returning to settle down for a living have no means to establish themselves here – There have been suicides previously also – when one expat found party flag hoisted at the site he had chosen to open a workshop, even before he had constructed the workshop. (the party smelt that he was going to start an enterprise at that site – and planted their flag upfront – even before any workshop was established). These labour unions also force the entrepreneur to appoint their people in all positions in the upcoming enterprise. Sanctions and permissions are not given even if everything is as per law – unless and until the party gets its “share” or the entrepreneur has the blessings of the party bosses. I do not think any sane man will consider this as CIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR. However, these are the exact things CPI-M and its blind supporters are proud of. Sorry to say that even most highly educated people subscribe to the CPIM line and think that is some sort of intellectualism.

    Kerala needs a complete and massive overhaul in its work ethics and culture. People’s attitude must change.

    (The only consolation seems to be that computerization has brought out some major changes in govt office style of functioning and it is not difficult to get things done at Corporation offices. Recently I got a certificate done without paying any bribe – it was astonishing! However this attitude has to pervade to the Panchayat offices also to be of benefit to the poorest of the poor. Computerization should have an inbuilt element of Transparency which will assist the applicant)

  3. CPI (M) is in fact the Criminal’s Party of India ( Murderers). They have been the greatest enemies of development in the state. The party largely comprises of rogues, criminals, cheats and shady dealers. Pinarayi Vijayan and his Kannur gang run the show. They received a resounding slap in the Lok Sabha polls. Only on the day this heinous party is completely wiped out from the state will Kerala start showing some signs of development.


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