In conversation with T G Mohandas President VHS Kerala on Gold smuggling in God’s own country

T G Mohandas connects the dots between demonetisation and Gold smuggling and how to stop this menace as it is the seed capital for other nefarious activities.


  1. In conversation with T G Mohandas President VHS Kerala on Gold smuggling in God’s own country, is one of the best hangouts full of facts.

    NIA investigation is the best thing has happened on Gold Smuggling since EAM diplomatic channels are involved. It would be better if NIA investigates recently pruned SPG covers given to selected few for three decades!!! The CBI should be kept away.

    Customs House Clearing Agents must be investigated along with Logistic Service Providers in Kerala.

    How come Kerala a small state boasts of four international airports?
    In-spite of Money Order/ Forex depositing Economy of Kerala still the state is not developed and Kerala state people compelled to work outside Kerala and doing holding positions.

    TG Mohandas is a gem of a person in your battery of intellectuals along with RVS Mani

    I liked TG Mohandas referring to Dr.S.Swamy because he trust genius and erudite scholar

    It’s true that within BJP and its blind bhakths have been spewing venom on Dr.S.Swamy…. one fellow data scientist Gaurav Pradhan said Dr.S.Swamy is not fit to be a member of Margadarshak Mandal in BJP!! This is not good on the part of few jealous guys in BJP. This is how Hindus are being mislead and dividing Hindu majority votes by few hot heads in BJP !!

    At this juncture I prefer Dr.S.Swamy as our PM and Nitin Gadhkari as our Deputy PM, CDS Rawat and NIA chief Doval must be retained to set right things on Economy and Internal Security.

  2. Mr. Iyer this was excellent piece of discussion. Mr. Mohandas with in depth knowledge, humility and ground to
    Earth attitude with lots of practical common sense. I heard his name for the first time and he has already gained
    My deep respect.
    Hats off to you and please keep up the good work of bringing such gem of person in public limelight.
    Deep regards.
    Capt. Rahul K Pathak
    Pls share the details where I can donate.

    • Respected Iyer Sir, Think you might have missed out on PC statement regarding demonetization and Co-operative banks. Remember media mentioning him “let us see how the government denies currency exchange to the money deposited with Cooperative Banks”.

  3. Mr. Pai is slightly away from reality on gold prices. Today’s gold price in Dubai 24 carat is Rs 45,000 ( 10 Gms ) and in India it is Rs 50,000. So the price difference is 11%. Earlier custom duty was 5% which was made to 10% by Chidambaram. Technically jewellers in India make money by selling 21 carats as 22 and making charges on jewellery.

    India imports nearly 900 tons of gold a year, highest after China and only small quantity enters illegally. All gold deals are against full payment and who ever owns 30 kg gold must have paid in Dubai full. To facilitate smuggling a chain of team have to be paid at Dubai and India. I don’t understand in what way Kerala govnt is involved unless they paid for the gold. It is the duty of customs which is under central govnt to check smuggling, not any state govnt

    You have hundreds of swapnas who are paid commission to get govnt works done. Most of Kerala politicians have front people to take care of their interests in gulf and Swapna may be a conduit. The gold in question may have been used to fund anti Modi agitations during last one year and Mr. GVS Mani can clarify on the end use of gold converted to money.

    Dubai jewellery market is dominated by Jordanian group DAMAS and also by Bombay jewellers.Before Alukkas and Malabar gold, Atlas jewellery owned by Ramachandran was king, till he became bankrupt. All that glitters is not gold, so the saying goes.

  4. Gold Smuggling Was Necessarily A Part Of Movies Of 50s 60s And 70s Post Which The Movie Script Has Moved On.But Smuggling Cintinues May Be Because Of Our Skewed Policy.If The State Decides To Continue With This Policy Then Shoot The Smugglers Or Open Up The Trade.


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