Journalists’ Unions approach Supreme Court against the illegal salary cuts and retrenchments in the garb of Corona pandemic crisis

Journalists Union appeal before the apex court, allege salary cuts and retrenchment illegal

Journalists Union appeal before the apex court, allege salary cuts and retrenchment illegal
Journalists Union appeal before the apex court, allege salary cuts and retrenchment illegal

Three Journalists’ Unions have approached the Supreme Court on Thursday against the illegal retrenchments and salary cuts implemented by certain media companies in the garb of the Corona pandemic crisis. The petition filed by three prominent Unions – National Alliance of Journalists, Delhi Union of Journalists and Brihan Mumbai Union of Journalists appealed to the Apex Court to direct Central and State Governments to take stringent action against the media barons who violate the laws and norms during the COVID-19 crisis.

“This public interest litigation is being filed regarding the inhuman and illegal treatment being meted out by employers to their employees and workers in the newspaper and media sector, by issuing termination notices, imposing steep wage cuts unilaterally, sending workers and employees on indefinite unpaid leave, and soon, taking the excuse of the nation-wide lockdown” imposed in light of the spread of COVID-19, Coronavirus.

“Several newspapers, magazines, online media outlets, and other employers in the media sector have reportedly taken step after the announcement of the nation-wide lockdown in March 2020 to retrench workers and employees, impose wage cuts, etc. in spite of advisories issued by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India and even appeals by the Prime Minister of India to not terminate the services or reduce the wages of their employees, “said the petition citing the salary cutting and retrenchments implemented by the media barons with impunity.

The petition filed by the Journalists’ Unions pointed out the massive salary cuts and retrenchments illegally implemented by Times of India, Economic Times, Indian Express, Business Standard and Quint Website, Bloomberg Quint, News Nation, Outlook Magazine, Hamara Maha Nagar newspaper from Mumbai and NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar’s family members run Sakal Newspaper Group.

PGurus have reported the salary cut in Indian Express[1] and retrenchment in Quint[2] blaming the Corona crisis by Goenka family and Raghav Bahl.

Noted lawyer Colin Gonsalves is expected to argue for the Journalists’ Unions. The six-page synopsis of the petition filed by Journalists’ Unions is published below:

Journalist Unions by PGurus on Scribd

[1] Blaming Corona, Indian Express implements huge salary cutsApr 4, 2020,

[2] Blaming Corona, Quint website owner Raghav Bahl kicks out staffers through forced leave without salary from April 15Apr 13, 2020,

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  1. If the media houses are showing profits on their balance sheets, then their actions are unethical.
    Does the action means they do not have funds to pay and that they are running a hand to mouth businesses ?
    If true they should exit such hand to mouth business completely
    Atleast these media which flaunts to be a power broker will cease to exist, good for the nation & these journalists who spread wrong news.

  2. Am I the only one in India who wonders why even bother voting, electing a Govt. and all that s-t? Let the SC rule the country based on PIL’s. Surely, it can’t get any worse than this?

  3. Summary sr 2 a, b, c, e, g

    These are the cases of closure
    Definitely, without any / with little revenue operations can’t continue
    Are these the profit making venture? No one would kill even simple egg laying goose

    For example TOI used to be a thick newspaper but is now merely 50% weight . obviously loss of weight is viz earning

    With the market shops closed, for how long full salary can be paid ?

    Most industries expect 6-12 months to regain production to pre-Corona days,

    with banking loot started in 2006 onwards, and expedited from 2009 in UPA -II, the mess of huge NPA Built up has to be cleaned. That has already caused lot of production

    Post Corona , 15-25% manufacturing is expected to be stopped and so will be business closures


    It’s the time that we slash bureaucratic time to give approval, over-Simplify Taxes & compliance, Drastically reduce input costs for manufacturing including, reduced coal and Electricity cost , lower down circle rates for property ….


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