Hinduphobia in Canadian Universities – some appeared to be promoting Hindu Holocaust?

An event titled “Dalit and Muslim Persecution in India” was organized by some Hinduphobes in the auditorium of the Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto.

An event titled “Dalit and Muslim Persecution in India” was organized by some Hinduphobes
An event titled “Dalit and Muslim Persecution in India” was organized by some Hinduphobes

Chinnaiah Jangam was speaking on atrocities against Dalit committed by Hindus and it appeared that he was being selective on the history of Dalit persecution by Muslims.

Are major Ontario Universities Hinduphobic? It appears so! On the 6th of April 2019, there was an event organized by some Hinduphobes with the title “Dalit and Muslim Persecution in India”. This event happened in the auditorium of the Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto and was Co-sponsored by:

  • The Centre for South Asian Civilizations-University of Toronto
  • Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives- Queen’s University
  • York Centre for Asian Research- York University
  • Jamhoor (an Independent media platform).

Canada is well known to send funds to India for Christian Missionary activities. Good Shepard Schools in Telugu states are run by the help of Dalit Freedom Network (as claimed on their website), is based in the United States and Canada. This organization collects funds on the name of caste oppression in India and runs a few schools in South India as well. As per the website Charity Intelligence, in the year 2015 Dalit Freedom Network in Canada collected 5 million dollars[1]. Along with these missionaries, Khalistani forces based out of Canada joined hands with Islamists and are working in the background to discredit or damage the image of Hindus and India.

If Hindus try to protect themselves from Islamic aggression, then it is projected as being Hindu aggression by hiding real facts or by popularizing half-truths.

Chinnaiah Jangam an assistant professor at Carleton University, was speaking on atrocities against Dalit committed by Hindus and its origins in Hinduism. From his speech, it appears to be that Chinnaiah Jangam has forgotten or being selective on the history of Dalit persecution by Muslims. During 800 years of Islamic and Christian rule in India, many Dalits were used and abused by these foreign rulers. During the early 1800s, many Dalits from Telugu states were sent to Bangladesh and Bengal are to remove dead bodies and were used as menial cleaners in British administration [2]. Present-day the situation of Dalits in Pakistan, Bangladesh is very bad they are still being treated as untouchables and are exposed to abuse. In both these countries, Dalit’s have no reservation and many Dalit girls get kidnapped, then married to Muslims and are later converted to Islam [3]. Kashmir is a Muslim majority state in India where Valmikis (Dalits) are still fighting for their reservation rights[4]. Chinnaiah does not seem to understand the hypocrisy of the Islamists. Chinnaiah spoke about rights, what about the rights of Makarand Paranjape? We all know how Chinnaiah got Makarand Paranjape’s recording stopped in Ottawa. From this behaviour, we are supposed to understand that rights only exist for the thekedars of Dalits [5].

The other speaker was Sanober Umar, a PhD candidate at Queen’s University was speaking about the atrocities committed on Muslims by Hindus in India. During her speech, Sanober quoted “Being minority scholars has never been a bigger uphill battle.” Who is a minority? Christians and Muslims are the world’s two major religious groups, yet Sanober claims them to be a minority. As per the PIL filed by Advocate Aswini Upadhyay, the supreme court declined to accept Hindus as a minority in many states of India, where the majority of people living in those states were Muslims and Christians. Supreme court of India asked the National Commission to define minority[6]. Hindus are being persecuted daily especially in Kashmir and North-Eastern states of India. Supreme court of India has no clear definition for a minority. During the partition, Indians gave up two big chunks of their land, to what is now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh on the basis of religion. During the partition of India 4.75 million Hindus were either killed or displaced[7]. The whole world witnessed how the Muslim population grew in India and Hindu population reduced almost to nil in both Muslim countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

It is an estimate that 440 million Hindus were killed, raped by the Islamists and millions of Hindus were forced to convert to Islam and Christianity over the span of several hundred years [8]. Yet, Hindus are being blamed for showing consideration. Sanober seems to ignore the historical facts and is very selective in her speech. She seems to think that rights only exist for Muslims! According to Sanober and Chinnaiah’s speech, it appears Hindus (Upper castes in their view) should not have rights at all. They cannot do anything in self-defence. If Hindus try to protect themselves from Islamic aggression, then it is projected as being Hindu aggression by hiding real facts or by popularizing half-truths.

Sanober claims that there has been “an unprecedented rise in violence against minorities”. According to India today’s “The 10 worst states to be a Dalit in” the top three are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. These three states also have the lowest literacy rate, a high percentage of the population living in rural areas and a high percentage of the population that is living in poverty. These states are backward, and these types of events are likely to happen. At the same time, some events have been falsely being projected by media outlets as caste atrocities even though they were local problems among people for a variety of reasons be it for property or revenge for personal grudges. Western controlled biased Indian media outlets have been working overtime to project Hindus in a bad light.

India is nowhere near the worst country to report on “massacres against Dalits and Muslims” because people are clearly able to obtain data on these issues and broadcast them daily. One would like to know where Sanober is coming up with these facts about journalists who are being targeted for reporting on Dalit and Muslim issues. She as an academic should not be spreading baseless facts to prove her arguments, which one can confidently say that she does not have many as she only spoke for a few minutes while most of the speaking was done by Chinnaiah.

It is only in Hindu majority India that Dalits are given Constitutional reservation.

Sanober calls Indian Muslims its poorest urban population, but was not Osman Ali Khan the 4th richest person in history and also an Indian Muslim who lived in the city of Hyderabad? Ask anyone who the richest family in the Old City of Hyderabad is and they will tell you it’s the Owaisis[9]. It is a known fact that young Muslim men are pulled out of school by the Owaisis and other such Muslim leaders to keep them in poverty to be used for political gain and to further their agendas.

Muslims in India have the highest fertility rates out of all religious groups in the country being 2.61 as compared to the Hindu fertility rate being 2.13[10]. It is a proven fact that Muslims do on average have more children as compared to the average Indian family. The statement of “Muslim women being viewed as baby factories and sexual prostitutes for Hindu men” is about the most absurd thing that Sanober has said during the whole speech. During the hundreds of years of Islamic Invasions, it was Hindu women who were the prey to the invaders and were the victims of rape[11]. Most women being tricked and sold into prostitution in Bangladesh are Hindu women. This whole statement makes no sense historically or logically. There are 1000s of cases of what has been termed as “Love Jihad” in India. This is when Muslim men trick Hindu (and even Christian) girls into marrying or having children with them. Once this has taken place they reveal their true identity of being Muslim and force the women to convert. Most women who cannot go back home after this as to not shame their family and are left with no choice but to convert to Islam and raise their children in a Muslim family. This shows how Muslim men have used these women as sexual prostitutes by using them for sex before revealing to them the truth of their identity in order to use them as baby factories. They lie to the woman for the whole duration of the relationship, before revealing the truth when she will have no choice but to become his wife. To add to this a Muslim man can have more than one wife so he can do this same thing multiple times and face no consequences. Some Hindu girls were sent to Syria to join ISIS[12]. The disappearance of Hindu girls across India is a well-known issue. Perhaps Sanober does not know the reality and is living in a bubble.

There are many Jaichands (Hindu synonym for a traitor) who were the supporters of British and are today helping Breaking India forces for their selfish personal gains. Sanober was very selective in choosing the Muslim Scholars who fit into her narrative and completely ignored other famous Muslim scholars like Tarek Fatah and Taslima Nasrin who are in solidarity with the Hindus. There are many such Muslim scholars are openly condemning the Islamic aggression and the persecution of Hindus by Islamists in India. India has witnessed mass murders of Hindus since the time Islam was born.

Christian majority countries did not ever give reservations to the oppressed people. Black people/racial minorities and Indigenous people are not given any reservation as per any constitution. Unlike India’s reservation system, affirmative action in the USA is only existing on record and in reality, it is not helping any oppressed peoples. It is only in Hindu majority India that Dalits are given Constitutional reservation. Other than isolated events during periods of foreign rule, the claim that Hindus oppressed Dalits throughout history is to be re-examined. This history was written to divide and rule Hindus by Europeans. No history book of India clearly speaks about the oppression of Hindus by British and Islamic rulers. Sanober also seems to forget the sectarianism in Islam, in which Sunnis aggressively persecute Shias, Ahmedis and others. These sects are nothing but castes as they are divisions in Islamic Society. Hence her say on “Islam does not support Casteism” does not stand any ground[13] [14].

to be continued…



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