Ali Baba II – the man who ordered a hit on an honest ED officer

Who is Ali Baba II, the man who tried to sabotage an investigation to save a corrupt politician?

Who is Ali Baba II, the man who tried to sabotage an investigation to save a corrupt politician?
Who is Ali Baba II, the man who tried to sabotage an investigation to save a corrupt politician?

Ali Baba II

New findings in the media indicate that the supposed spy of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Danish Shah is not a spy at all![1] In an exclusive interview given to the Sunday Guardian, Danish Shah explained he had called the current Joint Director in Enforcement Directorate (ED), Rajeshwar Singh, to share some information in the Madhu Koda case.

The whole thing was an elaborate exercise by someone fairly high up in the current dispensation (let us call him Ali Baba II), who planted this Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) data to sidetrack the ongoing investigation in the Aircel-Maxis scam.

Mr. Modi, one arrest is worth a thousand speeches

Prime Minister Modi works very hard – almost 18 hours a day, crisscrossing the country, giving inspiring speeches, claiming progress for the population at large. Mr. Modi, people elected you in 2014, because they were furious with the UPA government which had systematically corrupted the entire fabric of the country. Despite the preponderance of clinching evidence, not one member of the UPA cabinet has been arrested! What on earth is happening, Mr. Modi? Were your words Na Khaunga Na Khaane doonga, another election jumla? Show some action, for god’s sake!

Ali Baba II – time you reveal on whose behest you are acting

For the longest time, PGurus has been writing that while the NDA maybe in power, it is still the UPA that appears to be governing Bharat. It is high time Ali Baba II reveals who ordered the now botched crude attempt to malign an honest officer. Was it at the behest of the crooked cartel which controls cricket in India, fixing matches and hobnobbing with terrorists and crooks? By tarnishing the reputation of an honest Government officer, what kind of message are you giving to the honest rank and file of the government?

  • That Honesty could be injurious to their health?
  • That they should Eat and let everyone eat?

Mr. Modi, fix your house – it is broken

It is high time you clean house, Mr. Modi. Order the relevant ministries to allow Rajeshwar Singh to file the charge sheet against the evil genius, Mr. P Chidambaram. Get rid of the protectors of the UPA bigwigs that are constantly sabotaging your efforts to go after the corrupt. The crooks of 2004-2014 are roaming free, putting blocks at every step of the way. Mr. Modi, we want you to have a second term and for that you need to show results against the UPA corruption. Your score so far is zero, which is exactly the numbers of UPA bigwigs are that are in jail, under your dispensation.
[1] I am not an ISI agent: Danish ShahJun 28, 2018, Sunday Guardian

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  1. Mr Arun Jaitley had so much toxin in his body that he could not cope with it. Delhi is a place reeking in corruption has become toxic

  2. Enforcement Directorate’s Defence Of Officer Exposes Rift With R&AW – This is news item in ndtv today,
    Further it states, ‘The ED chief’s letter, accessed by NDTV, said Rajeshwar Singh had kept him in the loop about his conversation with Danish Shah.’ How a private news channel can access such confidential letters from ED??
    It is evident that ndtv has its roots spread all over the system??

  3. Nice article revealing the facts .PGurus are doing their own investigation and brings out tructh which no other media house does. The tenure of PM Modi is less than a year and no one knows whether BJP will be back in power. Though many wants Modi to be the next PM, there is also disappointment to his supporters that nothing much done to arrest the culprits? What if it (results of 2019) turns out to be Karnataka style election results and the aftermath that happened to keep BJP out power ?? All the culprits will go roam free and wont be punished. Whether your news reaches PMO?

  4. I feel, Arun Jaitley indirectly helping P. Chidambaram & Other corrupt people of UPA. To save NDA our PM should take necessary action against the Arun jaitley & co.

  5. NAMO should change his Tagline.
    “Main nahi khaoonga Aap Ko bhi khane nahi doonga Lekin FM Or unke Babu Ko khane ki choot de doonga”

  6. Great article.. but we need people with ‘italy’ alias Alibaba to be treated in Tihar ONLY then people will see that things are really happening. Stop harassing babus who are a rarity – ‘An Honest Officer’.

  7. Nothing is reaching its logical end in spite of big promises of Modiji against corruption. It is not only PC & Co. that must be sent to jail – but also, those who assisted them to do all this as well as those who worked to derail the investigation process – must all get the stick.

    Sometimes I get a feeling that the Congress is still ruling the country.

  8. Chidambaram’s corruption clearly links with karunanidhi’s scientific looting through A.Raja and Dayanidhi Maran. Also, O.P. Saini the judge who gave a clean chit to A. Raja, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi. Dayalu Karunanidhi, Dayanidhi Maran (karunanidhi’s nephew’s son); needs to be thoroughly probed, for any kickbacks he or his family members received for that idiotic judgement he gave on the 2G scam.

    • CBI failed to bring any evidence, the judge said so. Please read news properly. Then make these judgements. Your credibility suffers

  9. The Finance Ministry and the Modi large have made a laughing stock of themselves before the SC. It is strange that the ASG is presenting a closed cover document supposed to be serious with national security implications while in fact it may very likely prove to be a hoax of a evidence. Modi’s loud claim of fighting corruption falls flat as he seems to be least interested in the currrent probe against PC leading one to hazard a guess if there is any quid pro quo on some murky deals linked to him.

  10. Excellent article. Our honest and lovable PM, must get past Arun Jaitley and Hasmukh Adiah and arrest the financial terrorist PC and his crooked family.
    Only then public will start believing what NaMo says.


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