Jethmalani abuses Advani, says don’t try to contest for President of India

Jethmalani writes a stinker of a letter to Advani, takes aim at Jaitley too

Jethmalani writes a stinker of a letter to Advani, takes aim at Jaitley too
Jethmalani writes a stinker of a letter to Advani, takes aim at Jaitley too

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]R[/dropcap]am Jethmalani is known for writing stinking letters to his adversaries. This time he has turned his wrath on an old friend Lal Kishan Advani. In a seven page letter dated December 23, released on December 27, Jethmalani shows his anger on hearing rumours that Advani is trying to become the President of India.

In his letter Jethmalani leaves no opportunity to rebuke Jaitley.

Jethmalani mercilessly attacks Advani by using all the words that he can commandeer from his vocabulary. Terming him disgraceful, thankless, unfit to become President of India, don’t know ABCD of Constitution etc. He also has some choice words for his old time disciple Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He goes on to accuse Advani of being in connivance with stalling the recovery of Black money from abroad by Jaitley and the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

The interesting thing from this seven page letter, which is published at the end of this article is this time veteran lawyer with acerbic tongue is somehow soft on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He alleges Modi’s attempts to retrieve by blackmoney were collapsed by Advani in collusion with Jaitley and Chidambaram.

In his letter Jethmalani leaves no opportunity to rebuke Jaitley. He terms Advani as a thankless person even after saving him from the Jain Hawla scandal. Trying to poke Jaitley, he says, Advani was charged by the trial court in Jain Hawala case, where the case was handled by Jaitley and both landed to his home and pleaded for his help. He reminds Advani that he was discharged from High Court and got a clean chit from Supreme Court due to his legal wisdom.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]”I[/dropcap] must remind you of some services that I have rendered to the party and you too. In a criminal prosecution for money laundering, the Sessions Court had framed charges against you and written a 200 page long judgment in support. You and your lawyer, today’s Finance Minister Hon’ble Arun Jaitley approached me to get you out of this mess. I refused and advised you to continue with your chosen lawyer. I know you left in anger. But after few days you both again came and made a pathetic show almost a Satyagraha.“

Then the letter warns Advani and to oppose him tooth and nail, if he tries to contest for President’s election due in June 2017.

“You cashed (in) on my weakness for my Rakhi sister your wife. I relented and fought for you in the High Court and got the charges against you quashed. The government approached the Supreme Court. Again I appeared for you and got a clean chit for you from the highest court,” said Jethmalani addressing L K Advani in the letter as “My Dear Lal.”

Then the letter warns Advani and to oppose him tooth and nail, if he tries to contest for President’s election due in June 2017.

“You cannot follow or correctly interpret the Party Constitution. How can you be trusted to have knowledge of the test and conventions of complex Constitution of India? Your graduation of decades ago is no guarantee at all.”

“You are an ungrateful person. You owe me a big debt of gratitude; instead you have turned into an enemy and joined hands with crooks; in other words you have no high character which a Rashtrapati should have,” Jethmalani goes on.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]n the late 80s Jethmalani’s letters, especially the series of letters to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was major news to media. Indian Express those days first published all those letters. Journalists and media houses used to beg Jethmalani to get his acerbic letters first.

He is trying to patch up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

But now times have changed especially since he started attacking media’s most favourite man Arun Jaitley. In the past four years, he wrote at least 10 letters against Jaitley. Surprisingly Ram Jethmalani even paid Rs 16 lakh to Indian Express in late 2014, to publish his letter to Jaitley as an advertisement!

One thing is clear from his latest letter. He is trying to patch up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Read the entire letter published below. You will see his softness towards Modi.

Copy of Jethmalani’s letter to L K Advani

Jethmalani Letter to Advani Dtd Dec 23 2016 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. The kind of people who had occupied president post, any tom ,dick and donkey can get into the post.Ramjeth is a characterless man of dubious morality and he should be the last man to say who can or cannot.Having said that Advani is the quintessential wishy washy charcters we have had on the right side for whom “Decisiveness”,”Action”,”Delivery”,”Structure” are unknown words.He is as confused/devious as many in BJP.He truly represent character of many in this country.His Ram mandir is a wrong approach for the right cause and his foolhardiness has caused distress to many.After the loss in 2004, he should have quit because he is weak minded.But then he plodded on listening to selfish people around him and he got summarily booted out of an organisation which he built and carried forward for many years.India unfortunately has been in the hands of crooks of first order as the gandu family illustrate or with weak-kneed jelly bean confused specimens like Hajpayee/Advani duo.Take your pick, whichever way, Indians will hit a wall.

  2. Advani and Jethmalani both are power hungry, egoistic and opportunist. Once upon a time I respected and admired both. But now it seems both have gone senile and imbecile. Jethmalani all along fought against congress but when he had differences with Bajpeyee, opposed him in election with a congress ticket. He was instrumental in making Modi win and become PM but when he was not rewarded he joined Nitish and Laluand have accepted Rajyasabha seat being nominated by a convicted criminal whom he is defending. If BJP decides to nominate Advani who is jethmalani to oppose. As per his own logic, Mother India has blessed him with name fame and prosperity but he is helping persons who are harming Mother India. Height of Hippocracy.

  3. Many of the ugly truths of BJP and modi are out in this letter…
    1) Amit Shah’s acceptance of Jhoomlas by himself and his brother modi
    2) Jetmalani’s many tricks saving modi, advani, gadkari etc
    3) Clearly Jetmalani intended that the 8 or 9 year old girl in gadkari’s car was raped and murdered, but was shown as accident to save gadkari
    4) He took potshots at current cabinet ministers appointed by modi.. or does he mean modi knows and gave them ministership and advani doesn’t even know about it? 🙂
    5) I think it was foolish for a bhakth website to publish this letter….

  4. People in power should be not only acting on their powers but seen to be exercising the powers vested on them. Advaniji did not do this in the case of citizenship issue raised by MP Shri Mahesh Giri. Leave the merits or the lack of it but power vested on him should have been used. So not in favour

  5. Advaniji deserves to be the president of India. Its the dream of crores of karyakartas. I don’t know why the website is giving unnecessary publicity to the letter

  6. Great letter indeed. Jethmalani gives a masterstroke whenever he speaks or writes. Knowledge was paramount in determining social status in India. Jethmalani saved Advani in the Jain Hawala case. And that same case has now become a precedent in the defence of Modi in the charges hurled against him by Prashant Bhusan and Rahul Gandhi.


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