Modi Government stops advertising in The Times Group, The Hindu and The Telegraph newspaper

The Modi government has stopped issuing advertisements to several newspapers over their reporting of the Government and Modi

The Modi government has stopped issuing advertisements to several newspapers over their reporting of the Government and Modi
The Modi government has stopped issuing advertisements to several newspapers over their reporting of the Government and Modi

The Modi Government has stopped issuing advertisements in major newspapers such as the Times of India, The Hindu, Economic Times, The Telegraph and Ananda Bazar Patrika(ABP) and the reason is believed to be the very negative reporting against the Government as well as against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Central Government’s advertisements in The Hindu stopped in March after the Rafale deal illegalities series. Advertisements in Sameer-Vineet Jain brothers-owned The Times Group stopped from June onwards.

This ban also covers Jain brother’s TV channels Times Now and Mirror Now, which cleverly take diametrically opposite positions in covering news. Insiders say, the entire Times Group faced the wrath of the Govt. for publishing a campaign-like series of reports against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha election campaign accusing him of violating the Model Code of Conduct. Many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders feel this was a Congress-supported ploy to file complaints with the Election Commission against Modi.

As per the industry statistics, Time of India Group is getting an average of more than Rs.15 crores/ month from Central Government’s advertisements and The Hindu is getting around Rs.4crores/ month on an average basis.

Though these big media houses kept silent, the Congress party raised the issue in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha raised the issue by accusing Modi Government of indulging in undemocratic and megalomaniac style and trying to suppress freedom of the press.

He accused that the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), the Central Government’s advertising releasing nodal agency was asked to stop issuing advertisements to these big media houses such as The Hindu, The Times Group etc for their critical reports. “The undemocratic and megalomaniac style of stopping Government advertisements is a message to the media from this Government to toe its line. Rafale deal was engulfed in controversies, favouritism and corruption. The Hindu newspaper exposed it. The Times of India exposed the violation of Model Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Telegraph and ABP were critical of the Prime Minister. This is a democratic country and the freedom of expression and freedom of press are so much important that everybody must stand up to protect these basic rights,” he accused Modi Government.

As per the industry statistics, Times of India Group is getting an average of more than Rs.15 crores/ month from Central Government’s advertisements and The Hindu is getting around Rs.4crores/ month on an average basis. It is heard that The Times Group’s Managing Director Vineet Jain is trying to get an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sort out this issue, which hits the revenue of his firm.

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  1. information and broadcasting minister Mr Javedekar claimed only the other day that his government firmly believed in freedom of press even as the Modi government banned two Malayalam TV channels for their independent reportage of Delhi riots. Soon after taking over power in 2014 an attempt was made to take over editorial control of the leading news agency PTI. Some alert board members foiled the attempt at the last minute. A pliable person was sought to be made the Editor in Chief in the place of Mr Razdan. ANI news agency has now become a propaganda tool of the governemnt. UNIVARTHA the hindi wing of UNI through liberal grant of funds also toes the line of the govenment. There are any number of TV Channels which are loyal to the governmnt. The ones which did not toe the line faced problems including Probes. Now the last weapon of the government release of advertisement with tax payers money is also being used to muzzle the media. The Hindu, Times of India and Telegraph does not need government’s mercy to secure government ads. The decision to release govt ads should not be left to the sole discretion of IB ministry. Some professional body should be constituted to regulate the flow of ads using tax payers money. Institutions one after are becoming victims. It is not good for democracy

  2. Excellent move by Govt.
    Such -ve reporting should be discouraged.
    Many more such TV news channels also should be banned for Govt. Ads

  3. Excellent decision by the government why should it pay for its own malignment and the mentioned media outlets are poster boys of prestitution, the Times Group playing both ways I mean do they think that the public or the government doesn’t understand this, the Hindu is rabidly anti Hindu and Telegraph is a biased Leftist propaganda outlet, let the money be distributed among smaller media outlets which will increase competition and force these media outlets to bring more content driven, truthful and unbiased news

  4. Excellent decision. The affected publications are not worth the paper they are printed on.
    ₹10/kg,the price of raddi, is their real value.

  5. Very good decision by PM Modi govt. To issue government advertisements, PM Modi govt should rank medias ( print and digital) based on their religious affiliations and neutrality of reporting. Big media houses should not be allowed to make business profits by playing clever pro and anti-govt strategies at the same time.

  6. Good Decision.

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  7. You seem to be a Rabid anti Liberal and a Hardcore Modi/Hindu Fanatic who are trying to peddle Fake news in order to Polish the image of Mr. Modi. The truth will come out sooner or later.

  8. Of all the newspapers, Times of India is the real fox, clever and treacherous. It’s a past master in influencing the gullible readers through it’s devious and slanted reporting. Catholic organisations and Church bodies have invested heavily in the Times of India Group. And there is no way it can pretend to be independent or neutral. It’s not; the way it had done reporting of Pukwama attack on the CRPF convoy exposed it like never before. It’s good tax payers is now being being denied to this news paper. Running with hares and hunting with dogs is a practice honed by the owners of Times Group. While the print media sells news packaged in a manner and style not easily discernible, the electronic one, Times Now pretends to pro BJP while the other, Mirror Now specializes in churning pro Congress news. How clever!

  9. i am praying for corrupt criminal indian main stream medias demise since 20 years . i think god is answering my prayers

  10. The above mentioned papers media should have reported actual happenings and not what they think. I know so many persons stoped reading purchasing these papers

  11. TOI, i.e. Toilet Paper of India and The Hindu, are rabidly anti national and fully deserve this. Any ways Times of India is more Times of Indira, and Hindu is A Christo Muzzlim mouthpiece. So support them

  12. Although a Slightly controversial yet a Correct Decision, Same advertisements could be placed on smaller Newspapers with reasonable Circulation thus saving money for Every Advertisement.
    Let All Big newspapers chain Fight it out with smaller newspaper for Reasonable Cost Advertisement. In case any case DAVP Money is public Money.

  13. The Hindu toes the line of propaganda of congress party. The news paper cunningly published half report suppressing full facts.
    Regarding Times of India and Mirror it has
    become too negative. The times now news
    Channel is run for advertisement only. The
    duration of news is less and duration of advertisement is more. We are not watching TV channel to see more advertisement. There is limit.

  14. So it is Ok to publish fake news, twisted news, and when caught publish a vague so called apology on page 21 in small print.What was N. Ram doing publishing twisted facts on Rafael, invariably a day or two before the date of hearing in SC .Times group has two English TV channels.Times Now takes a position neutral or slightly positive towards BJP. Mirror Now takes a diagrammatically opposite position with vicious anti-BJP position, with Faye D`Souza going TeeHee Hee, in taking an anti hindu position. Presstitutes is absolutely the right word for these dalals.

  15. I stopped reading THE HINDU about 11 months back when realised that this paper has become more Anti-Hindu in recent decade than in past four decades of my readership. The subscription is coming to an end by this month and me and my wife agreed not to spend our hard earned money on it.

    • I stopped reading the Hindu 27 years ago. It is full of treasonous materials and trash too. Only an anti-Nationalist will subscribe to it and read it too.
      In any other country, including its mother-land, the PRC, the entire team of the Hindu would have been jailed for sedition and possibly sentenced to death too. The publication would have been closed and sealed for good.

  16. Modi Government has done the right thing by stopping advertisements to the papers publishing biased reports and running “crusade” on behalf of some body. The respective Municipal administrations should cut off water supply and electricity also. Their quota of news Print should also be curtailed. Let this be a lesson to them and to others …..

  17. BRAVO Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) this was long overdue. Better late than never.

    Print and Visual media forgot its neutral roles and doing value additions. Today Print and Visual media has become yellow journalism and sensationalize, cheat and abuse Hindus.

    Print and Visual media has been twisting facts, playing mind games to influence voters and voting patterns, tried to disturb social fabric in the country and disseminated false and unpardonable misleading information on national security to its readers/subscribers thus compromising our defense forces’ safety and played role of anti-national at tax payers cost. Same media supported tukde tukde gang………………….

    Biased news reporting does no good to a developing country nation like India. Good that GOI is saving hundreds of crores per month. This saving should be utilized to develop ancient Indian traditional customs, cultures and at village levels renovation on lakhs of temples ruined due to secularism, develop play grounds, public parks with local FM radios and conserve/renovate little lakes.

    Better to withdraw subsidy on import of news printing papers and anyhow ads may not be required under digitization!!

  18. Ha ha ha! Bloody Hindu (sic). What a transformation – as a kid growing up during Emergency, I often heard my father curse The Hindu (sic) for brown-nosing Indira Gandhi. Those days, the paper was called “The Mount Road Mahavishnu”. It used to be said that the paper would not publish an obituary note without sending a representative to ascertain the death. Hyperbole, but still that was the reputation it had. Now the same paper is called “The Mount Road Maoist” and rightly so. Yet, most Tambrahms still stick to this yellow rag citing one superfluous reason or another. If Modi really okayed this decision, two thumbs up to him! It is time someone stuck a finger (or five) up The Hindu’s bowels.

    • Sir, I loved the way you stuck up the finger to that Rag of N.Ram. who is suspiciously white skinned, blue eyed for an ordinary brown Indian, free s..x prd with unknown whites. His love of white skinned ass is legendary, 3 white skinned wives kicked his ass and still he licks up to them

  19. (1) The Ma-Beta of Delhi,
    (2) the so-called Clean Man Manmohan,
    (3) Baap-Beta of Chennai,
    (4) the Chacha-Batija of Mumbai,
    (5) Andhra’s CBN
    (6) Minor local players Aloo, Akku, Didi, Behenji
    had looted the Nation in Trillions.

    They had parked their loots in:
    (1) Various Tax-havans abroad
    (2) Local Black Cash in High Denominations
    (3) Real Eastaes under Benamis
    (4) Media Houses – Print & Electronic
    (5) Stocks
    (6) Jewelleries & High Net Worth Items etc

    Though it may take decades to identify & seize the Cash in Tax-havans, Modi, with the active aid of Intelligence & Investigation Agencies, has virtually disabled the looters from enjoying their booty in Tax havans.

    DEMONETIZATION had virtually wiped out the Local Black Cash in High Denominations

    Strict Vigilance is being maintained after identifying the LARGE VALUE Benami Properties.
    Tightening of Benami Properties Acquisition Laws have resulted in successful seizure of properties of several corrupt Netas.

    Now the focus has turned towards Media.
    PR, SG, Ram, Jains’ (Print& Electronic) will face the heat now. Government & Agencies should not rest till the last rupee is recovered.

    Procedures & Methods should be devised to identify & seize the Hidden Monies & Hands in Stocks as well as Jewelleries

  20. # I personally felt that, the timing, and the dragged on proceedings, in the Rafale Case, were a deliberate act, whoever it is, and The Hindu’s act was glaring. I am not a politician. It is my own opinion. Even freedom of press, ought to have, self-imposed limits.

  21. All along we had come across media threatening politicians and Government with false and fake news. It’s only fair for the Government to decide whom and why they pay.

  22. In today’s world of digital India with so many govt websites and twitter handles I think it is waste of money to support the newspapers by advertisements
    It’s is tax payers money being spent to prop up newspapers
    No appeasement is required
    It is a good decision to stop advertising by GOVT
    They should and can tap into the private sector for this shortfall of revenue

    • These media houses are working with one eye opened and other eye closed, hence bias has creeped in their reporting. They work with both eyes open. Their reporting is pure biased. Hence government did the nice thing to stop the advertisement. It should be stopped till they become neutral. I too have stopped reading news paper like TOI, Telegraph.

    • N Ram has astute financial backing of Swiss Bank Account holders
      Times Group also has backing Of Bennett & Coleman
      It seems only Italian waitress is being questioned about the same by these Media Mafias about the same

  23. The newspapers and media need to follow some basic code of decency and fairness. At present, they don’t. Let us hope this leads to a better Media environment.

  24. Very bad and ill-convinced decision. India is a democratic country and giving advertisement is from Modi’s pocket. Big majority has gone to the heads of Modi and Amit Shah. Not a good decision at all

    • They deserve it. Unabashed lopsided reporting calls for such measures. Presstitutes must turn to ethical ways. I am pleased Government has sent a clear message.

    • Shri. Gautam, why is it a bad decision? Surely, those newspapers who published all those “findings” are convinced that this Govt is corrupt, fascist, majoritarian, blah blah. Surely they don’t want their reputations sullied and images tarnished by receiving money from a corrupt, fascist, majoritarian Govt. Do they? I mean, wouldn’t you be surprised if you find that The Hindu (sic) hires Akshaya Patra as contractors for providing lunch in their office? Same difference!

    • Yiu are a Italian Nazi Cannibal (Inquisition) Party and Vatican chamcha, and maybe a Crypto also. Vineet Jain is a Running Dog of Vatican and World Council of Churches and now he can beg in Italy, similarly the suspiciously White skinned and blue eyed N.Ram also is a running dog of Vatican and Italian..
      IT IS OUR TAX MONEY which goes in the advertising. Long Long time its known that you Buy a TOI= TOILET OF ITALY (mostly filled with Portuguese Xtians and Pakipanjabi treacherous pitvipers) you buy a Bomb for terrorists
      MODI Govt has taken a Huge decision This 20 crore rather than filling the coffers of these Bastards who live here eat here breathe here, but eat the shit of dogs of whites, specially Italians
      And Gautamji never popped his head here, when the same Italian Vatican inquisition dispensation, jailed Sudhir Chaudhary, attacked PGurus site by hackers, JAILED a cartoonist Sudhir Trivedi for a cartoon under “SEDITION LAW”, got a major News Channel Channel 7-jtv closed for providing information about Rajiv Gandhi assassination report and its explosiveness in Jan 2006, that then LAW MINISTER the nefarious H.R. Bhardwaj himself was caught pants down trying to suppress it, when a IT executive was jailed just for called the Italian demoness Shurpnakha, When article 66A was imposed on social media because Twitter and Facebook “dared”TO QUESTION A WHITE SKINNED FOREIGNER, which many Xtian and crytos here still love to lick, though none of these Ricebags,scumbags, Samosa converts have been taken to “beloved”Italy by their White skinned Xtian Baaps to get their dogs served

    • And they very same “self styled self appointed liberals”actually Cryptos who are opening their Fangs here were in some hellhole, when a Poor vendor was arrested by Italian streetdog Congis, for mimicking and joking about Antonia and Raul to sell his wares..OH I forgot, A WHITE WHITE SKIN IS HOLY AND SACROSANCT, AND NOBODY CAN DARE TO EVEN MEET EYE TO EYE WHEN ITS THE QUESTION OF WHITE KLANNIST, NAZIST SUPREMACY..MODI CANE BE ABUSED AND SELF STYLED “LIBERALS”, WHITE SKINNED running pigs will keep on hiding in hellholes , but white skinned running dogs black money disturbed and we see “eternal grovelling white skin Slaves”popping the hoods from everywhere


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