Hangout with Prof RV on mischaracterization of women in India

An insignificant survey of 759 experts accessed between March 26 and May 4 with 548 responses. The responses were fairly well spread globally with 89 from Africa, 84 from South Asia and the Pacific, 102 from South East Asia, 162 from Europe and 111 from the Americas. And Indian MSM goes into a frenzy


  1. Prof has nicely summed up the threats that are coming up thru concerted acts of MSM/Commie/Cong with active support from international “interested” groups. The haste with which opposition are consolidating their acts and going thru with concerted effort (lust) to malign for NaMo/BJP, they are doing more damage to Indian than NaMo. Hope people see thru the design and vote on the basis of performance than perception.
    NaMo is not a novice too. Hope he has something up his sleeve. With the SM being very active many issues like the passport case, are coming out in the open and the designs are exported in double quick time too. May this could be counter productive too.

  2. Hi Sirs
    I am a great fan of PGurus. Sorry I couldn’t find the subscribe button. Please indicate the location of the same in the website.

  3. Reuters is very right,
    There are more than 250 million Muslims living in India AND ALL MUSLIM WOMEN ARE DISCRIMINATED AND THEY ARE UNDER THREAT !!


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