In what is turning out to be a replay of Shaheen Bagh, AIM marvels at the ineptness of the Modi govt

First off, these are not farmers – rather they are professional protestors who will show up for any cause. Successful noisemakers that they are, they have even managed to evoke concerns among Canadians, living half-way across the world! Pointing out the ridiculousness of this stir, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra wonders if it is ineptness or some other diabolical plan on part of the government in allowing even the crowds to gather in the first place, having made the Delhi public suffer not too long ago.


  1. Use the covid emergency powers to dismantle the protests.

    Going forward, let the leaders of the protest obtain permits before allowed to gather large numbers of people for health reasons. Ask Canada why they have permits is they question India.

  2. Hangout is good in content. Canadian PM Trudeau interference is not good. Agitating Farmers belongs to Capt Amarender Singh/Cong-I, Commies, Kejriwal and Akali Dal and few infiltrators. Most of them are dalals / middlemen belongs to the above said parties who lost their respective “mamools” from each farmer in their respective local “mandis/markets” and the respective States lost some revenue pilferage not used for State or mandi or infra developments. Such fellows are with Sharad Pawar also.

    Abhijit Iyer-Mitra rightly said about PM Modi’s inept handling and intelligence failure.
    Ruling Gujarat is different from riling India. True we saw two CBI officers were fighting below PMs nose but PM looked the other way. Under PM the then CVC chief for five years did many nonsense things and took post retirement job!!

    Presumptive President Biden is Obama 2 and NDA-2 is similar to UPA2 except 5th Aug 2019 370/35A deletion and Ayodhya verdict. Planetary combinations were also good then.

    In 2016 our economy had 8% as on June 2020 it is minus 23.9% intelligently deleting MSME data even to this day!!

    After Modi Shah WHO? Both are interested in electioneering and not in good Governance…… look at sham GHMC elections in Hyderabad finished in 11 days by the State Election Commission……….!


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