Hangout with Pt Satish K Sharma on UK elections, manifestos and more

UK Labour Party is seeing the ground slip from under their feet. In a strongly worded article, the Chief Rabbi expressed concerns over its anti-semitic attitude. Labour also released a Faith Manifesto, separate from its Election manifesto and this too has attracted a lot of criticism. A must watch for the British voter!


  1. Another great conversation between Pt Satish Kumar Sharma & Sree Iyer!
    Many thanks to PGurus.
    If there one thing that I’m dead sure of where politics is concerned, it’s the dire need for the Indian Hindu community to be united & organised to protect, represent & advance their interests, wherever in world they are.
    Just being law abiding, hard working model citizens is clearly not enough.
    They will have to fight for their rights & dignity or be trampled over.
    Politicians respect & pay heed only to voting blocs & Indian Hindus need to become one.
    May that happen soonest.

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