Former colleague exposes Kejriwal’s sleazy affair at Thiruvananthapuram Guest House on Nov 18, 2008

Blog of a close associate of Kejriwal blows the lid off AAP's 'galat harkat' promise

Journalist and social activist Kapil Bajaj (Twitter id: @kbhasanidea), a former colleague of Arvind Kejriwal has come out with some explosive revelations. In his blog, Bajaj exposes Kejriwal’s sleazy relationship with a young girl, who was appointed as the head of a Statutory Body, when he became Chief Minister. While exposing Kejriwal’s illicit relations, the writer has hidden the identity of the lady by giving her a pseudonym – Shilpa.

This blog was published on October 5 and the writer Bajaj has emailed it to all media and everyone is  keeping quiet. Is it because of the advertisement largesse showered on the media by the Delhi Government?  Many hidden aspects about Kejriwal is exposed by this old fellow-traveller of Kejriwal. This lady, who is now the head of a powerful body, 16 years younger to Kejriwal fondly calls him “Aloo”, says the writer.

He bluntly says that on November 18, 2008, he had witnessed Kejriwal with this lady getting up from a bed at Thiruvananthapuram Government Guest House. Kejriwal, Shilpa and writer Bajaj were in Thiruvananthapuram those days to study Kerala’s People’s Planning in Democracy project piloted by the Left Government.

The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

“It was in Thiruvananthapuram city in a government guest house that I was to witness an incident, involving Kejriwal and Shilpa, that left me shaken and wanting midway to leave for home,” says Bajaj.

In his lengthy blog explaining the US funding received by Kejriwal for NGO activities, Bajaj at the end of the article describes the exact incident he witnessed. He also explains, how when caught, Kejriwal played out a drama:

“The next morning, on 18 November, Kejriwal wanted me to visit the translator for some reason, which I did.

It did not take me long to be back at the government guest house. I went straight up to Kejriwal’s room to inform him of what transpired in my meeting with the translator.

The double door was bolted from inside. There was no sign of Shilpa.

Things suddenly seemed the strangest so far.

I stood by the door and gave it a knock.

There was an awkward silence inside the room. No one responded for long moments.

I waited and couldn’t help seeing very clearly a part of the bed through the ample opening between the two leaves of the door.

Blog of a close associate of Kejriwal in which he found the Delhi CM in a compromising position
Blog of a close associate of Kejriwal in which he found the Delhi CM in a compromising position

My heart then skipped a beat as I saw both Shilpa and Kejriwal emerging from right side of the part of the bed that was visible to me and very quietly climbing off it; Kejriwal then hurriedly shoved her from behind towards the cupboard to the left of where I stood.

Both were clothed; Kejriwal was in his sleeping suit of kurta pyjama.

My heart was pounding.

The view through the opening in the double door was so clear that I feared Kejriwal’s gaze might have met mine if he hadn’t been in a hurry to hide Shilpa in the built-in cupboard.

It was an extraordinary sight.

The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

I felt as if I had willy-nilly threatened to violate the privacy of two people and reduced them to that ludicrous state.

Shilpa having been stowed safely away, Kejriwal opened the door for me and acted as if he had been resting.

I tried to overcome my own stunned state to brief him on my visit to the translator while he acted as normally and seriously as he could.

It was still a very awkward moment – I knew he was acting, he probably feared that I might have suspected something, and we both knew Shilpa was hiding in the cupboard.

Kejriwal then tried valiantly to inject some verisimilitude into that pretence by casually asking me:

‘Where is Shilpa?’

I mumbled my ‘ignorance’ and left the room,” writes Bajaj exposing Kejriwal’s drama when he was caught. Now Kejriwal is Chief Minister and the lady is now the head of a powerful Statutory Body in Delhi.

The Blog of Kapil Bajaj can be read here: My Stint with Kejriwal: Wising up to ‘Democracy’ and ‘Social Activism’

The Pratham Aam Aadmi is a Khaas Aadmi after all. Now we know what he means when he says “Compromise kar lo!”

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  1. Great leader needed to have great care of the personal IMAGE,
    If they fail, their leadership fail,
    In Sanatan HINDU dharma, Character is worth of life of person?
    If it s sacrifice, one has to loose the carrier.

  2. The mighty rulers and their local kings are facing overdue revolts everywhere and must now employ tested methods used by imperial powers of last centuries e.g. wars, divisions, terror plots, diversionary & deceptions, tampering democracy, nazi-type propaganda, innovation in corruption, divide2rule, nationalism gimmickry and genocides as anti-depressants for cronies’ hiccups – now they also have new scalpels – paid media #PropagandaArtists: on-line / off-line #JioLala…

  3. It’s sheer male intolerance mingled with the shock of loosing company of a man of superiority and can be taken as a reactionary outburst of backbiting and breaking faith between unequal friends that is destined to break one day . Bajaj is not an ideal person that he proved himself before his erstwhile friend could try to allege

    • 😋😍May b a beneficiary of the BedRoom Diplomacy of KajriBall,The same charge against any BJPLeader,U would have accepted the Story with All the Holes Blaring

  4. In today’s time level of people has gone so down that they will say/ write anything about anybody. Actually nobody is spared.
    Can we not talk on
    Some real issues of our country. Can be fall to any level just to see somebody down. Where are we going..
    I will never believe such things about mr kesariwal or Modi jo at least ..

    • It’s sheer male intolerance mingled with the shock of loosing company of a man of superiority and can be taken as a reactionary outburst of backbiting and breaking faith between unequal friends that is destined to break one day . Bajaj is not an ideal person that he proved himself before his erstwhile friend could try to allege

    • 😀😀I hope Ur not ShilpaS “Panties Friend”Looking very disturbed,I can imagine Ur reactions,had it been a BJP Leader,may b a A Porn JTUites

  5. “Kown Kambakht kehta hai ke ‘KANJARI WAL’ Impotent Hai ???, Proof chahiye to ja ke SHILPA JI se Pooch lo!!!”

  6. If the report is right, AK rendered himself disentitled to preach Principles and fairness in public life. Added to it he has become ineligible to hold any public office, much the same way a Civil Servant of any State or Centre is deemed to be ineligible when caught in such acts, as per the respective Conduct Rules, not withstanding the law position that two consenting adults may have sexual interaction. Let AK stop the roof top advices about public probity et all unless he challenges the Post of Bajaj through a Defamation Petition.

  7. Kejriwal affair – Whether this is true or not I do not think that PGurus with such a high standard of journalism should not involve in such petty “yellow journalism”. Please stick to news about corruption & fraud in public life which is the biggest danger facing India.

    • If it were not wrong, why did he hide her in the cupboard? He should have considered others wouldn’t feel itz wrong. All extra marital affairs are with mutual consent only, except from the participants’ spouse.

      • Completely agree with you but this ba****rd should follow the same moral and ethics rule when targeting others. When he does these kind of shits then he dont have any moral rights to ask some ones education qualification. At least they are moral and ethical to nation and people.

    • Apart from infidelity toward his wife, he is untrustworthy as a public servant. That should bother you. Since you have very low standards in your expectations, hope you will excuse yourself from voting next time.

  8. presently to talk and discuss about modi or kejriwal or even some new rascal we as idiot indians can very easily find even street urchins to rule us any time fast or late; it is simple the wretched politician only laughs to watch us choosing them (evil or Devil) and then to make indians dance or figh to their pleasant tunes for choosing them foolishly.

  9. whether it is present modi or kejriwal & even of the late if some new rascal comes to lead & rule us all; as idiot indians we choose and shield them to fight with each other; see how wise these wretched politicians are
    after all.

    • Are you referring to the PM of the country as a rascal? Do not use unparliamentary language. You may be sued for defamation.

  10. Personal life cannot be disconnected while in Public life. The person will be definitely is subject to blackmail and hence not suitable for public life.

  11. We have heard or read of similar stories involving powerful politicians of India as well as other foreign countries. So long as it is absolutely voluntary without any blackmail or abuse of official powers, who are we to complain. Morality and ethics are fine but so long as there are men and women on the planet these things will happen. People who often take moral high ground are those who never had such an opportunity in life and feel jealous of those who were lucky!

    • sounds like u r one of them poligamy animal, without moral,teaching the socity such things wich is against our consttution and religion, you are trying to say that it is ok with politician to misuse public money for their multi affairs, their polygamy, tomorrow will say it is ok if politician involve in bigg frauds of companies who are bribing them hefty money, kya gunda raj aa gaya hai, uper se nichae tak sab kitched hi kitched hai aur jab tak aap jaise voter is country mae hai aise hi log panpte rahenge aur gandki failate rahenge, moralitis defination hi change ho gayi hai.

  12. This entire story appears to be Bollywood B-Grade Filmy Masala stuff for gaining cheap popularity. Not worthy of reading.

  13. This writer seems to be a magician. He says the door was bolted from inside, but he could see exactly what he wanted to see through the “ample opening” between the two leaves of the door !!! Or does it mean that the carpenters in Kerala are so inefficient, leaving “ample openings’ between leaves of closed doors ?

  14. Thanks a lot for your eye opening information about Arvind Kejariwal.
    I was not knowing that, Arvind Kejariwal is so bad and cunning.
    We had faith in Annaji. Now I am shocked to see that Annaji is misinformed and missguided.
    I am sad and shocked to see this.
    Thanks a lot for your information…

  15. this bajaj guy claims he saw them fully clothed and getting out of bed when he was actually peeping. the door was locked from inside. the lady did not complain of sexual harassment, bajaj did not confront them but chose to run away to his wife. why does he open his mouth now? After all these years…Even if he seems to be telling the truth, is it not wrong to look through door leaves, and then cry adultery after all these years. Even though he has not named the woman he is slyly trying to implicate Swathi Maliwal.shows he does not have the moral courage to speak up even now. a gentleman would have confronted the two but blogging about it years later only tells you he is a coward and a vicious one at that. the agenda is to indulge in character assassination and do it in a sly manner so that he can cover his arse should the defamed parties react. AK nas Swati are far too smart to react to muck like this. would love to know who is backing this sly bajaj who can offer his services to some yellow mags.

    • अरविंद केजरीवाल शातिर दिमागी नेता है ऐसा मिडिया द्वारा किया जाने वाला प्रचार गलत एवं शरारतपूर्ण है ऐसा में मानता था…
      मगर आज यह लेख पढकर बहुत ही दूख हुवा और अरविंद केजरीवाल पर ही नहीं आम आदमी पार्टी और उनके सभ विधायकों पर कभी विश्वास नहीं करुंगा ।
      आम आदमी पार्टी के बहुत सारे नेता एक या दूसरे तोहमत से जेल में बंद हैं । अभी लगता है कि हमने अरविंद केजरीवाल पर विस्वास किया वो हमारी बहुत बड़ी भूल थी ।
      दिल्ली की जनता भी अभी अरविंद केजरीवाल पर विस्वास करके पछतावा कर रही है …

    • Still doesn’t mean that kejriwal an alleged aam aadmi doesn’t have aam khujli, and doesn’t take advantage of available resources like a khaas aadmi!

  16. It is perfectly in order to expose such deeds of AK. But at the same time, care should hv been to protect the identity of the lady involved. Just giving a pseudo name to the lady does not mean the lady’s identity is protected, as much more specific details have been provided . This can help to easily identify the lady. Also why
    One can doubt the intention of Mr.Bajaj for his silence since 2008 on this issue. It may be that as a junior colleague Mr.Bajaj might felt insecure to report this incident. On the same grounds as a much junior colleague the lady might hv been compelled by AK for such act and hence did not report. Mr.Bajaj should hv given this benefit of doubt to the lady and protected her identity.

  17. If two consenting adults are in the bed room, no one, except the spouse of one of them or of both can object and even take action. To that extent, Kejriwal can’t be blamed. But the manner in which he presents himself to the public for the sake of snatching power is objectionable. In a few words, Kejrival who stoutly defends various crimes of his party men and accuses the Prime Minister of every crime, has proven beyond any doubt that he is a shrewd “Gomukh Vyaghra” (a tiger with a cow’s mask on his face)!

  18. If there is any allegation that AK and his company makes, these Aaptards’ believe them like gospel verses. And if anything comes against them, they shout out to the loudest of the vocal cord, “I don’t believe you.”
    That’s how it goes..

  19. Mr. AK is a congie decoy just a brother of Pappu from another mother. So it is expected “Khandaani Adatein aur shauk jatey nahin Asaani sey” But Indians are fools of third degree and cannot be convinced about this langoor

  20. Ridiculous…!!
    Shame on people who cook such fake stories. Whether you are paid for this, or if you are doing this for pitty political gain, I don’t know, but shame on you guys for hampering the dignity of a woman, as it is crystal clear which girl you are trying to point at.

    • Bhai Vikas, everything against Kejriwal is fake huh!!
      If it is fake, why doesn’t your Kejriwal file a defamation suite…???
      Tell him to do that. I bet he won’t.

  21. I have always said that I never believed a man & a woman alone locked in a room provided they r real brother & sister If d story has some substance then some thing fishy must have happened
    Human can not defy nature

  22. There are too many Tharkis in AAP, Sandeep kumar was just tip of iceberg that’s why Aloo I mean Kejri can’t take action against MLA chauhan for molesting worker Soni and abetting her suicide. Kumar Vishwas has case registered by few women and all these cases are trashed in Delhi women commission headed by Shilpa, Aloo’s protege …..

  23. Nobody sud have dared to raise voice against the actual rulers of India,
    the #Corporates
    #BlackMoney ( non tax payees) of the land.

    That AAP still lives & thrives is because it has agreed not to go on a head long collision with the actual wheelers & dealers, & focus on sectarian & religious divides to gather votes.

    Many moles from outsides, many foolishness & foolhardy actions by AAP will help this movement to destroy itself.

    As for this article & blogger

    What to say,

    sadly an unreliable fellow and a gossip monger

    Six years, pre poll

    his #DeepPocket sponsors,
    their hordes of Media & SM consultants,
    their money bags
    expert mass psyche readers & inffluencers
    Sud at least have come out with some, tiny miny bit of proof

  24. People are commenting on the basis that what ever is written is true !

    No one even bothers to check with the person being mentioned !

    If anyone says Modi raped a woman will you believe it ? Why not ? Its an article in the media ! :*

  25. अब इस खबर का कोई मतलब नही…. क्यों इतने साल चुप बैठे रहे…???? और अब क्यों खुलासा कर रहे है…???? अब अगर ये खबर सच भी हो…. तो भी… ऊँगली उस पे ही उठेंगी… जो इसे अब सामने ला रहा है….ना की महा-पुरुष जी पे…???

  26. If I remember correctly it was long back clarified by someone in Kejri that camp that he and his female activist friend were only testing the wood strength of the bed together. No sex was involved as people wrongly imagine because it is learnt that Kejri developed the permanent impotence problem since 2006. As per a doctor, his unusual rantings and sick behaviour is because of this underlying problem.

  27. People seem to have such simple minds.
    Sex is what makes the world go round.
    Sex is the only reason men seek power and money.
    So this guy is a sleeze ball. Tell me which politican is not.
    Even Gandhi used to sleep and bathe with very young girls. Shamefully some where even relatives.
    Deal with it butter cup.
    And if you think this is the only woman he has had sex with I can only laugh. Dont be surprised if there is a long line of women before and after her. I bet they have a club where they swap whats app videos. One got leaked so I know its going on.

  28. This is what all wemen comradws hv 2 go through & thats y every wemen comrades hv a stone cold & expressionless look on their face when they appear on tv debates,thats b cos of the abuse they hv to go through at a very young age by the senior commis.

  29. क्या वह लडकी स्वाति मालीवाल है?
    Btw those who dont know, Swati Mailwal is Arvind Kejriwal’s cousin (mausi’s daughter) this rascal Kejriwal seems to be hardcore incest lover!

    • A tweet from Kejriwal’s verified account: “Some media houses n opp leaders alleging that swati is my cousin. Complete nonsense. She is not even remotely connected (1/2)”

  30. Please mention the channel names to whom you claim to Channels are still silent. If the media still remains in the silent mode then try sending this cooked up story to the Krantikari Zee News, India TV, Times Now channels who will not take a single second to publish this news.

  31. Surprised by not the surprise but by people’s reaction…I never expected anything better from Arvind…Anyone who rises without much hard work and piggy riding on others should always be careful off…All the best to dilliwale….got the right CM….fake n opportunist people deserve fake opportunist leader

  32. I liked 2 things:
    1.Drama of Kejriwal to ask Kapil, where is Shilpa after putting her inside the cupboard. This shows Kejriwal is a born dramatist
    2.The fondly called nick name of Kejriwal – Aloo.

  33. Great Threat for Indian Healthy Democracy @ Kejriwal Thinks Indian Voters r Fool Illiterate Idiot ?? DY R INNOCENT VOTERS MR.FRAUD

  34. #Thug Kejriwal & Gang is Great Threat for Indian Healthy Democracy @ AAP is a Bunch of Idiots Road Chaap People who r Illiterate &Fools @ Anarchist Maoist Bunch only Fooling Illiterate Innocent Voters. BEWARE

  35. Many men and politicians too have such relationships having second woman in life. Can anyone suggest why Modi is so kind to Smriti and a few others? Let these politico honchos have freedom to vent out their heat to calm down their minds . Hypicricy in aIndia must stop. Diggy or RahulG or celebrities all r enjoying while public wonders

    • To know Modi, or become a Modi, you have to take 10 more births. Modiji has kind heart not only to Smriti, but also to all his Ministers and common men of this country. He is ayugpurush, who comes only once in a millennium

      • every on of us is unique, why only your precious modi. since when have you become a judge of who is yug purush or aam purush? stop hero worshipping and look at what he has done for the nation and then draw your own conclusions…

  36. The cat is out of the bag at last. Shame him and make him not to open his foul mouth again in Public. He should submit his resignation at once .

  37. Kejriwal ! Spectacular rise to power left me little anxious about his clean image based on Anna Hazare bandwagon ! Now his affair with “Shilpi” is in public domain ! Answer mr Kejriwal


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