UAE & Gold smuggling. First 37 kg caught in Delhi in 2013, Now 30 kg in Kerala. Accused confesses smuggling 12 times in diplomatic baggage

UAE diplomats have been caught previously too for smuggling in gold in diplomatic baggage.

UAE diplomats have been caught previously too for smuggling in gold in diplomatic baggage.
UAE diplomats have been caught previously too for smuggling in gold in diplomatic baggage.

While Kerala’s politics is embroiled in mudslinging at each other with the 30 kg gold bars seized from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Consulate’s Diplomatic baggage, the UAE’s Attaché Rashed Khamis Ali Musaiqri Alshemeli buzzed off to Dubai on July 7. He landed in Delhi on the evening of the fifth of July, hours after being questioned by Air Customs officials in Thiruvananthapuram along with the accused Sarith, a former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Consulate, now in custody. The Diplomatic bag was delivered in the name of Attaché’ Rashed Khamis Ali Musaiqri Alshemeli and he claimed to Customs that he was not aware of the Gold bars and he ordered only food items and these are the frauds committed by accused Swapna and Sarith. Then the question that hangs fire is – who put 30 kg gold bars from Dubai in the Diplomatic baggage meant for the Attaché?

Not the first time

Interestingly this is not the first time the diplomats from the UAE are caught for gold smuggling to India. In March 2013, in Delhi Airport, a UAE Embassy’s Diplomat was caught with an Indian businessman Kamal Jain for smuggling 37 kg gold bars[1]. Kamal Jain was running a jewelry business in Delhi and was earlier also caught by the Department of Revenue Intelligence in gold smuggling related cases. Though Kamal Jain was charged with cases for smuggling, the diplomat who misused his position by placing gold bars belong to his baggage was given an escape route. He was relieved from India soon and UAE claimed that they have summoned him back and probed the errant diplomat[2].

Why did the Consulate entertain them after they left? Clearly the UAE Diplomats have something to hide in the gold smuggling episodes in India.

Now as per media reports from Kerala, the accused Swapna, Sandeep Nair (clearing agent) and Sarith had confessed to Customs and National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials that they have smuggled gold bars 12 times using similar methods. Controversial lady Swapna Suresh was an Executive Secretary of Consul General Jamal Husein Alzaabi of the UAE during the period 2016-2018. Later Swapna and Suresh left their jobs in UAE. But here the question is after leaving the Consulate, how did they get into smuggling the gold bars in the diplomatic baggage? Why did the Consulate entertain them after they left? Clearly the UAE Diplomats have something to hide in the gold smuggling episodes in India.

Were certain UAE diplomats itching to make easy money by misusing the diplomatic baggage? Due to non-taxation and variation in pricing, more than Rs. Seven lakhs are the profit if a one-kilogram gold bar is smuggled into India. These episodes expose the fact that errant diplomats are doing dirty business to make easy money in connivance with Indian Jewelers. That is the simple answer.


[1] UAE diplomat, trader held with gold worth Rs. 11 croreMar 13, 2013, The Times of India

[2] UAE diplomat detained in New DelhiMar 13, 2013, Khaleej Times

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  1. it is about
    1) where the money went & used for
    2) Is it used for anti-India terror activities ?
    3) is it used only for business gains ?
    4) It is a failure of trust reposed in a diplomat & its misuse
    5) It should be shame for Indian citizens that its own citizens are involved in smuggling activities i.e. acts against mother India, this is the cause of concern

  2. Considering the pain, innumerous incognito connections involved in gold smuggling cases, Rs. 7 Lakhs per Kg of Gold smuggled into India for the Smugglers, is NOT AT ALL rewarding. Easiest way of minting Rs. 5000 Crores, with less risk & minimum effort, is the National Herald – Associated Journals – Young India way of looting. UDHAR BHI DR SWAMY NE BUCHH MAARDHIYAA ! If NIA goes to the depth of the case in gold smuggling cases, it may lead them to the door step of Congi – Commie leaders finally. Let us wait for the outcome of NIA investigation.

  3. The possibiltis of a terror angle are now becoming clearer by the day as events unfold in Kerala. The NIA must see if the anti-CAA outbreaks and the Shaheen Bagh model protests were funded by organisations associated with gold smuggling. Many roads leading to a particular district in North Kerala are being un over ed. Members of the Pinarayi govt are clearly involved in the whole racket.

  4. To understand this specific case , one has to dig into logistics of gold business. Dubai doesn’t produce gold. It refines Gold, meaning raw gold moulds / flakes/ dust of 85 to 92% purity comes to Dubai mostly from Africa and is converted into buiscits and coins to 99.999 purity ( 24 carats ). Jewellers buy this gold and make ornaments. There are three gold refineries one govnt owned and two by private players and heavy security protocols are maintained. Movement of gold items are monitored by police and every jewellery shop is monitored by police and spies. Hence there are no gold heists in Dubai.More over gold handling Shop licenses are issued by a special dept after checking criminal background of the handler.

    Most of the smuggled gold for jewellers in India is through mules in Small quantities , due to the risk involved. In this case special moulds for gold were made so that they fit into equipment which requires intricate planning. Further inserting gold into frames and booking through consulate baggage cannot be done by indians or any Arab individual In consulate and probably the gold camaflouge at Dubai is done under instructions from some one Very powerful / country.

    The easiest form of terror funding is through gold sale. The enemy country buys gold, convert to cash in India with no trail. Only Modi can identify the villain if he has friends in Dubai. At best NIA can catch mules in India.

  5. “itching to make easy money” ?

    What evidence you have that making money was the goal?

    Did they smuggle the profits from India? Unless they did, the money was used for something and that isn’t clear from your article.


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