Abhijit Iyer-Mitra reveals the exact facts that resulted in the 20 deaths in Galwan

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra walks the viewer through what exactly happened until the unfortunate deaths of soldiers on both sides, probably due to a landslide. Many difficult questions answered by him and not found in the MSM.


  1. If chinese were not occupying, what started the fight. Now if you dont know what started fight also, how can you say someone else is reporting “bullshit”.
    Accepting this argument is similar to accepting the MEA explanation the patrol didn’t open fire rather died without opening fire keeping the spirit of some agreement. if it is indeed true, doesn’t show well on part of IA. Are they too much bollywood smitten or just dumb.

  2. Highly opinionated and it is hard to discount that Abhijit’s disdain for the bureaucrats has colored his judgment. His claims appears to be based on satellite photos tweeted by him. He has made a major leap of faith in coming up with his version of what happened without spending any money to go to the Galwan valley (an accusation he hurls on other media persons). Some oddities are:
    (a) While claiming that no one knows LAC, he has accused (in his tweets) of Indians to cross the LAC. In two different satellite photos tweeted by him, he has circled two different areas in purple as location of clash.
    (b) His claim appears to be based on the report that Indians had to retrieve the bodies from water and that a satellite photo shows water not flowing after apparently being blocked by Chinese on their side. This is quite tentative without proof. (i) water is being fed by melting snow at different locations; (ii) shallow water body may not be clearly delineated from the dry areas unless hyperspectral imaging is used.
    (c) If the majority of death is due to land slide and if they are stationed within 500 mts of the deemed LAC, isn’t it face saving for both parties to come clean on this and say that it was unfortunate mishap than accusing one another of violence and violation of LAC?
    Readers may want to read, “Satellite images show positions surrounding deadly China–India clash” by Nathan Ruser in The Strategist, 18th June to understand how assertive and aggressive Chinese has been.
    Let us hope that PGurus gets a variety of opinions.


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