UPDATE – Indrani, the key witness against Chidambaram and son poisoned in jail. Who is behind it? Attempts to eliminate her?

Reports suggest that Indrani may have been poisoned or overdosed

Here is an update on this post, wherein it has now been established that overdose happened and that a Special Investigative Team (SIT) has been constituted to look into the matter.

An SIT has been ordered to look into the drug overdose incident

Indrani Mukerjea, the key witness in the INX Media case is now admitted in Mumbai JJ Hospital. Her deposition exposes the bribery in the INX Media case and she has clearly said that she had met former Finance Minister P Chidambaram before giving around Rs. Five crores bribe to his son Karti to get dubious approval from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). Her statement is very crucial in this open and shut case to fix Chidambaram and son. So her being found unconscious in the jail creates doubts in the minds of many.

The Doctors of JJ Hospital has said that there is a possibility that Indrani may have been poisoned or overdosed on drugs. At present, she has two power enemies – Chidambaram and his son Karti because her deposition is foolproof get conviction for both of them. Many crucial witnesses in many cases were found dead in jails in mysterious conditions.“Indrani was brought here in disoriented condition. Tests have been done. Preliminary tests point towards poisoning/ drug overdose. We are waiting for reports,” said S D Nanandkar, Dean of JJ Hospital.Indrani is in jail for the past three years along with her husband Peter Mukerjea after being caught in the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora. Indrani’s role in INX Media bribe case was discovered by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) after raiding Karti’s firms in December 2015. During interrogation by CBI and ED, Indrani has confessed that she had given around Rs. Five crores to Karti’s firms and met Chidambaram. She also said so in her statement before the Magistrate that Chidambaram urged her to help Karti’s business and was forced to oblige many things demanded by Chidambaram as she was facing an Income Tax notice for illegally bringing Rs.300 crores through tax havens.After this crucial deposition, many people who were favoring Chidambaram in TV debates were found trying to discredit Indrani. We have seen the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s crucial draft report on Aircel-Maxis scam found in Chidambaram’s bedroom during the raid of ED officers. The LookOut Circular issued against Karti was leaked and paved way for him to challenge in courts. Being a former Union Home and Finance Minister, many senior police officers are linked with Chidambaram and he has many cronies still ruling in the Finance Ministry too.It is high time security of Indrani is enhanced as it is now evident that powerful people wanted to eliminate her from further revealing the truth. There should be a probe on how she was poisoned or over dosed in Mumbai jail.

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  1. PC and KC have their supporters (may be for a price) and the TV anchor labouring hard to make the incident as one more accident as had happened in 2015 seems very intriguing. A key witness in a very sensitive case where the accused is very influential and resourceful can be vulnerable to covert or overt attacks is very much a point to be reckoned with. It is foolish to talk of conspiracy theory or impute one, in such situations. Someone on overdose for a second time can equally be a case of outside influence too and therefore calling for a thorough investigation is only natural and cannot be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

  2. Friends make fun of me when I say that The Dirty Cunning Lungi is the DeFacto FM and HM of NDA Government.But slowly and Sadly My Views are being Proved True.
    Time Mr 56″ wakes up now Atleast.

  3. At this instance it is advisable to read Uma Mankekar’s TWO FACES OF INDIRA GANDHI also(do not recollect which is the Publisher).

  4. Reserve your judgements and creepy thoughts on ex FM. This content has no base, but treat it as news. Indrani is running on bad heels after she is jailed. To me it is unfair to comment on her sickness with such allegations.

  5. Congress culture is to eliminate any one that comes in their way for example Netaji, Lalbahadur sastri, Madhavarao Sindhia ,Rajesh pilot etc. Congress never demands probe into these deaths as they know who the culprits were.

  6. The need to protect this lady in order to ensure that Chidambaram is persecuted. Khangress has been eliminating all those who opposed them or posed threats to them either in road accidents or helicopter / flight accidents.

    Need to put this lady in a secret jail away from the masses so that nobody gets a second chance to poison & kill her.

  7. Let there be network of million cronies, but if PM is serious, is there anyone who can stop it? just wondering this point????

    • It isnt that easy as you think. The poison is spread through every nook and corner of Maa Bharati. Modi alone cannot do anything- he needs an army of Modi, although he should know that first of all!!!

      • this show his incompetence…He knew what he wss upto… and with likes Swamy who gave enough warnings, he did not choose to act…
        look at his HM and FM … 2 key portfolios and no action..

        But wherever he goes, he screams cong is corrupt and as if people did not know about it!!!

  8. What is the point. Salman khan is known to have eliminated witnesses against him in multiple layers and still couldn’t
    Be held for at least one day; happily out now enjoy his celebrity status.

  9. Indeed…another instance which shows the might of the nehruvian superelites even when they are not is power & a supposedly non lutyen govt is !

  10. It is Chidu and nobody but Chidu who had IM poisoned. But that rascal is unaware her death is in no way going to rescue him from that FIPB case since her ‘confessions under oath’ is already with the ‘prosecution’.


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