Kanniks Kannikeswaran on Ilayaraja the maestro. This episode is on his music in Raja Paarvai

Kanniks Kannikeswaran dissects the music including the background score in this 100th film of Kamalahaasan. Lots of minute details that go into making a song for the ages described in this hangout.


  1. Honble,KK..for the first time I have come across this elayis appreciation forum I donot have any knowledge or background mission of yours one thing sure that for.over a long period you stayed away from native soil n started longings.for chennai secondly smell of native soil which I felt.in music of Mudal Maryada my cherished deep.down movie of my heart as for language I have to learn Tamil so as to enjoy indianness of Bharat I loved your discussion irrespective of language barrier more from your heart be poured out in broadcast.this gives n develop s our love for Tamilnadu …see you


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