Kashmiri NSU leader Safoora Zargar arrested by Delhi Police for engineering Jaffrabad protests leading to Delhi riots

The arrest of Safoora Zargar, the arranger of Flash protests in Jaffrabad on Feb 22, a Congress Student Union (NSU) leader shows another link to INC

The arrest of Safoora Zargar, the arranger of Flash protests in Jaffrabad on Feb 22, a Congress Student Union (NSU) leader shows another link to INC
The arrest of Safoora Zargar, the arranger of Flash protests in Jaffrabad on Feb 22, a Congress Student Union (NSU) leader shows another link to INC

Second woman leader from Congress linked to Delhi riots

With the arrest of the National Students Union of India (NSU) lady leader Safoora Zargar, one more link has been established for the Delhi riots with the Congress party. The Delhi Police Special Cell on Saturday night arrested Jamia Millia University MPhil student Safoora Zargar (27) for arranging a flash protest of Muslim women and kids in Jaffrabad in Delhi on the night of February 22, which ultimately led to the Delhi riots, with 53 persons killed and hundreds injured. The Sociology student from Kashmir is active in Congress and its student wing NSU. She was the office bearer of NSU and was involved in many NSU meetings. Off late, she was her hiding her Congress links and was calling herself a Jamia Coordination Committee Member and Media Coordinator. Fancy sounding titles.

The two photos shown below are from her Twitter profile (@SafooraZargar) exposes her NSU links.

Safoora Zargar
Fig 1. Safoora Zargar

Fig 2. Safoora Zargar in Jaipur Apr 2019
Fig 2. Safoora Zargar in Jaipur Apr 2019

Keeping her NSU links, she was actively involved in Shaheen Bagh protests and in taking a hardline Islamic stance with an and anti-Indian line. In January she was seen shouting Azadi slogans in Jamia and went up to sloganeering Azadi for Bihar, Azadi for Kashmir, Azadi for Bihar and even Azadi for Kerala too.

The graphic below shows the pathetic attempt by Congress worker to erase his tracks. Safoora had retweeted too!

Pathetic attempt by Congress to cover its tracks
Pathetic attempt by Congress to cover its tracks

In January Safoora Zargar was involved in engineering violent protests against Gulberga also. She was also actively involved in many flash mob protests and seen in Naxal student wing AISA’s protest stages too. Once she brought Mani Shankar Aiyar to the Jamia University when she was the NSU General Secretary in the campus.

New set of cheerleaders for RaGa/ PriVa?

Interestingly many AISA leaders like Sandeep Singh are now seen with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra’s coteries as highly paid staffers. Sign of new set of sycophants? More trenchant display of rioting in future?

Role of foreign NGOs

Interestingly Safoora was featured in an inveterate anti-Indian US website The Polis Project. In her interview with one Aaquib Khan, a Mumbai-based journalist she talks about Jamia protests, Kashmir’s Article 370 scrapping etc. This shows that Safoora Zargar is involved in professional protesting backed by foreign NGOs[1]. Another interesting thing is that Aaquib Khan is also associated with a big German NGO – Robert Bosch Stiftung Gmbh. This NGO is involved in funding many protests across the world and is a major shareholder of the big multinational firm Robert Bosch.

“The Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH is one of Europe’s largest foundations associated with a private company. In its charitable work, it addresses social issues at an early stage and develops exemplary solutions. For this purpose, it plans and implements its own projects. Additionally, it supports third-party initiatives that have similar goals. The Robert Bosch Stiftung is active in the areas of health, science and research, education, active citizenship, as well as international understanding and cooperation,” claims the NGO’s Mission.

This goes to show the role of foreign NGOs ranging from Germany to the United States in the anti-CAA protests across India, creating unrest from December 2019 to March 2020.

Interestingly, according to investigators, Safoora Zargar was always in touch with terrorist supporter Salman Nizami, who is a Congress Spokesperson from Kashmir. PGurus has reported the dubious activities of Salman Nizami in engineering protests in JNU a few years ago[2]. Nizami is mostly seen with controversial Congress leader Digvijaya Singh and is now actively involved in social media campaigning for Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister.

According to Delhi Police Safoora Zargar was the arranger and conductor of flash mob of 100s of women and children at Jaffrabad on the late night of February 22. This unexpected road blocking started just 36 hours before US President Donald Trump landed India on February 24. Jaffrabad protest is the fountainhead of Delhi riots which led to the killing of 53 people. Earlier Delhi Police arrested a Mahila Congress leader Ishrat Jahan for instigating violence. Now with the arrest of NSU leader Safoora Zargar, the role of Congress leaders in Delhi riots is becoming more apparent.


[1] Standing up to Repression: Political Passion Animates Jamia ResistanceThe Polis Project

[2] New photos show terror supporter Kashmir Congress leader Salman Nizami was behind the JNU protestsDec 11, 2017, PGurus.com

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  1. old wine in new bottle. as repetitive as huriyat omar and mehebooba. when you people have no ammunition left simply bring in Gandhi. one stop defence. you are as ignorant by design as congress stooges. so be it .godse was never RSS.

  2. The contents of this article is similar to a court room scene in a Bollywood movie. I don’t understand what the author means by professional protest. Can you call Mahatma Gandhiji as professional protesters? Every protest has to be planned and logistics worked out. The only caveat is that it should be done in a non-violent way. Can we call people who demolished Babri Masjid as professional protesters? Can we call BJP that did not allow parliament to function for months together protesting against 2G scam as an example of professional protest? How about Godse killing Gandhi, the father of our nation, being called as professional protest? As Godse was an ex-RSS person, can RSS be absolved of guilt by association? Why do we have so much confidence in police investigations and that too preliminary investigations linking the protester be talked about here being associated to Congress? Is it authors case that Sonia and Rahul are hand-in-glove with Pakistanis to stir trouble in Kashmir. What can be expected from the author who without doubt is a supporter of BJP when the PM made a false statement that Ex-PM Manmohan Singh and Ex-Army Chief Deepak Kapoor were hand-in-glove with Pakistan to destabilize Gujarath elections a few years ago?

    A Kashmiri has a right to voice his/her concern on the abrogation of article 370 which is nothing but an article articulating the letter and spirit of the Instrument of Accession (IoA) signed between two sovereign states namely J & K led by Maharaj and India that gave India control on Defence, External Affairs and Central Finance. Article 370 of constitution was inserted as a proxy of IoA in the Constitution later as Constitution of India was not drafted when IoA came into being. It is mentioned in section 5 of IoA that no future constitution of India can tamper with the provisions of IoA. There is a thought that J & K Constituent Assembly can only rule on IoA but then J & K Constituent Assembly was disbanded in 1957. With J & K assembly being dissolved and there being no Sovereign state of J & K, no one can approach UN for a solution. There are many intelligence officials who have also stated that the people of Kashmir are alienated and we are not able to ascertain why this alienation has happened. We brush this aside saying that there is no alienation and Kashmir problem is a making of Pakistan.

  3. When will the NDA Govt arrest the Prime instigators Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka for their anti national and seditious speech ” Aaar Paar kaa Ladaai” in Ram Leela Ground. Govt MUST book the above three anti national hoodlums for their PERFIDY against our Nation

    • Current Indian Government must take actions on Sonia Gandhi, if failed India will not prosperous. This Women only to have a luxurious life for herself and her family.
      Same goes to Tamil Nadu get reed off DMK, DK, and also ADMK ,then you are able to see the country’s biggest economy growth.

  4. BJP to have strong prosecutor to win the case against the foul mouthed Kapil Sibal & bald headed Abhishek Manu Singhvi (both anti-India lawyers & traitors for supporting all anti-nationals) who are likely to be her lawyers . Mere arresting will not do anything.

  5. Appreciate the facts presented. For every trouble in India ,I am sure there is congress link . But the question is why India is providing subsidised education to these prospective lady jehadists. They are turning against the same society, which gave them shelter, food , education and respect. In contrast, their sisters in Pak are treated like play toys. A country like pak which was a part of hindu culture, became an Islamic nation and is in gutters following PURE Islam.Dont these elite Muslim class watch TVs and understand how fortunate they are india ?

    At the same time, the Hindu India gave to these women everything. What more they want ? Isn’t it time to Scrap subsidised education to these ungrateful class ? Economically poor Hindu students are unable to afford higher education, and the merit students are forced to study abroad.

    This is right time for the govnt to privatise AMU, Jamia and JNU. Being an internal security matter, the govnt should advice courts not to instruct them on how to rule the country invoking freedom of speech, action and expression.

    I am sure we have enough IT brains who have software to anticipate and identify trouble makers.If India doesn’t come out of the soft peddling attitude, it will be repeat of 1947 and future generation will not forgive the NDA govnt.

  6. The Delhi police should have picked her and silenced before she started the nonsense but there is no use in acting after the incidence. Our administration is reactive and not proactive like Israel. My blood boiled when the NSA walked around the streets of Delhi begging these community people to remain calm. All the James Bond stories about this NSA is to be stopped and NSA post has to be replaced by a military man with real efficiency.

  7. This lady is total anti-national. So many such elements infiltrated into Congress. Hope this crook lady goes to jail as convicted for engineering Delhi riots.


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