Home Ministry brings back Vivek Gogia, who hushed up the Sunanda Murder probe to Delhi Police

Gogia, the first Delhi Police officer to arrive at the scene of Sunanda murder case is considered to be close to Kapil Sibal and Ahmed Patel

More cause for concern in Sunanda murder case as the first Police officer to arrive at the scene, Gogia has been transferred back to Delhi
More cause for concern in Sunanda murder case as the first Police officer to arrive at the scene, Gogia has been transferred back to Delhi

Did Gogia, the first Top Police Officer to enter the crime scene act sloppily?

While the clamour for speeding up the probe on Sunanda Murder is going on, in a shocking development, Home Ministry has brought back the controversial police officer Vivek Gogia, who hushed up the murder case and was involved in the cover-up back to Delhi Police on Thursday. Vivek Gogia, who is close to Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and Ahmed Patel was the Joint Commissioner of Police of South Eastern Region in Delhi when Sunanda was murdered on January 17, 2014.

Did Gogia, who has a degree in medicine before becoming IPS, size up the murder scene and come to the conclusion that it was an open-and-shut case?

He was the first high ranking police officer to visit the spot in Hotel Leela and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) report dated September 27, 2014 had blamed the police team under him for not even handing over the photos of the crime scene and bed sheets in the Hotel room, where Sunanda was found dead. Only in October 2014, almost 9 months later did the Delhi Police probe team under Vivek Gogia hand over the basic materials to AIIMS.

Why did Gogia not handover the basic things – the crime scene photos, bed sheet where Sunanda’s body was found? Did Gogia, who has a degree in medicine before becoming IPS, size up the murder scene and come to the conclusion that it was an open-and-shut case?

Moreover Gogia, on the next day of the murder – January 18, 2014,  handed over the mobile phones of Sunanda to husband Shashi Tharoor!!! This was part of the crime scene and should not have been returned. One expects a doctor-turned-policeman to be of above average intellect and one would also expect such a person to diligently preserve the evidence at the crime scene. He should also know that when a wife dies in a marriage that is less than seven years old, then the Seven Year Rule on Death in Marriage has to be followed to the letter. Then why the sloppiness?

When the Delhi Police (DP) registered FIR on the murder case in January 2015, Vivek Gogia was asked to stay away from the probe team.

Gogia was part and parcel of the cover-up in Sunanda Murder and responsible for the crime of hushing up the crime scene. The AIIMS Report blames Delhi Police probe team under Vivek Gogia for seven counts for hushing up the basic materials. Apart from crime scene photos and bed sheet, the police never handed over the materials seized from the hotel room such as, the medicines, unused tablet strips  of Alprax, prescriptions. The report also blamed DP for not sending the forensic analysis of the bed sheets. AIIMS also expressed its displeasure with the Delhi Police on non-cooperation in analysing certain doubtful emails sent by Tharoor to the AIIMS Director during the post-mortem. These incidents warrant prompt action against Vivek Gogia for hushing up the evidence, apart from the service related omissions/ sloppiness.

When the Delhi Police registered FIR on the murder case in January 2015, Vivek Gogia was asked to stay away from the probe team. Later Gogia was shunted out from sensitive posts and by December 2016, he was transferred to Goa.

But within five months the Home Ministry transferred him back to the Delhi without any specific posting. The two-line Order, published at the end of this report says Gogia is posted immediately back to Delhi. For what? Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi is believed to have initiated this mysterious order for bringing back the controversial officer to Delhi.

The larger question is whether the Home Minister Rajnath Singh is aware of these mysterious developments in his Ministry.

Incidentally Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi is a college mate of Shashi Tharoor in St. Stephen’s College. Why did the Home Secretary bring back this controversial officer, when Delhi Police is believed to have started acting on Sunanda Murder case, which is pending for past three years? It is an open secret in Delhi that Vivek Gogia is very close with Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal and Ahmed Patel. Why did the Home Secretary, who reports to Home Minister Rajnath Singh, took keen interest in bringing back this tainted officer with immediate effect?

Masterly InactivityRajiv Mehrishi is Home Secretary for the past 20 months and Delhi Police under him is doing nothing in the Sunanda Murder probe. This controversial posting of Vivek Gogia creates doubts as to whether Mehrishi intervened on behalf of his old college mate and friend Tharoor.

The larger question is whether the Home Minister Rajnath Singh is aware of these mysterious developments in his Ministry. Any Kadi-Ninda this time? Or more Masterly Inactivity?

The Home Ministry Order appeared on the website on May 11, 2017, posting controversial officer Vivek Gogia back to Delhi is published below. By now the readers of PGurus know how long the corrupt/ crooked arm of the party that was in power in India for donkey’s years is.

Copy of the Posting Order

Posting Order of Vivek Gogia

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  1. what a sham! a murder has been committed.or what ever- suicide!!! then is it not the prerogative of the police to take every bit of crime scene into custody? mobile phones with deleted data was handed over to them , by ?? Sashi, who else can it be., after 11 days!!!
    Lap top with wiped out data handed out after a week
    CCTV stops recording after Sunanda enters hotel.. !! or the other recording were deleted??
    food items were recovered after 200 over days.. what we are all fools? is it? Delhi police if they show themselves as not fools , then what is this? whoever the judge who might be seeing this case, if he not question this, then we should consider that he is also a ….
    let us assume , Sunanda was murdered by some one else… As a husband of Sunanda , Sashi should be angry at botched up investigation and come out in public shouting at Delhi police for letting the murderer slip away. He did not do that. He is trying to run away as if he is guilty. Are you Sashi?
    Why was the investigation turned out to be a school boy investigation rather than a esteemed capital of INDIA police investigation, which should be of high quality. Will people of India believe in this police any more ? Are they in Delhi only to serve the ruling governments and continue living in …. What is home ministry doing now, even after all these noise is made. Is Rajnath Singh deaf? Is Modi incompetent? If even after 3 years in ruling they are unable to weed out corrupt officials from posts and brought back to same place , does this not smack of hypocrisy?
    any school student , who were given these outlines in the story will point out suspects . but Delhi police, the great, are sheepishly hiding and not doing anything. Should they not arrest Narayan on suspicion , that he was with Sunanda all the time? should they not arrest Sashi as he seems to be a suspect, as he deliberately involved ministers to botch up forensic team in AIIMS, handed over deleted data phones and laptops and moreover, Indian law says that within 7 years of wives death, husband has to prove that he is not guilty. Did he?
    is this not enough to make arrests? what a banana police

  2. I have been repeatedly shouting that HM & FM/DM are very much incapable to handle their money respective portfolios. Sleeping and Slwazing! God save PM. Amen!

  3. This man must not be allowed to interfere in the current investigations being carried out on this murder case please HELP>

  4. Hard to believe that Modi govt is supporting all those who were directly involved in erasing the murder evidences. There are many such instances, where Modi govt has given “awards” to those highly corrupt people. Losing the faith on this BJP govt.

  5. If my memory serves me right Rajiv Mehrishi the Home Secretary whose credibility is being questioned(or rather put in bad light) in above article was the same one who was projected in somewhat good light in the NSEL scam as if he was a whistleblower or having written something for benefit of investors before he was moved out of Finance ministry. Is that not so? Is this part of a deliberate contradiction to confuse people?
    i am saying as per what i read in news articles or what Swamy would have tweeted along similar lines in NSEL scam.
    Note: pgurus->Again don’t blame me for pointing this as i believe nothing offensive in my comments above here.

  6. Whom do we trust now.Narendra Modi,Rajnath Singh,Arun Jaitely,Amit Shah who are working agent of Ahmed Patel.We know that Narendra Modi is a puppet of Arun Jaitely but we have no option.

  7. Case should be put on fast track investigation & this officer should be questioned for lapses & appropriate action should be taken.

  8. Could you please provide the link to the letter? I am unable to find the letter in MHA webpage (were according to the letter it should apperar)-

    All the latest transfer letters in AGMUT seems to be signed by A V Dharma Reddy – Director (Services) whereas the letter you posted shows Mr Dilip Kumar as undersecretary. However, Mr Dilip Kumar is a joint secretrary in MHA – http://www.sarkaritel.com/ministries/ministrydetail.php?min_id=25

    Also, the telephone number of undersigned seems to be wrong too – It is 2343 8100 and not 2309 2688 as in the letter posted by you.

    The Republic TV expose came on Monday 08.05.2017. So people in MHA knew that the news will come out on 05.05.2017 or even before??

    Please explain the anomalies pointed out.

  9. Shocking. This Vivek Gogia should be charged for spoiling the evidences in the murder scene. Such crook should not be allowed to wear uniform. His place should be jail not in the chair of top police officer. This is the games in Delhi. Prime Minister Modi have to fix it. Tricky Jailtey and useless Rajnath Singh are burden of BJP.

    • You are jumping at a pawn , a poodle doing the dirty work of powerful crooks.you must ask the real crooks why they want a cover up..

  10. He is made deal with current Govt to disclose all missing facts and findings and make sure case reached logical conclusion in return for his post.

  11. The cabal of GoO has deep roots ratified into nooks and corners of Government Machinery enough to thwart all kinds of good to happen for the Nation. Good expose by PGurus.com a true investigative E-journal!

  12. Brilliant expose ,Thank you p Gurus for this bold effort.This is journalism of highest quality.Now DrSwamy has no choice but to file “THE” PIL against his own govt./party.Fun starts.

    • Nothing brilliant this is. As usual confusing or may be intentional. The Home Sec.above mentioned is the one who tried to say something about the coverup in NSEL scam before either he himself opted out or was transferred out of Finance ministry. As per news reports he was the one who pointed out contradictions within Finance ministry and now this pgurus article says as if he is trying to protect/cover-up. Think about it. How can a man who atleast spoke somethin for investors in money matters do something nasty to coverup..So moral of the story do not believe 100% what is being said/written about in these sensitive matters and take it as truth what happens on ground eventually. Lies Lies everywhere…

      • Kishore –

        Don’t jump to conclusions… PGurus is merely asking questions, not insinuating anyone. The way the order is structured needs to be questioned. This is called Fact based journalism.

        • So am i . did i reach any conclusion anywhere, I merely said one need to just believe what happens on ground and everything written about these days to be taken with a pinch of salt.

      • i don’t know what home sec has done good in his life but if he has done what pGurus has written, he needs to be horsewhipped and questioned why he did it.Your praise of this person is like praising one for donating large amount of gold to Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupathi later finding out that this guy has swindled thousands of crores from banks ..If you think pGurus are concocting tales, why do you waste your time reading their articles? Get a life.

        • 1.I did not say Home Sec has done good but said as per news reports and one of the tweets of Swamy which all point/suggest that Home Sec was the one who indicated helplessness or contradictions within Finance Min. to recover/help NSEL scam investors money.So read again, did i praise him my friend?
          2.Nor did i say 100% that pgurus is concocting but merely said not all said/written about can be believed and all except what happens on ground to be taken with a pinch of salt. Does this annoy you or anything wrong?
          3.Well i already have a life and did i tell you about my time being wasted…cool dude..


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