Hinduphobia in Canadian Universities – some appeared to be promoting Hindu Holocaust? – Part 2

Universities are supposed to be neutral platforms, but University of Toronto, Queens University, York University and Carleton University now appear to be Hinduphobic.

Hinduphobia in Canadian Universities
Hinduphobia in Canadian Universities

The previous part of the article can be accessed here. This is the second part.

Since India got independence several million Hindus got butchered by Islamists. And India lost so much due to the Islamic attacks. Since 1980s several hundred thousand Kashmiri pandits were driven out of their homes and are living as refugees in their own land. The famous Godhra riots were started by Islamists by burning 60 Hindu women and children alive in a train which caused outrage[15]. Moplah riots in Kerala were started by Muslims and killed thousands of Hindus[16] and the list goes on. Sanober is basing her arguments on falsified history and seems to be working to promote the fake narrative of the Islamists. She must clear her stand on Islamic oppression of black Africans and Christian oppression of black people and Indigenous people.

Muslims in most developing countries are getting their education in Madrasas (especially in South Asia and Africa). These Madrasas are only teaching their religious doctrines. This education is not useful to get any proper employment as this is not conventional education. There is a documentary about these madrasas called “Among the believers” which talks about 2 million children in Pakistan whose education consists of memorizing Quran and other Islamic texts. But scholars like Sanober do not want to acknowledge the reality. If she is really worried about Muslim’s jobs, then she should be vocal about their education. Organizations like Zakat foundations want to train IAS and IPS aspirants on the basis of religion, but Hindus do not have this facility, they have to work hard for their future. [17]

Everyone was taught how to read and write, along with which many had a guaranteed job. As per Megasthanese, there was no slavery in Bharat.

“Muslim women are one of the most marginalized groups. the world largest community of illiterate women.” It is a known fact that there is severe oppression of women’s rights in almost every single Muslim society and it has nothing to do with India. It is the lack of initiative in the Muslim community that there are so many illiterate women. To add to this most of India’s 200 million Muslims live in the three most backward states (namely, UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh) in India where even the Hindus are facing the same problems.

Then comes the other speaker Chinnaiah Jangam, he spoke a lot about castes and casteism. It was a bit confusing at times as when he referred to Caste it was not clear if he was referring to caste as varna or caste as jati or kula? In India, there are many crimes happening. And most of these crimes are not based on caste or religion. The caste or religion enters after the crime, sadly this is the reality.

Hindus do not have castes, caste is a Christian and European concept. Europeans fit Hindus into the European caste system. Perhaps Chinnaiah is reading the books written by leftists and Christians. It is widely known that the British have a class system, and they successfully imposed their watertight class system as a caste system on the Hindus.

Chinnaiah also spoke about untouchability and purity. Asaucha is impurity and it cannot be equated with untouchability. Purity is not racial, it is internal and external purity is for performing certain Dharmic actions. As per Hindu philosophy, there are many levels of purity to get certain rituals rights (as part of Niyama).

Chinnaiah spoke about Ambedkar and the division of labour. Ambedkar did not support Christian and Muslims. Ambedkar openly said that anyone converting to Christianity and Islam will lose their love for India. If Chinnaiah is talking about dividing Shudras, he should know it was done by the British, not by the brahmins. Chinnaiah should read the minutes of the 1869 Madras Town census committee meeting report.

The Indian education system was destroyed by the British when it was on the death bed in 1823. As per the records of British officer Thomas Munroe approximately 70% of primary school students were from Shudra Class and 15-20 % of them were from so-called scheduled castes[18]. When Christians were busy demolishing the Indian education system, it was the Brahmins who worked hard to keep the system going. The collector of Bellary in his report clearly states that out of 533 schools not a single school gets support from the then British government. Now tell me, was it the British or Manu Dharma who denied education to poor?

Coming to the Karamchedu massacre Chinnaiah was speaking of. There was a fight between two groups because of their differences over water. How are Hindus and Hinduism responsible for this? If you observe the political parties in present-day Andhra Pradesh most of them are from Kamma Kula. If Dalits hate them so much then why are they voting them to power? As said earlier caste system does not belong to Hindus, if Chinnaiah wants to compare Varna or Kula system with slavery, then in the mid-1800s, blacks in United states were punished if they were seen reading or writing. It was not the case with India. Everyone was taught how to read and write, along with which many had a guaranteed job. As per Megasthanese, there was no slavery in Bharat, comparing Dalits with Black slavery is a joke.

From this event, it appears Canadian universities do not want to promote a balanced view. How could any university encourage any scholar with cooked up studies and half-truths?

He spoke about many types of Ramayana. Valmiki Ramayana is the one which is authentic for Hindus. If someone else writes his interpretation of this Ramayana, then it becomes his personal view of it and the poet also inserts his personal touch based on his/her region and language. Likewise, if someone narrates the bible in his viewpoint will that become the acceptable Bible to the Christian society? Chinnaiah and other “Scholars” have no right to say there are many Ramayanas. Who are they and what authority do they have to do so. Any religious scholar has no right to say that there are many Ramayanas when it is universally accepted among Hindus that the Valmiki Ramayana is the most authentic. If they do say that there is no one Ramayana, then they are crossing their limits as scholars who are supposed to state facts and are trying to alter Hinduism. Which they have no authority over. For the most part, Chinnaiah’s arguments seem to be filled with prejudice and weak facts.

In general, out of all the statements made by Sanober Umar, most lack any actual facts and are pure hate speech against Hindus. She says she is against Hindus who commit these acts but, refers to the whole Hindu community as being full of extremists, fanatics, rapists, Islamophobics and Casteists.

Hindus are oppressed by Muslims and Christians in India for about 800 years of foreign rule. Despite this, many scholars like Sanober are working hard to distort history. If we look at the statements in her speech it is evident that many Islamic scholars are trying to cover up the Hindu genocide by the foreign rulers.

Universities are supposed to be neutral platforms, but University of Toronto, Queens University, York University and Carleton University now appear to be Hinduphobic. As per a few students, who do not want to be named, some professors are openly distorting the meaning of Sanskrit texts. Based on the speech, it is evident that Sanober and Chinnaiah have a strongly biased view against Hindus and India. From this event, it appears Canadian universities do not want to promote a balanced view. How could any university encourage any scholar with cooked up studies and half-truths?

Indian students are the major source of revenue to most of these universities. It is time for most of the Canadian universities to introspect. Perhaps it is a new norm in Canadian Universities to encourage people with a one-sided biased view. Sadly, in many Canadian Universities Hindus are being portrayed in negative a light. Indians and Hindus must think twice before sending their kids to these hates filled universities. If this bias continues, like the Jewish people Hindus will also be abused and persecuted in mass.

By trying to build this Dalit and Muslim persecution in India propaganda, anti-Hindu forces are forming an alliance to spew hate against India and Hindus to get the world to hate them as must as these forces do. They are covertly working very hard to build this hate-filled atrocity literature on the Hindus. It appears that they want to create another Hindu holocaust. If this hate-filled campaign continues then the day is not far when the world will be made to turn on India and Hindus by these forces.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. Indian is a caste ridden society. It will take thousand of years to clean mentality of caste in this country. 90 % population is backward, Dalits, minorities but only 3% Brahmins are controlling all the institutions and systems of this country. Take any data it does not support that India is controlled by Brahmins mentality . Weather social economic or political sphere all are controlled by the mentality.
    All follow their rituals in daily life cycle. There is no dignity of labour in Brahmins mentality.

    • Seriously? Do you think 90% of this country is so daft that 3% of the population can all of the institutions and oppress them collectively? Have some self respect and faith in your fellow Indians. The country has its issues, but it’s doing better than you think. And it’s better if you stay away from right wing sites such as this with your pessimism. People like you are keeping this country backwards.

  2. I attended this event led by Chinnaiah Jangam and Sanober Umar, the Q& A session was controlled and most of the responses provided were the least scholarly. Wonder why this kind of junk is being nurtured in Canadian Universities. A two pronged question for both the speakers that I wanted to ask stems from the talks of Pushpendra Kulshrestha (@PushpendraKul), where he has indicated several 100 Valmiki families were invited to Kashmir for manual scavenging of human waste till today do not have so called citizenship of Kashmir.
    Chinnaiah announced while playing the drum that Dalits have arrrived on international stage sounds hollow as Dr, Ambedkar had already achieved that ages before him and with grandeur. Sanober playing the sidekick is equally complicit unable to cite the atrocities to these Valmiki families whose population has multiplied and are now in lacs with no citizenship rights of J&K and of course the state of Kashmiri Pandits that the citizens and Govt of J&K are responsible.
    Wish either of them care to respond!

  3. Excellent counter mam.
    We are glad that there are still people who could think and not just take the words of stupid scholars for truth …

    Hindus have to be educated first .. and setting up of Hindu universities and colleges and schools should be done …

    Hindu temples must be fred from government control…
    If even BJP doesn’t work to free the temples n it’s administration,
    then they have to lose a lot of people n money to natural disasters…
    Instead of spending to rebuild states they can free temples …and let Hindus manage their temples just like Muslims and Christians do ..
    Why partiality to Hindus?
    Let us live like our fellow citizens…
    How long will Hindus tolerate this injustice…

    In Tamilnadu we have kings (manu needhi cholan ) who sacrificed his son to the injustice done to a cow ‘s calf…
    I am sure the younger generation are not even taught about these kings …

    There was a king cibi who gave his thigh flesh to save a pigeon …

    There was this pandiyan king who gave up his life the second he got to know that he gave a wrong judgement…
    (Kannagi – she burnt the whole of Madurai except ladies n kids for injustice metted out to her)

    Such was the judiciary those days…
    Now British modern education has only produced idiotic, one sided, biased judgements…

    Don’t worry…

    Hindus will rule the world and teach true peace and love.

  4. What is spiritual?
    Anyone on earth is “physical”.
    Physical is, ” From father Through mother To the earth.”

    Let no one be misguided by the word “spiritual”. Self Misguiding is greatest deceit.


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