Is chanting Swami Saranam a crime in Kerala?

Is CPI-M behaving in a draconian manner in Kerala?

Is CPI-M behaving in a draconian manner in Kerala?
Is CPI-M behaving in a draconian manner in Kerala?

Team PGurus had reported several times in the past that Hindus are not safe in Kerala. If the events that happened during the last 96 hours in Kerala are any indication, the statement has to be altered as Kerala is becoming a graveyard for Hindus. More than 2000 Hindu devotees have been arrested by the Kerala Police under the orders of the CPI-M led government which has enforced an undeclared state of emergency in the State. Their crime? These devotees dared to recite hymns and chanted “Swamy Saranam” in public places. [1]

Out of the 2000 persons arrested by the police, more than 500 have been held under sections which deny bail. Each of those who have been arrested should pay Rs.13 lakhs to get bail. These arrests and crackdown in Hindus remind the people of the Communist days in the Soviet Union and present-day North Korea which go by the dictum “Boss is Supreme”.

The list of persons to be arrested by the police was allegedly prepared by the local Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) office bearers and was vetted by the district and State leadership. The idea is to threaten and terrorize Hindus who have come out openly against the intentions of the Marxists to take control of the temples across the State.

Having failed in its mission to bring in characters like the Rehana Fatima, Mary and Bindu, some of the leading lights of the Kochi cocktail circuit, under the guise of Lord Ayyappa devotees, the CPI-M-led government of Kerala, particularly Pinarayi Vijayan, the chief minister, has amended the rules in Sabarimala to keep the devotees who opposed the entry of the party activists and Maoists masquerading as devotees away from the temple.

Come the festival season of Sabarimala, devotees would not be able to stay in the sannidhanam (sanctum sanctorum) for more than two minutes. The new laws also ban the devotees chanting hymns in praise of Lord Ayyappa. Hereafter, devotees would not be able to say “Swamy Saranam”, the age old Ayyappa hymn more than three times. They would not be allowed anywhere near the temple once they complete the darshan.

The Kerala Police in its report to Pinarayi Vijayan stated that it was only because of the eternal vigilance maintained by the devotees which prevented the three lady journos from entering the temple.  An inspector general of police by name Manoj Abraham, allegedly a part-time pastor with the Pentecostal Mission Church, was specially drafted by the CPI-M leaders to take the middle-aged women devotees to the sanctum sanctorum. Though Manoj Abraham, made the lady devotees wear police uniform to hoodwink the Hindu activists, the latter, who was agile 24X7, forced the police to beat a hasty retreat with the ladies.

“We were maintaining vigil at all the entrances to see to it that no undesirable characters enter the temple precincts in violation of the temple traditions” said Setlur Varadadesikan  Badri, a dedicated Lord Ayyappa devotee from Andhra Pradesh. He has been undertaking an uninterrupted pilgrimage to Sabarimala for more than three decades.[2]

Readers of PGurus would have seen the high drama enacted by the police as well as the CPI-M youth wing workers atop the holy shrine ruthlessly attacking the devotees who questioned the entry of women in the age group of 10 to 50 much against the temple traditions. The annual income of Sabarimala is more than Rs.15,000 crores which made Pinarayi Vijayan to declare immediately after his swearing in as chief minister that the holy shrine is a potential business spot to mint money. He also said that the sanctum sanctorum of the temple should be kept open around the year so that more and more devotees would bring in more and more income to the temple. Having packed the Travancore Devaswom Board, the authority which administers the Hindu temples in the State, with CPI-M activists, Vijayan knows well that the entire money collected at Sabarimala could be diverted to the party coffers.

The Supreme Court verdict has come as a God-given opportunity to the CPI-M leader as he saw immense business potential in the routes leading to the temple. Party activists have started lobbying to get shopping malls and cafeterias in and around Sabarimala precincts. Moves are also on to bring the remaining temples in the State under the control of the party.

It may be interesting to note that it was Sabarimala and Lord Ayyappa which played a prominent role in uniting the Hindus of the State. The Nairs and Ezhava communities that constitute the major chunk of the Hindu population have come together burying their hatchets for the time being. The Congress, which has been allegedly instructed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to stay off the Sabarimala agitation as part of their package deal with Sitaram Yechury, finds itself in a Catch-22 position. The Marxists are out to liquidate and finish off the Hindus in the State either by silencing or get them murdered by the police. Vijayan, the chief minister of the State, figures in the promotional film of Child Evangelism Fellowship, an organisation promoting big time evangelisation.[3]

With an annual income of Rs.15,000 crores, Sabarmala Shrine is the richest temple in the country and the Marxists have many reasons to bring the shrine completely under their control. With the Supreme Court ordering the opening up of the temple to all women, the Kerala government unleashed a media campaign to “sell” Sabarimala to travelers belong to all groups. Devotion, rituals, traditions and customs have been hit for a giant six by the atheist Communists. The latest tour package announced by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation offers free mineral water and a tin of Aravana (the sweet offerings from the temple)!

If the unity seen in Sabarimala is sustained till the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the BJP-led NDA stands to gain at least three seats out of the 20 constituencies at stake from Kerala. The BJP is plagued by group war and inherent weakness. If the party leadership resolves these two issues and succeeds in patching up an alliance with like-minded parties chances of the BJP blooming in Kerala could not be ruled out.

Pinarayi Vijayan and his acolyte Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the party secretary, have done a lot to antagonise the Hindus though these two are strong believers in black magic and sorcery. Balakrishnan is known to seek divine intervention to guard his family and party position from allegedly the evil eyes of M A Baby, a Politburo member who has set his eyes on their of the chief minister. Since Pinarayi Vijayan is allegedly suffering from a major ailment, the CPI-M has commenced the process for finding a suitable replacement for him.

The CPI-M and the partisan media are the only standing blocks in front of the BJP from realising its dream of winning a seat from Kerala. The entire Malayalam media barring Janmabhumi, Janam and Kesari are hardcore Marxist supporters or trumpeters of the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists. This was visible during the recent arrest and bail of Franko Mulackel, the Jalandhar Bishop who had allegedly raped 18 nuns belonging to a Congregation led by him. Though the nuns had to come out and stage fast unto death, the Marxist dominated media in Kerala was in favour of the Bishop.



[2] S V Badri’s tweet

[3] Child Evangelism Fellowship

Team PGurus


  1. There is a well orchestrated move/conspiracy to weaken the Hindu faith and destroy the same once and for all. Communists and other so-called liberals are probably behind this move with funds from abroad. The Central Govt. particularly the Home Ministry should look into the developments more seriously and protect vast majority of Hindus who are also citizens of India. All said and done, Hindus look upon BJP as the saviour of their culture and tradition. Media is mostly entertaining anti-hindu views and comments, as their background is also debatable. Time for all hindus to unite and fight this menace with all the force it can command. Congress govt never hesitated for a moment to support the cause of minorities, in the name of secularism,in the past. Hindus expect the present govt. to support them similarly, which is not forthcoming as yet in strong measure. On the other hand the SC seems to be least bothered about the strong sentiments of hindus for the construction of Ram Temple,having waited for years and prefers to postpone the hearing as far as possible.

  2. We have faulty constitutional system prepared by zombie Hindus. Why Hindu temples are under government control, and how their income is going to state govnt salaries? . Let all temples be run like GST a religious authority, and help to upgrade lives of Hindus and stop conversions. Why can’t BJP act ?

  3. A small correction, officer Abaham unleashed the terror of using lathis to demolish the spirit in the devotees and officer Sreejith provided cover for two activist ladies to climb the hill.

  4. I am afraid, it is too late in t5he day now to venture into this path of trying to save the last remnants of Hinduism in India–like the Last of the Mohicans. A greedy FAMILY wanted to capture power in a divided India after being granted by his masters the right to rule India. That family wreaked havoc–this is the result.

  5. This is the high time that all hindus of Kerala should court arrest before all police stations in Kerala in all districts and villages, if Kerala Government considers that chanting “Swamiye Saranam Iyappa” is an offence.
    Everybody should say that we are against Government and participated in the visit to Sabarimala. Nobody should release themselves against any bond or Jamin. Let us be in jail for a cause. All ladies should participate in this. Let us teach a lesson to Kerala Government.

    • Good move…
      How will they provide for food to all people in jail.
      Money which CPM looted from Sabarimala will have to be fed on food for his devotees.
      Don’t apply for bail.
      Even god Krishna was born in jail to end the atrocities of kamsa (now cm of Kerala)….
      That way human rights commission should intervene and central government can dissolve that arrogant vijayan govt.

  6. Is it wrong to be a peace-loving and accepting these people in our own nation!! Is anyone asking them queations about why women are not allowed in mosque and pray with men or become maulana? Or is anyone forcing a nun to become a Pope? If govt is so secular then y is it interfering in religious matters? Leave us alone with our traditions and religion.

  7. #SaveSabarimala and Malayali Hindus from the persecution of Kerala Communist government. 4000 ayyappa devotees arrested in Kerala. Democracy in danger. Need urgent action from Narendra Modi PMO India President of India Amit Shah


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