In conversation with Sumanth C Raman on the Cauvery verdict and the way forward

Cauvery verdict - How will Tamil Nadu make up for the shortfall? Would the farmers have to change the crops they plant?

In conversation with Sumanth C Raman on the Cauvery verdict and the way forward. What are the pros and cons of the judgment and what Tamil Nadu needs to do, going forward

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  1. For ”seculars” of India all Rivers are but 2 parts of hydrogen & one part of oxygen.
    So glibly lecture on ”damming” various Rivers to serve various mortals.

    Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar says ” One who considers Holy Ganges plain water consisting of 2 parts of hydrogen & one part of oxygen is a colossal IDIOT “.

    The same applies for our Holy Kaaveri , Yamunai , Narmadhai etc etc.

    Many knowledgeable people have been telling ”Holy Ganges shall eventually disappear altogether…”.

    Recently when huge floods occurred in Tamil Nadu , it was one Sri.Murugan ( ex IAS Officer writing in
    Thuglak) who came up with the TRUTH.

    The houses , buildings that came down have all been built on various Lakes & Water bodies.
    For decades this has been happening not just in Tamil Nadu but also in Karnataka.
    Sri.Murugan detailed several ill conceived decisions of successive politicians dmk & mgr’s admk , congressis included.

    The Uttarakhand Deluge ALSO is owing to various luxury resorts , too many churches etc mushrooming in Hindus’ Theertha Kshethrams.

    Secular Indians infested secular India wantonly violates all Vedic Injunctions & Codes. And makes all appropriate noises.

    Somebody wrote in Dinamalar that Infosys building itself has come up on a Lake.

    Various unauthorized residential flats in various areas in Tamil Nadu are actually owned by kollywood film fraternity. In benami names. When many died / faced hardships the same kollywood scum orchestrated the charade of ”donations” ” free milk powder distribution ” ” free food packets distribution”.

    Indian Establishment REFUSES to eliminate the wrongdoers WITHIN. Instead keeps hoodwinking us Pakistan’s Hafiz Saeeds & China are the cause of all our problems.

    Total decimation of film industry & film fraternity of secular India is one of the most important steps to be taken.


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