The Hope Seller – Acchey Din

Have Acchey Din come for the long suffering residents of India?

Acche Din are here, if you know where to look
Acche Din are here, if you know where to look

This is the concluding part of the series The Hope Seller. Part 1 is available here.

Acchey Din – Good days

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]here have been many that preceded this slogan. Like Jai Jawan Jai Kisan – Complaints from Jawans are many and the last one that has been discussed vociferously was One Rank One Pension (OROP). Similarly the problems of farmers continue. Not that no action has been taken and no problem resolved but it is a fact that many problems still exist.

I still remember the days when people from West used to make fun of the size of our economy saying that the budget of General Motors is bigger than the budget of India.

Another famous slogan was Garibi Hatao. Some problems are resolved and many are still pending.

I still remember the days when people from West used to make fun of the size of our economy saying that the budget of General Motors is much than the budget of India. Without action from the top, we would not have reached where we are now. The fact remains that justified aspirations are much higher. Individuals and groups believe that these slogans would actually fulfill all their aspirations.

Have Acchey Din come now? My interpretation is that it has come to India by and large but not necessarily directly to individuals or groups. Consider the following:

  1. Air India achieving Cash Profit is Acchey Din directly for Air India and the Government. And indirectly to the common man who contributes by way of taxes to the Government exchequer.

  2. Corruption at the highest levels have almost ceased to exist is Acchey Din indirectly to the populace of India

  3. Direct Transfer of Cash benefit for Gas Cylinder enabled the Government save several crores and eliminated the corrupt ways that existed in the chain is Acchey Din collectively for us, of course indirectly.

  4. Cooking gas reaching many new households who have hitherto been using the traditional wood/ coal fire is Acchey Din for those households in particular.

  5. Surgical Strike certainly brought Acchey Din for the morale of the Indians.

  6. Surgical Strike formally announced is Acchey Din for the Security Forces as it announced their valor and hence they could enjoy the pride.

  7. That no country or the leader of any country even mildly condemned it is Acchey Din for our Diplomacy in particular and Indians in General.

  8. Inflation has been consistently continuing to be low is Acchey Din for the Middle and Lower Middle Classes indirectly.

  9. Electricity reaching the hitherto unknown villages of India is Acchey Din for those families in the villages in particular and for Indians in General through our Brethren.

  10. Power cut hours in a month have been dramatically reduced across India is Acchey Din for many of us directly.

  11. Some of the Centrally and public funded Universities hitherto acting like Minority institutions with impunity from law are now being on par with other Centrally funded universities is Acchey Din in general.

  12. Settlement of Border issues and Water disputes with some of our neighboring countries is Acchey Din in general for Indians.

  13. Declaration of Block Money to the extent of Rs.65,000 crore is Acchey Din.

  14. India being the fastest growing economy is Acchey Din.

There are many more… With all these, there is room to believe that Modi is pursuing his Development agenda with vigor.

However, the voting public wants the Acchey Din to impact or reach their individual personal life. To some extent it has not reached as yet to make a difference in the lives of Individuals. This could be an issue when it is time to elect the next Government. But as suggested in an earlier post, if Modi comes through with some of these recommendations, he would be extremely difficult to beat, come 2019.

The Betrayal of BJP

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]here are many more issues competing with each other for attention. Some of the demands are a) Anti Conversion Law, b) Freedom of Temples, c) Correction of textbooks to reflect the Indian Culture and values, d) Ram Mandir and more…

The BJP Government has come into existence on popular vote too and it has an obligation to try and fulfil all the commitments.

I strongly believe that the PM has a priority list of what can be done during this tenure and what kind of groundwork needs to be done before the Government proceeds on this direction.  It should also be realized that the Government does not have majority in the Rajya Sabha to have its way on some of the difficult issues.

The Individuals/ Group(s) that most likely would have voted for the BJP in the earlier elections too when BJP could not form Government. The BJP Government has come into existence on popular vote too and it has an obligation to try and fulfil all the commitments. However, there must be a priority list, which I believe is being adhered to.

Our country missed a lot during the years of Congress rule, the exception being 1991-96. We seem to be expecting too much too soon from Modi – Of course, Modi himself is to share part of the blame for having raised the expectations. We need to be lot more patient. I remain hopeful that India will certainly move forward and occupy its rightful leadership place in the world.

And no better Government or person in whom we can repose hope and trust to fulfill the promises that are dear to us.

I am willing to be patient and wait – conscious of TINA. Would not like to do anything that remotely pushes India backwards.

Yes, I am The Hope Seller.

S Nagarajan has an extensive background, working in various Mechanical Engineering based companies spanning the world. Many of his innovative ideas have helped companies revive and thrive. His interests are in Technology, Capitalism and Markets.
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  1. If you ask RAGA/AK they will condemn the present Govt for its failure to deposit 15 lakh to each citizen out of impounded black money from foreign countries and failure to implement OROP in totality, overnight to everyone’s satisfaction/demands after the issue was neglected for 43 years.Many steps already taken in the right direction over a short span of two years does not positively affect them.
    They will do well to remember that these are not so simple as allowing students to copy by reverting Kalyan Singh’s policy by Mulayam Singh in 30 minutes of taking over or promise of free cycles by Telugu Desam Govt earlier.
    If these leaders with Prime Ministerial ambitions are not convinced is it any surprise if common people start feeling similarly?


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