Gruesome beheading: India at a crossroads

Udaipur beheading puts India on a very high alert and at a crossroads not only due to the continuing threats on India’s borders but the security challenges from within

Udaipur beheading puts India on a very high alert and at a crossroads not only due to the continuing threats on India’s borders but the security challenges from within
Udaipur beheading puts India on a very high alert and at a crossroads not only due to the continuing threats on India’s borders but the security challenges from within

Hindu tailor murdered in gruesome hate crime

The sporadic incidences of unrest, agitations, roadblocks, and even killing of innocents are not uncommon in India but the gruesome beheading of an innocent Hindu in daylight in Udaipur is a stark reminder of ancient Islamic rulers like Aurangzeb. Are we awake or still asleep to the fact that today it was the heinous killing of Kanhaiya Lal for liking Nupur Sharma’s truth about Islam but it may not stop there?

What is so different about the gruesome Udaipur incidence? The arrested culprits belonging to the so-called minority religion not only dared to commit the crime in daylight in the victim’s shop, but they created a video before and after the killing as evidence. They had the audacity of showing their knives, boasting about the murder, making highly inflammatory statements like, “sar tan se jooda” (separating the head from the body), and issuing threats against India’s sitting PM Modi by name. They successfully made the video viral on social media and thus created fear in the minds of more than a billion non-Muslims in India and perhaps some moderate Muslims. Perhaps no such blatant, heinous, and gruesome killing in the recent past.

The duo involved in the murder may appear to be acting alone but one of them allegedly spent months in Pakistan and perhaps they had links with ISIS. Both posing as a “customer” to commit premeditated murder in the victim’s shop speak loud and clear about their hatred for Hindus. Even more concerning is that they have been living among us while their radicalization and jihadi tendencies for taking revenge continued to grow until they took one innocent life.

Were they motivated and emboldened by public statements made by Muslim clerics and political leaders against the factual statement made by Nupur Sharma? How many of those Islamists and leaders condemn the brutal killing? Perhaps some of them are rejoicing the death. I did not see anything insulting and insinuating against Islam in the truth read by Nupur Sharma. In any event, there is already an FIR filed against her for due investigations and legal action, if warranted. Why would anyone except Jihadis take law into their own hands and resort to lawlessness even before the guilty verdict?

Let us recall India’s Supreme Court convening at midnight for the last-minute judicial plea to stall an early morning execution because “there would be no life left to fight for if the hearing had to await the dawn[1].” This was done for the infamous “terrorists” like Yakub Memon[2], or “rapists” like the Nirbhaya accused[3]. In the present context, the innocent Kanhaiya Lal may have been alive today if our blind justice had expeditiously handled the frivolous complaint against Nupur Sharma. Obviously, for Kanhaiya Lal no life is left to fight for but can we expect of the judiciary to serve justice expeditiously for the sake of the victim’s family seeking the death penalty for the accused?

Clearly, the accused have already confessed their crime on the video. A threat to India’s sitting Prime Minister is in itself an anti-national act, in my view. What more evidence is needed? Let us hope that justice is neither delayed nor denied whether done in daylight or at midnight. Let me also underscore that the law-and-order and the politicians in Rajasthan have aptly failed in protecting the innocent who had reportedly filed a complaint. The truth also be told that Rajasthan is one of the handfuls of states led by the Congress party, who is barely breathing for its own sad demise.

Udaipur beheading puts India on a very high alert and at a crossroads not only due to the continuing threats on India’s borders but the security challenges from within. Let us recall the statement by late CDS General Bipin Rawat – a “two-and-a-half front” war faced by India. The two included China in the North and Pakistan in the West and the one-half at the time meant internal enemies in the form of insurgencies in J&K, Northeast, and Maoist/ Naxalite violence in many parts of the country.

What has happened in just about a month includes a wave of stone-pelting on the streets after Friday prayers in several cities in Uttar Pradesh. It followed with arson, burning trains, and damaging property across India after the announcement of India’s most innovative and transformative Agnipath. Now the less well-known beheading in Mumbai and the socially viral video of the Udaipur case. This makes most of India a part of the “half front” with internal enemies in our own neighborhoods with the potential for threatening internal peace, stability, and security. The more troubling is that we don’t know who and where the jihadi and radicalized are and when they may strike against the God-fearing, law-abiding, and more tolerant Sanatanis.

India is equally at a crossroads because many Muslim clerics and Islamic leaders make irresponsible and hateful statements within the four walls of the mosques. The children and youth in Madrasas are constantly hammered with Hindu-hating teachings at the expense of taxpayers. The most ironic is that the elected leaders of many political parties which not only have ideological differences with the ruling BJP but a total disdain for Modi and his team. They are threatened by Modi’s leadership in steering India toward development in the short 8 years. Clearly, Modi’s call for Sabka Saath, Vikas, Prayas, and Vishwas is gaining momentum. Undeniably, emerging India’s electorate has awakened and wants to see India developed.

India’s statesman and global leader Modi is loved globally but squarely hated locally by the opposition parties. For one, he has successfully decimated most of the pariwarwad such as the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. His electioneering skills got him elected twice as PM together with BJP winning in many states including the unprecedented victory for the successive term for Yogi in the biggest State of Uttar Pradesh. The skillful tactics of the Modi-Shah team led to the upheaval in Maharashtra which is unfolding at the time of writing this article. Who knows what is next but Congress-led Rajasthan, AAP-led Punjab, and CPI-led Bengal are on high red alert for political gamesmanship?

India is also at a crossroads because it is not the beheading of only one innocent Hindu by two jihadi Muslims but jihad against humanity. The Udaipur case has the potential for religious riots by the awakened or waking up Hindus against the radicalized Islamists and jihadists. The fear of a religious rebellion cannot be ruled out of what appears to be a conspiracy and neglect by Rajasthan Police and political leadership.

What the new India at a crossroads must do? First and foremost, the law and order must be maintained not only in Udaipur and surrounding areas but also across other parts of the country not to let the heinous killing of a Hindu by two Muslims turn into Hindu-Muslim riots and killings. The political leadership in Rajasthan must resign for failing to protect the innocent victim. The investigating teams including the NIA under the orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs must complete investigations of the brutal killing as soon as practical although the murdered themselves have provided indisputable evidence as an admission of their guilt.

Finally, the judiciary must act expeditiously even if it must convene day and night to serve justice in the pending FIR against Nupur Sharma which has already led to one heinous murder of an innocent. Additionally, the courts must neither delay nor deny justice to the bereaving family of Kanhaiya Lal and the rest of the country by hanging the criminals till death. While an eye for an eye may not always be the best practice, the accused jihadists in the present case deserve no less than the death penalty to deter such heinous and gruesome beheadings in the future.

Let us reclaim the prosperous and peaceful India that it always was before the barbaric Muslims invaded and the British colonized her. They plundered wealth and stole the immense knowledge and claimed it as their own. The Brown-Raj, mostly by one family dynasty, for nearly sixty-plus years since independence further bankrupted India politically, intellectually, morally, economically, and socially.

Let us wake up to the realities on the ground in our neighborhoods and across the country. If you suspect anyone dreaming of Bharat tere tukde hongay, being a criminal, jihadi, radicalized, and/ or extremist, report it before they succeed in putting India at a crossroads again. India’s vision to reclaim her place as Vishwa Guru does not need any distractions by internal and external enemies with all fronts fully secured and protected.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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Formerly, a researcher in Italy, Japan, and France, he has widely travelled and came to the US in 1978. He was a faculty and academic administrator in several different universities in PA, TX, NJ, MN, WI, and NY, and an Executive Fellow in the White House S&T Policy during the Clinton administration.
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