J Gopikrishnan on the letter written by retired babus to the PM and on INX-Media & Chidambaram

Why are retired babus writing to the Govt. against Sanction for Prosecution? Why are they anti-Modi? Will Govt act on Gopi's complaint against Saini? Are a couple of babus turning approver? Is this what babudom is afraid of? Watch this and more!


  1. Political vendetta cases during Modiji regime is crossing himalayan heights is yathartham. Critics of regime put behind on.pretext of corruption cases and calling them as anti nationals, urban naxals, anti hindus by bhakthas of so called nationalist elements.

  2. This is true, every officer obey his political aakkkaaa, that proves all are corrupt under pressure from politicians. Then why they be penalised, rather if proved politicians are hanged as fast possible. This is also true politicians Rome Scot free after a period may be long enough.

  3. Arresting a person without any evidence and harassing him for so long with zero proofs.

    There is no case against chidambaram at all. Zero proof and still he is kept in jail while the never ending fake investigations go on by ED. This is human rights violation.

    • Really?
      -12 bungalows
      – 40 Malls
      – 16 Theatres
      – 3 Resorts
      – 500 Eye Hospitals
      – Cafe Chain
      – 300 acres land
      – 88 acres in Britain (**!!!**)
      – 3 Grapevines in South Africa
      – God knows how much more to unearth.

      This is an open and shut case. He is lucky to be in India where the legal system and the Law enforcement are corrupt, lax and inept. In any other country he’d be in the slammer meditating and reflecting on his sins.

      As for you, you are either delusional, naive or factually challenged.

  4. There appears to be a concerted, very powerful force behind these men writing to PM Modi. They use every available platform to denigrate Modi on whatever he does, or does not do. These men are stooges of some political parties, NGOs, non-Hindu minorities and their intention is to spread fear and hatred against the ruling BJP. Hindus all over India must rise as one colossal force to thwart these men’s initiatives.

  5. The IAS cannot depose that they did that because of so and so Minister because they would have also had a share in the Loot. If they become a witness and then they are also charged later, it would become worrisome for them. So it is a double edged sword.

  6. I have been a follower of pgurus in Youtube and here for the last 1 year. In spite of your consistent invites to people to subscribe to You Tube, the numbers today are 48.3K followers. I guess I will also work to make pgurus Youtube reach 1 lakh with whatever little effort I can do for the same. This is particularly possible, since for the last 2 months you have lot of interesting interviews with different people.


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