Jaish-e-Mohammad fidayeen squad attempted to disturb peace in Jammu ahead of Modi’s rally in Samba on April 24

OGW's extending logistics support remain untraceable in Jammu

OGW's extending logistics support remain untraceable in Jammu
OGW's extending logistics support remain untraceable in Jammu

Several questions remain unanswered

Ahead of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Jammu & Kashmir on April 24, a two-member suicide squad of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorist outfit on Friday made an attempt to carry out a sensational strike near Sunjwan Army camp amid heightened security.

Though both these terrorists, wearing suicide vests studded with explosive material, were neutralized but the encounter has left behind several other puzzles to solve.

From where did these terrorists arrive in Sunjwan and who provided them with the explosive material?

Whether these terrorists were part of the group who may have infiltrated from across the border if the answer to this is yes how they managed to cross all the security checkpoints along with a huge quantity of ammunition before reaching Sunjwan where they launched a sensational strike on the bus of CISF personnel in the wee hours of Friday.

If these terrorists were not carrying arms then who provided logistics support and who actually ferried them from the border area to Sunjwan?

After the encounter, DGP Jammu and Kashmir police Dilbagh Singh told reporters at the encounter site that the attack in the Sunjwan area of Jammu was “a larger conspiracy to disturb peace in Jammu and sabotage the prime minister’s visit to the region. But when asked about the possible route taken by these terrorists to reach Jammu and later Sunjwan the question remained unanswered.

During the terror attack a CISF assistant sub-inspector, identified as SP Patel, also sacrificed his life while 10 security personnel were injured in the encounter.

The last time JeM terrorists stormed Sunjwan Army camp from the rear side of the camp and wreaked havoc by eliminating six army personnel including 2 JCO’s during a 60-hour long operation.

Alarm bells ringing

The presence of JeM terrorists in the close vicinity of Sunjwan Army station has already set alarm bells ringing in the security grid.

The very fact that nothing much has changed on ground zero in the last over four years along the periphery of Sunjwan Army camp. The JeM terrorists stormed the army camp on Feb 10, 2018.

Several illegal immigrants from Myanmar continue to take shelter in the area as they have not been relocated to any other place to ensure the safety of the strategic military station.

Despite receiving alerts over rampant encroachment of state/ forest land in the close vicinity of Sunjwan military station nothing much was done to prevent the same on ground zero.

The majority of houses constructed in the area belonged to people settled in Jammu from different parts of the J&k and consist of who’s who of state bureaucracy, senior politicians/ businessmen from Kashmir valley.

The Jaish-e-Mohammed module, which conducted the attack may have infiltrated sometime back and there is a possibility of them having enjoyed local support before the final strike was launched.

In Jammu soon after the encounter was called off sleuths of the National Investigation Agency also visited the encounter site to pick the threads to carry forward the investigations.

Another puzzle that is bothering the state police authorities is who actually provided arms and ammunition to terrorists in Jammu.

Interestingly, the terrorists were not carrying any GPS device a clear indication that they must have traveled with one of their guides and managed to give the slip to security forces.

The fact that these terrorists were able to reach Jammu by breaching multi-layered security apparatus has created a piquant situation for the top brass of the police.

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