Hey Ram!!!  Lobbying for Chidambaram through Editorial – Is this Journalism? No, it is Presstitution

A senior Editor like N Ram pitching for bail for a corrupt friend smacks of paid-news journalism, facts be damned

A senior Editor like N Ram pitching for bail for a corrupt friend smacks of paid-news journalism, facts be damned
A senior Editor like N Ram pitching for bail for a corrupt friend smacks of paid-news journalism, facts be damned

N Ram, the noted Editor, and Chairman of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper appears to have plumbed new depths by publishing an Editorial arguing for granting bail to the jailed former Finance Minister P Chidambaram (PC). It is interesting to note that the editorial was published[1] on October 21, a day before Supreme Court’s Justice R Banumathi-headed bench passed a favourable order giving bail to Chidambaram in the INX Media case of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). This is an open-and-shut case of bribery – the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have concrete bank records that show that Karti’s firms got around Rs.3.5 crores from INX Media promoters.

Reading the atrocious Editorial, it is certain that it was a calibrated move when Justice Banumathi-headed Bench was writing the Order granting bail. The CBI in its Review Petition pointed out a series of errors in this pro-Chidambaram Order, who is one of the kingpins of corruption during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime[2]. This is not the first tryst involving N Ram-headed ‘The Hindu’ in corruption cases. In 2G Telecom Scam, the newspaper went the extra kilometer supporting the tainted Telecom Minister A Raja. There were allegations by the other shareholders and Directors of The Hindu like Malini Parthasarathy and N Ravi about ‘The Hindu’s’ dubious and “Paid News” activities during the Telecom Scandal[3].

Mr. Ram, how did you arrive at a “clean chit” to Chidambaram in the INX Media bribery case? This is as open-and-shut a case as it gets. The bribe giver Indrani Mukerjea has become an Approver and has confessed in the Court about meeting Chidambaram and the routing of five million dollars in 2008 to his son Karti’s firms through offshore money transactions. The ED has already found (before this confession) that around Rs.3.5 crores were transferred to Karti’s firms. If this is not a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Mr. Ram, then what is? A similar kind of corruption and money trail happened in Aircel-Maxis scam too, where Chidambaram and his son are charge-sheeted.

Buddies from student days

I know you were a close friend of Chidambaram in your student days and both under the leadership of CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat edited a small magazine on Left politics titled the Radical Review in Chennai[4]. But rid me of this doubt – was your and PC’s left-leaning preaching for all or was it “present company” excluded? I know like you Chidambaram is also a land grabber in the same plush area of Chennai’s East Coast Road. Inquiring minds want to know what the status is of the police case against you for land grabbing and company-documents-grabbing filed by former AIADMK MP K C Palanisami[5]. As you are a Media baron and an Editor, Mainstream Media (MSM) organisations won’t cover this case where you are charged with land grabbing, company grabbing, destruction of documents, using force through ruffian elements and so on. I am aware that till a few years ago, you were going to the police station regularly to put your signature to mark your presence as part of the Court Order giving you some bail or anticipatory bail from arrest. Shame on you Ram for engaging in physical activities like a thug.

I know you have no respect for the laws of this country – you appointed Siddharth Varadarajan, a United States citizen as ‘The Hindu’s’ Editor by side-lining Malini Parthasarthy, who was the senior-most and perhaps a more deserving candidate. As an Editor and media baron, you must be aware that the rules in India require that only Resident citizens can be appointed as the Editor of an Indian newspaper. Gifting high-pedigree dogs to VIPs (including Sonia Gandhi) in Delhi perhaps made you think that the laws of the land do not apply to you. After Subramanian Swamy’s case in Delhi High Court on the illegal appointment of a US Citizen, you sacked Sidharth and saved your skin.

You are a filtered hypocrite, Mr. Ram. You made a brouhaha when journalist Barkha Dutt was caught on Niira Radia tapes. You even said she should be punished and that she should quit her profession. But you were silent when your buddy Prannoy Roy was caught by the Income Tax, the CBI and the ED for massive money laundering and tax evasion of 1000s of crores and bank frauds. Cat got your tongue, Mr. Ram? I know you made some nasty comments about my book – NDTV Frauds – due to your unholy relations with Prannoy Roy[6]. I know you lobbied for Prannoy Roy with several important people who brought up the frauds of NDTV.  I am trying to determine who you are – a thick-skinned Rhino or a brash person or both. Lobbying for Chidambaram has proved that you have PROSTITUTED Journalism.

Lobbying for PC at TNCC meeting

You were fervently lobbying for the crooked Chidambaram, on his being jailed. You attended the Tamil Nadu Pradesh Congress Committee’s (TNCC) function against the arrest of Chidambaram, by misusing your garb as Editor. You can’t blame me if I doubt that you were doing Paid News for Chidambaram’s bail granting, considering the allegations raised by your colleagues (and close relatives) N Ravi, N Murali, and Malini Parthasarathy in 2G cases for supporting A Raja. I hope in the coming years’ history will call you a bonafide Presstitute.


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  1. His name is N Ram but he thinks Ram is mythical what kind of a hypocrite he is. He is a scum sucking urban naxal. People like him are hell bent on destroying this country. These kind of people will even sell their mother for some extra money. Karma will soon get to him.

  2. Fabulous and on the dot, Mr. Iyer. Ram deserves perhaps even more scathing an exposure. In the current world media scenario, such bold factual articles especially unmasking the influential hypocrites are the panacea for the welfare of future world. Self-serving media barons are societal viruses; I was witnessing how Italians suffered a decade ago due to one such. In this context, I should congratulate Pgurus on educating public about truth when they are engulfed by lies of all kind and Dr. Swamy on legally providing the rogues the abode they deserve. The world , much more India, needs many such bold organs to even slow down the sliding of Dharma, the happiness index. It is time to redefine the fourth pillar of democracy ridding it of the fifth columnists which truly independent channels (like Pgurus) can do and thanks to technology it is just beginning to shape.

  3. Agree with you. Their subscription base is eroding fast. May be these journalists have to realize the changing face of journalism and many know his vested interests.

  4. Sree Iyerji and his mentor the Mighty Brahmin himself know very well who I am and that’s all that matters to me.

    Forced to adopt this route as they have both cut ties with me.

    I had promised to the Mighty Brahmin that within a year I would make him the PM of India (with little support from his side; else take Agni Samadhi) and dismissing me for a fool, both individually blocked me

  5. Great work Sree ji…
    There are a few things which people must talk about openly…. No hiding things or indirect accusations …
    Every one should openly state ” Christian” instead of concealing it with communist ideologies etc….
    Pc (saffron terror word usage– is a convert for sure ) ,
    Banumati (Christian), n.ram (Christian), ndtv James Roy (Christian),
    Prakash karat (Christian)
    — you know what these people have done to India…
    Let people talk openly about these people and their religion…
    It’s easier that way … To make secular Hindus understand…
    You know who rules the media now…

    I really doubt if Gandhi n Nehru were forcefully made great leaders by British so as to continue their missionary schools n indirect ruling of India…

    If Netaji had won in his attempt then all those(missionary schools and hospitals) which were forcefully looted by British n given to their followers would have been snatched n taken over by government and a new India would have been born , a real independent India.

    India will not grow if all the schools are nationalised n completely brought under government control…
    Indian government is funding antinationals n anti- india gangs with their minority appeasements n funds.

    Recently read something like this — Ayodhya belongs to government because British took it n used as government property…
    Idiotic — how can a foreign country take n give ownership to a place for which they don’t even belong ?

    First Indians should come out of this that British gave this n that…
    British went sent out and whatever they gave, be it missionary lands, schools or hospital places have become void n unacceptable after they were made to flee India.
    All rightfully belongs to Indians n the Indian government…

    But sadly no government had the guts to implement this because of the missionaries network…

    If only we had a bold government who could nullify all these grants n have the Christian groups shown their place , India could have progressed a lot within these years…

    Christianity thrives only with creating sympathy…be it their god (he gave his blood for you doctrine etc… – i never asked him to give blood , if he were so stupid what can i do ?) , their trust’s, their orphanages, their schools, their hospitals….

    Finally request all true Hindus to include in their prayers a one liner… – to free all hindu temples from government control….
    If the voice is high it will reach god…

    Devas ( true Hindus) had to forget all their differences n cry in unison to Bhagwan Shiva to curb the atrocities of asuras…
    Even if not immediately, things will change for sure at the right time.

  6. Is this an article? It looks more like a rant by a frustrated author who has been sidelined by more popular publications. Merely spouting “I know this about you” and “I know that about you” without producing an iota of evidence is going to get you nowhere. You sound like a cheap third-rate columnist. Sree Iyer claims to be an “out-of-the-box thinker”. He doesnt even know how to write an article.

    • Stunned that despite giving the reference link, you write this comment. Pl. understand that the number in square brackets to the right of that sentence in the post refers to a link to an article that explains in detail what the evidence is. Not iota but a mountain. Apparently you do not know how to read articles with references. Hope this helps you to read online posts better.

  7. Great story on another of India’s leading nemesis. N. Ram is a devil in disguise and Sree Iyerji, you have nailed him. Keep these stories going till he is exposed of his anti-nationalism.

  8. N. Ram runs a newspaper called “The Hindu”, which is ironically quite anti-Hindu. His communist links and his personal relationships may explain this position. Both his first and second wives are Christians. He himself claims to be an atheist, which is likely due to his communist ties. He is related by marriage to Dayanidhi Maran, who is Karunanidhi’s grandnephew. What that family has done to Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) is well-known. These links likely explains N. Ram’s vehement defence of the DMK during the 2G scam. Ad revenue also likely influenced how news is covered/presented and the editorial stance. It used to be the paper of record in India, even though Times and Express had larger readerships. Now it has become a mouthpiece for vested and, often, anti-India interests. Real crimes (2G and coal, and now the PC case) are downplayed and others are falsely presented as crimes (Rafale). What was once an institution is now, in terms of reputation, a paper in tatters.

  9. You have Rammed it down Ram’s throat! His position now resembles that of Ceasecu before the Romanian public got him. He must go along with his unholy crew of butt-licking supporters.

  10. The Hindu newspaper has lost its credibility long back when this man has taken over as Editor in Chief of the news
    Paper. I have stopped subscribing The Hindu, even though they offered attractive price concession in their annual subscription.

  11. The Hindu news paper was always considered as a Paper for truthful news & Justice. After taking over ownership by N.Ram,The Hindu has turned out as mouthpiece of Communist ideology. N. Ram may be a hard core Communist but he has no right to turn out The Hindu news paper as mouthpiece of Communist. Let him declare it so,if he want to so that its old age Readers decide whether they want to read a Communist ideology news paper. When ever Indian Govt in Rule tilt towards buying defense procurement from US & Western countries, N Ram wakes up his tool The Hindu raking up some issue on defense procurement from US & West to scuttle the deal & humiliate the Govt in Rule whether Congress or BJP. N Ram creat Public opinion through The Hindu to protect Communist interest. That is how The Hindu raked up controversy on Boforo, rafale & Civil Nuclear deal with USA under Man Mohan Singh & Modi Regime. What is shocking N Ram is also involved in land grabbing through illegal way & is under Bail which very few people know. Thanks Mr Sree Iyer for exposing N Ram on his misdeeds through misusing The Hindu & his person criminal acts. Mr Sree Iyer continue to expose him & ensure he joins his cunning criminal in Jail.

  12. Dear Sree Iyer

    Kudos for writing this no holds barred barred article.

    Since you are the senior most soldier in Dr Swamy’s one of a kind army to save India, I have to tell you in a similar ‘calling a spade a spade’ fashion that you have adopted; that both you and your mentor hv done a huge dis-service by sidelining me just because you Brahmins worship sleep and give it more importance than what it is worth.

    Despite being proud Hindus, you hv conveniently overlooked that Lord Arjuna, the topmost warrior Ma Bharati produced, was a gudakesha

    Happy Diwali Sree Iyerji

      • Sree Iyerji and his mentor the Mighty Brahmin himself know very well who I am and that’s all that matters to me.

        Forced to adopt this route as they have both cut ties with me.

        I had promised to the Mighty Brahmin that within a year I would make him the PM of India (with little support from his side; else take Agni Samadhi) and dismissing me for a fool, both individually blocked me

  13. It would be great to have a debate between Hindu N Ram and Sree Iyer in Chennai hosted by the PTI and all top journalists invited. Perhaps throw in Prannoy Roy, Burkha Dutt besides Arnab Goswami and Dr. Subramanian Swamy to add fury to the big fire. It would draw world crowd to watch. Is N. Ram of once great but now sinking/stinking “The Hindu” losing all its glory and command.The Hindu,s history parallels the e of coouvam River of Madras. Gone is the glory of The Hindu like Coouvam.

  14. A fearless and well written article. All issues well brought out. Hope more such articles come out and even Mr Ram is put in jail. Mr Ram’s articles, editorials are not neutral and he is unfit to be the editor an “once Indian National News Paper”.


  16. What is really surprising is that the Hindu takes a moral high ground while doing what it does. A totally parochial rag masquerading as a National newspaper. It should quickly change its name from the Hindu to something else as there is no paper as anti Hindu as the Hindu.

  17. Jai Ho! Sree Iyer Sir. A most befitting reply. Thank you for bringing to light the many disgusting dealings of N Ram and Co. The Hindu is such a misnomer – were they trying to pull off a joke by giving such a name when they don’t even have an ounce of The Hindu in them. Time to shut this presstitute business for good.

  18. Excellent write up sir!! While watching his videos also you can find how arrogantly he puts his views. (eg. Watch his video interviewing Devdatt Patnaik.)
    When his name comes in my reading, I always think why his parents named him Ram!!

  19. The Hindu is no more the newspaper that we knew of.

    A few years back, when The Hindu wrote about Bofors scandal, everyone believed it because it was said by The Hindu.

    Recently, when the Hindu wrote about Rafale, no one believed it because it wsas said by The Hindu.

    What a fall for this once glorious newspaper.

    Nandini Voice for the Deprived

  20. The following comment of mine was censored by The Hindu, which is not surprising.
    After indicting PM Modi in the Rafale deal, the judges in the editorial board of this paper have acquitted Mr. Chidambaram and his son, obviating the need for the Judiciary in India. India can save a lot by outsourcing the judiciary to this paper and its cohorts. Besides, by accusing the CBI of doing the bidding of the current BJP government, this paper’s editorial board has done the bidding of the opposition, to be counted once again as the loyal member of the opposition. Long live left’s democracy and their democratic ideals.

  21. What Ram is and what sort of journalist he is and the level the Hindu reached under him and how he handled the foisted murder case are all well known.


  23. There are battery of seller of this nation and its heritage in the media and the fellow in question is one among them

  24. ‘The Hindu’s N Ram crossed all limits by lobbying bail for Chidambaram. In 2G Scam also Ram’s style was so dubious. He himself was caught in land grabbing and criminal cases with former AIADMK MP Palanisami. Ram preaches something and acts in reverse. Shame on N Ram. Good write up exposing him

  25. Sir, if he doesn’t write, then it is surprise, ram is loyal and honest to his master’s like p Cheatambaram, DMK’s killer karunanidhi, and to other third rated fellows, the saddest point is still people are there to Hindu newspaper,


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