Prime Minister Modi says Covid virus rapidly spreading in rural areas. Urges people to strictly adhere to precautions

With the new variant being more virulent, the migration from cities to rural areas may now spread this there too

With the new variant being more virulent, the migration from cities to rural areas may now spread this there too
With the new variant being more virulent, the migration from cities to rural areas may now spread this there too

Urging people to take precautions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading in rural areas. “I want to warn you about Corona. This pandemic is spreading fast in rural villages. Every government is taking efforts to stop this. Awareness about this among rural people and cooperation of the panchayat institutes are equally important.

“You have never disappointed the nation. We hope this time too, to protect yourself and your family from Covid, all necessary precautions are taken. Wearing mask properly and regularly is important,” Modi said. The Prime Minister was speaking at the release of the 8th installment of financial benefit under the PM-KISAN scheme via video conference here. He urged the citizens to take precautions, wear masks and maintain social distance to check the spread of disease that has claimed at least 2.65 lakh lives in India for the past 15 months.

With 3,43,144 new infections over the last 24 hours, the tally of total cases crossed 2.4 crores. With 4,000 fresh deaths, the toll now stands at 2,65,346, since the pandemic first struck India more than a year ago.

Modi said his government is working on a “war footing” to control the second wave of infections and is setting up new hospitals and oxygen generating plants while augmenting supplies of medicines and vaccines. He asked states to crack down on black marketing of medicines and other essential items. Prime Minister urged farmers to be aware of this invisible enemy and take precautions and timely medication. He asked people to wear masks, maintain social distancing and undergo testing if there are any symptoms.

The PM asked farmers not to take Covid symptoms like cold and fever lightly. “Get the test done, isolate yourself and start the medication on time.” After vaccination too, people should not forget to follow the Covid Appropriate Behaviour, he added. India reported more than 3 lakh infections daily for 22 consecutive days. With 3,43,144 new infections over the last 24 hours, the tally of total cases crossed 2.4 crores. With 4,000 fresh deaths, the toll now stands at 2,65,346, since the pandemic first struck India more than a year ago.

Modi expressed confidence that the country will win the battle against Coronavirus, which he described as an “invisible enemy” and “multi-coloured” in nature. “After 100 years, such a terrible pandemic is testing the world at every step. In front of us, we have an invisible enemy, which is multiform. We have lost close ones to this enemy, the Coronavirus,” Modi said. He empathised with the pain of the countrymen who have lost dear ones recently in the Covid battle. “The pain that many people have gone through, I have felt the same pain. I am feeling the same.”

“We are fighting with all our might…We are overcoming obstacles in resources in the fight against the second wave of the Corona,” he said. “India is not a country to lose courage. Neither India nor Indians will lose courage. We will fight and we will win,” said Modi, citing the working of the entire mechanism including forces battling with the pandemic.

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  1. Very good job in taking away hope from millions Sir. India is giving max number of vaccine shots every day. max number of people are recovering and going home. please check hospital admission and discharge records. Oxygen cylinder shortage has been taken care off. Record number of help is coming from 20 countries ! we are not begging and these people respect our leader and the nation and are helping us voluntarily Islamic nations are helping in a big way. did this happen before? States have lot of responsibilities .They are using media and press to target center for every thing . AAP and Captain singh and congress got caught redhanded for smuggling center given oxygen cyelnders and selling to private parties ten times the original price. shame on people who are attacking a honest PM who works 20 hours a day, depends on qualified experienced officers and depends less on ill informed politicians we will win this war if internal enemy army do not become huge jai Hind

  2. Your remark is wrong . Health is the state subject . So the first responsibility is with the state govt. After this centre comes . Also we the public are the main culprit . We let our gaurds down
    WE never followed Covid protocol . So no use in blaming any govt .

  3. This government is facing so much criticism just because of its arrogance when things were better. Just relying PMO babus, who are just yes men, will further erode Modi’s credibility and his authority over the administration. Even die hard bhakts are now getting disillusioned with this regime and they should know that their blind Bhakti is the cause Modi’s hubris. Our dharma always prescribed humility as a big virtue for the rulers which was always ignored by Modi.

    • Respect your views but it would be appropriate to specify Modis faults. Criticism is by all chota zamindari opposition parties including Kejriwal, Mamata, Rahuland Thackeray and by ENTIRE western media without facts and sadly certain elite Indians joined this club.Further ENTIRE administration at centre and zamindari states is run by babus, a legacy provided by our ancestors in 1947.It was Modi who recruited Professionals at Joint secretary level for first time after independence.

      Unlike trumpeting by other party leaders, he works behind screen and doesn’t cajole media thru ads as done by Kejriwal. Dharma teaches us to be gracious towards a committed worker and differentiate with a pretender. Humility is an undefined term, but for Indians it is meaning saying yes sir or no sir and to wish every one with folded hands or Indians will feel insulted. Case is of PIO CEOs who run away after working in India.

      Read life history of many kings and political leaders of world enjoying all types of flamaboynt life.Here we have a PM, left family life, brothers lead middle class life and works through out year with no vacation or leave. Then what is the purpose to become PM ? One thing I agree, I am disillusioned with Modi for giving too much freedom to states and being honest. Indians deserve either RaGa or Kejriwal as PM and it is time Modi should go to mountains.

      • 1. Demonetisation without any preparation. It sunk economy beyond repair. He did this because he could not bring back black money stashed abroad. He became over obsessed with black money and demonetisation broke the back of economy.
        2. Complicated GST. The bureaucracy is the biggest stumbling block for any political leadership to carry out reform. The babus successfully created a monster GST system to harass small and medium entrepreneurs.
        3. Centralised power in PMO. Show me one very efficient and effective Babu in PMO? There is no lateral entrant in PMO at all. The entire bureaucracy is still a self perpetuating and self interest seeking legacy of Nehruvian era.
        4. Making complicated changes in Income tax to harass SMEs such as Angel Tax, prohibitive penalties etc.
        5. Useless raids on opponents by CBI, ED, IT etc. These raids only gained sympathy for Mamata, DMK, Kejriwal etc.
        6. Following Nehruvian economic policies in the first term. Now he is talking about virtues of free market which is welcome if it translates into solid action.
        7. Too much publicity for self and narcissistic tendencies. What is the need of Modi picture on vaccination certificate? Why stadium named after him?
        8. Premature declaration of win over corona

  4. Empty discourses. State is in deep coma. Cannot wake up state by this discourse. Need to weild strong stick & make state accountable.

  5. A egoist person cannot win war, only a team leader with basic knowledge overcome obstacles. Modi govt was more bothered about election not people who were suffering from covid so all thisvtroubles in fedarel system all states has to be distributed equal but Modi failed to the fedarel system


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