India must condemn China’s press release on Indo-China Foreign Minister’s conversation. It blames Indian Army, terms Jaishankar as Su Jiesheng!

Was the Press Release issued by China on Galwan done without proper application of mind?

Was the Press Release issued by China on Galwan done without proper application of mind?
Was the Press Release issued by China on Galwan done without proper application of mind?

Update as of Jun 18, 7:15 PM IST

The below-mentioned message was typed out within 30 minutes of the telephonic conversation between India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on June 17, 2020. Wang Yi then sent this rather poorly worded text to his counterparts all over the world. Many India-friendly countries forwarded the same to the Indian embassies as well as to the Ministry of External Affairs in India.

More than 36 hours have elapsed since this fake message from China and India is yet to respond. There are high-level Foreign Policy meetings taking place right now in various capitals across the world and India’s silence could be construed as being complicit of what China is alleging. Got off your wide bottoms and act, MEA!

China’s press release on India and China’s Foreign Minister’s talk on June 17 about the clashes in Galwan Valley smacks of arrogance. This press release of China issued internationally names India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar as “Su Jiesheng”. For god’s sake, can’t China even spell a name correctly? This is nothing but conceit on the part of China, while India’s press release on the same matter addresses the Chinese Foreign Minister respectfully as “H. E. Mr. Wang Yi”.

And the Chinese statement says that Wang Yi told Jai Shankar that “Indian front-line border forces openly broke the consensus reached…” The press release of China goes on to accuse the Indian soldiers of attacking the Chinese army officers and the soldiers, leading to a fierce clash.

“Once the situation in the Gallevan (sic) Valley has slowed down, they crossed actual control line again and deliberately provoked, even violent. Attacking the officers and soldiers who negotiated with the Chinese side led to fierce physical clashes, resulting in causalities. This risky act of Indian Army…,” said the Chinese press release citing the Foreign Minister’s conversation, terming India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar as “Su Jiesheng” in several places. The Chinese press release is published at the end of this report.

India’s Foreign Ministry must condemn this hubristic Chinese press release on India-China Foreign Ministers. India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar must call out his Chinese counterpart for this appalling statement. This Chinese press release issued to International media and international forum is putting all blame on the Indian Army. India must condemn this in the strongest terms. Indian diplomats and Jaishankar must take up this matter. The Chinese Foreign Minister’s claims on his conversation with Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar and Jaishankar must forcefully rebut and come out with what he heard Wang Yi say.

The Chinese Press Release issued against Indian Army is published below:

Chinese communication June 17, 2020
Chinese communication June 17, 2020
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  1. Btw, there is one word that every politician, diplomat and media in India loves.

    When the Pakis bomb the crap out of our poor soldiers in Pulwama, we ask them to “introspect”. When the Pakis raise Kashmir in UNHRC we ask them to “introspect”. When China releases its version of Galwan, we ask them to “introspect. When Congress loses an election, they “introspect”. And when the brilliant Sushant Singh tragically passed away, the local press asked Bollywood to “introspect”.

    Morons, understand you have no bargaining chip, you are scared. You have no strategy, no policy, no end goal. What is stopping you from recognizing Taiwan, or openly supporting HK, or rake up Tibet. Get one thing into your head, India will NEVER get a seat on the UNSC even if you cede the entire country to China. Instead of trying to secure a seat, work on disbanding the useless UN. You have Trump who will support you.

    You will NEVER win, you don’t know what it means. If this continues, it won’t be long before the entire population ends up in the sea. Take your pick – Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea? Or we all speak Mandarin

  2. The Indian Govt certainly needs to get a proper communication and information person. There has never been anytime when so much lies, half lies, misinformation and disinformation has been peddled both by Indian and International media.

  3. Indian defence policy must adopt the following strategy
    1. The offence is the best way of defence
    2. Be ruthless and merciless when dealing with unscrupulous enemy
    3. While being weak adopt hit and run policy
    4. We should have Shivaji and Lord Krishna of Mahabharath fame [ Not puranas] as our war model.
    5. Victory must be the ultimate objective. Defeat is a disgrace. Vijay is sadaachar[ good conduct] To be victorious is the only conduct. and defeat is an achaar [ bad conduct]\
    6 It is the self-confidence and not materials that ensure success finally [ Kriya siddihi satwebhavati mahataam no upakarne] .
    7. Study the Raj dharma profounded by Swami Dayanand in his illustrious book ” Satyarth Prakash” Ch.6 to see that you never get defeated.

  4. This is easy! India can just state that this is false news and a lie because India does not have a Foreign Minister called Su Jeishing.

    • A slight change – “China is spreading fake news since there is not FM by that name…”

      Seriously, FM/DM not having a press conference to inform Indians (when dictatorial China has one mimicking western countries) show how much India shoots itself when it comes to PR.

      • PR and NDA/BJP ? Never. Remember the CAA protests? Had the Govt. done good PR, the opposition would have been more muted. But hey, who cares?
        PR and Modi – yes. Tomorrow, the Govt will announce the new PM-CATS scheme (PM – Chinese Are ThugS): every Indian citizen who posts a selfie video of breaking his/her smart phone will get Rs 5000 deposited by DBT. Make sure you have your Aadhar, folks!


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