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Pieter Friedrich should drop his rabid hatred towards India and Hindu-Americans and clamp down on his virulent Hinduphobia

Pieter Friedrich should drop his rabid hatred towards India and Hindu-Americans and clamp down on his virulent Hinduphobia
Pieter Friedrich should drop his rabid hatred towards India and Hindu-Americans and clamp down on his virulent Hinduphobia

What is wrong with Pieter Friedrich?

Murdabad, Murdabad – Krishnamoorthi Murdabad” yelled Pieter Friedrich in front of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s office. Pieter claimed, as a South Asia analyst, has found a particular interest in legislators of a specific faith. If you check for the meaning of “Murdabad” on Dictionary.com, one of the top definitions will be “death to” or “down with.”

Pic 1 - Pieter tweeting Murdabad against the congressman
Pic 1 – Pieter tweeting Murdabad against the Congressman
Pic 2 - Dictionary meaning of murdabad
Pic 2 – Dictionary meaning of murdabad

According to his website[1], Friedrich is an activist. He is supposedly a South Asia analyst but seems to have a particular interest in the politics of India. His posts regularly and repeatedly criticize the current democratically elected Indian government specifically while ignoring blatant human rights violations in the rest of South Asia. His hatred against India is particularly worrisome, to the extent that he attacks every person who even remotely appears to be in favor of good and positive relationships with the world’s largest democracy.

Pieter lambasting a Hindu politician isn’t new

Friedrich’s latest victim is Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, who has been serving as the Congressman from Illinois 8th district since 2017. As part of unabated and vicious propaganda, Pieter spoke in different cities in and around Raja’s district to spread Hinduphobia. While criticizing a politician and running a negative campaign is neither surprising nor unprecedented, Pieter has taken it to a new low and made it about a Congressman’s religious identity. However, Pieter lambasting a Hindu politician isn’t new. His past attacks have been notably against Tulsi Gabbard and Sri Preston Kulkarni, to name a few. Their common link has roots in the same faith and is aligned with the policy of non-left from time to time. Though democratic in their beliefs, these leaders have supported the centrist ideas of the conservatives if it is for the greater good. Pieter’s attacks on Congressman and hate speeches have not gone unnoticed by the leaders of the Democratic party.

Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., one of America’s foremost civil rights, religious and political figures, tweeted, “To put it bluntly: saying ‘Nazis out, Raja must go’ & ‘Death to Krishnamoorthi’ is racist, bigoted, incendiary rhetoric that does not belong in our political or civic discourse.” to condemn attacks by Pieter Friedrich against Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Pic 3 - American civil rights activist Rev Jesse Jackson about Pieter Friedrich
Pic 3 – American civil rights activist Rev Jesse Jackson about Pieter Friedrich

Steve Chirico, Mayor of Naperville, where Friedrich had made similar incendiary remarks, stated, “Naperville City council doesn’t accept any hate against any organization and individual.”

Friedrich’s link with Khalistani terrorist

Friedrich had no known history with India until he teamed with Bhajan Singh Bhinder, a known Khalistani terrorist sympathizer, to start a transport company known as Safety Net Transpo. For the unaware, the Khalistani movement was a terrorist movement with support from elements in Pakistan that was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Indians, including the assassination of the first woman Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Friedrich has had an interesting past where he has used several aliases such as Pieter Singh/ Pieter Flannigan/ Peter Nevers and ran several social media channels spewing Hinduphobic narratives. For example, Pieter Singh’s YouTube channel, Name: Pieter Singh, has videos of only Bhajan Singh Bhinder, his business partner and supporter of the terrorist movement in India[2]. He also ran a website Gandhism.net under Pieter Flannigan and accused Mahatma Gandhi of being a racist[3]. While trying to portray the facade of a self-proclaimed champion of human rights, it seems that Friedrich is available as a stooge or henchman of politicians to craft a divisive and dangerous ideology, as seen during the elections in Illinois District 8, where he camped in the area and moved from one City Council to another spreading hate and abusing the Hindu American leaders and organizations.

Furthermore, Friedrich has displayed homophobia and written in his blogs about boycotting stores with gay and lesbian sections. It is apparent that such hate spread by Friedrich does not have the approval of the American populace, as reflected in the victory of incumbent U.S. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, who defeated his opponents in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District on June 28, 2022, with over 71 percent of the votes. The local American residents will let conversation and dialogue but won’t bear the lies, hatred, and negativity in the community; they need peace, progress, and prosperity.

As we cannot evaluate American culture and its values by certain talk shows or media channels, it is not virtuous to consider or assess India or its government based on the elements put forward by certain groups and individuals. However, it may have some bearing effect on the strategic relationship between the world’s oldest and largest democracies. The US-India relationship is as comprehensive as ever, with the two democracies working on a wide range of issues from global security, climate change, and COVID-19 vaccine distribution to emerging technologies. As mentioned by the US state department, The US-India strategic partnership is founded on shared values, including a commitment to democracy and upholding the rules-based international system. In the recent (May 2022) Tokyo, Japan bilateral meeting President Biden conveyed his thoughts to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “There is so much that our countries can and will do together. I’m committed to make the US-India partnership among the closest we have on earth.” US-India bilateral trade in goods and services reached a record $157 billion in 2021. While it may be wishful thinking, Pieter Friedrich should drop his rabid hatred towards India and Hindu-Americans and clamp down on his virulent Hinduphobia. In the end, hate and Hinduphobic elements will be soundly denounced and defeated by mainstream American society.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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