Delhi Government suggests opening public transport including Metro trains, taxis, auto-cycle rickshaws, Malls, and offices from Monday

Delhi Chief Minister writes to the PM, suggests a gradual lifting of lockdown and back to normalcy

Delhi Chief Minister writes to the PM, suggests a gradual lifting of lockdown and back to normalcy
Delhi Chief Minister writes to the PM, suggests a gradual lifting of lockdown and back to normalcy

The Delhi State Government suggested opening up of public transport in the Capital city from Monday including plying of taxis including Uber & Ola taxi services and auto and cycle rickshaws with limited numbers of passengers. In a detailed letter, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal suggested to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that shops be opened on an odd-even basis of shop numbers. In Malls, the Delhi Government suggested that 33% of the shops be opened on alternate days.

The suggestions said that the current lockdown norms will continue only in designated containment zones. The containment zones mean the designated zones identified by the Government for the existence of COVID-19 patients (having more than 6 patients).

Delhi Government also suggested that auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws will be allowed with only one passenger and two passengers be allowed in Taxi cars. Only 20 passengers will be allowed in Buses. In Metro trains only Government and public sector staffers and staffers belonging to essential services sectors will be allowed between 7: 30 AM to 8:30 PM. Regarding the Metro’s operations, the Chief Minister said that the Government will review the change if any after a week.

The Chief Minister recommended that from 9:30 PM to 5:00 AM a complete no-travel advisory be issued on the roads and public domain except for essential services. The State Government also suggested social distancing norms and wearing masks and mandatory implementation of the ArogyaSetu App in the Capital.

All shops are allowed to be open with odd-even days formula as per the numbers allotted to shops in Malls and Shopping complexes. However, Barbershops, Salons, and Spas are not allowed to open to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Public functions and religious congregations are not permitted.

A detailed five-page suggestion of the Delhi Government is published at the end of this report. The schools, colleges, and universities will continue to be closed except for the exams starting from June first week. All private offices are allowed to operate with 50% of staff.

The Delhi Government’s suggestions to the Central Government to open-up from May 17 is published below:

Delhi Govt Suggestions by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. First let them contain the infections in the containment zones. They have created a Chaos aft the first phase last months. Why malls? What is the guarantee that the people from the containment zone will not in filter. Take the case of Koyambedu after the second phase, in Chennai. Delhi voter should know their fault of selecting a show-off Government.

  2. There is no transparency from the Delhi govt, & its handling of the liquor shops opening does not inspire confidence.
    Meanwhile, cases are rising rapidly & apparently, death figures are grossly under reported.
    Hospitals are over flowing with admissions.
    How does the Delhi govt plan to ensure compliance of the restrictions & that there would be no explosion of cases?
    Its track record so far does not inspire much confidence.
    It would be better to wait until the daily cases start declining.


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