Kathua rape and murder case: Credibility of Crime Branch charge sheet under the scanner

Zee News report has poked a massive hole in the Crime Branch charge sheet in the Kathua case

Kathua rape and murder case
A Revelation by Zee News

Defence lawyer terms CB probe a ‘botched up’ investigation

Ahead of the most crucial hearing in the Kathua rape and murder case in the Apex Court on May 7 some of the startling revelations by a TV channel report has now raised some serious question marks over the credibility of the Crime branch investigation in the case.

With this surprise development the members of the Hindu Ekta Manch, sitting on a dharna for over three months now have demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti alleging crime branch team worked under political pressure and targeted members of a particular community to keep their bosses in good humor.

In its charge sheet submitted in the court of law, Crime Branch had claimed that a retired government servant Sanjhi Ram masterminded the murder of a minor girl to save the skin of his own son, Vishal Jhangotra.

A CCTV footage from an SBI ATM in Meerut, has surfaced and the same was broadcast by a TV news channel.

But a recent expose by a TV channel news report, has demolished this theory as well by bringing concrete evidence in the public domain which clearly suggested that Vishal was not present in Kathua as claimed by the crime branch report in its charge sheet.

The TV channel report has also claimed that Vishal was not present in Kathua and he had appeared in his examination and also withdrew money from an ATM counter far away from Kathua.

In addition landlord of a rented accommodation where Vishal was staying has also come on record to establish his presence in the area around 600 km from Kathua on January 15. Even the college principal where Vishal was studying has denied reports of impersonation at the behest of Vishal Jhangotra.

Excerpts of the charge sheet

“The official charge sheet by the Jammu and Kashmir police mentions that Vishal Jangotra, one of the main accused was in Kathua on the 15th of January and he helped dispose of the child’s body. The charge sheet also mentions that Vishal Jangotra left for Meerut on the evening of 15th of January by train from Ghagwal.

In contrast to this now a CCTV footage from an SBI ATM in Meerut, has surfaced and the same was broadcast by a TV news channel where Vishal Jangotra is clearly seen in an ATM queue withdrawing money on 15th of January at 3 pm.

To dispel any misconceptions about the bank transactions the TV channel has also produced the ATM payslip from that ATM that corroborates that withdrawal was indeed done on Vishal Jangotra’s card at the time mentioned.

Now the question arises if the footage on air is not tampered with or altered by any means then it raises some serious question marks over the real intentions of the Mehbooba Mufti-led alliance govt in the state.

The forest area in the close vicinity of Rasana village falls in the same axis which is often used by infiltrators.

Common questions which are doing the rounds in public circles has also created a piquant situation for the top brass of the state police as they were patting their own backs by claiming an honest and thorough probe has been conducted based on certain scientific evidence.

Is it a botched-up investigation?

Defense Lawyer Ankur Sharma Tuesday claimed the recent expose by a national TV news channel has clearly exposed the ‘botched up’ investigation by the crime branch team in the sensitive matter.

He also alleged the investigation was ‘politically’ motivated and based on fabricated evidence to target members of a particular community.

Speaking to reporters here in Jammu Ankur Sharma said only a professional investigation by a central agency can deliver justice to the minor girl.

Ankur Sharma claimed if any central agency would take up investigations in the case the entire mystery surrounding the case would be unraveled and the ‘real’ culprits would be identified.

He congratulated the team of the national TV channel for working on the story and bringing startling facts to light and demolish the theory of Crime Branch team.

He said some time divine intervention plays a significant role and in this case, too, thousands of people are standing with the families of accused because they know crime branch has carried out an investigation with a motive to frame them.

Sharma said the investigation was not only motivated but a very well planned politically motivated exercise.

Referring to the motive behind targeting residents of village Rasana, Ankur Sharma alleged it is part of the bigger conspiracy to effect demographic changes in the area.

He also added the forest area in the close vicinity of Rasana village falls in the same axis which is often used by infiltrators to reach higher altitude via Ramkot area. He said a small rivulet running closer to Rasana village flows into the Pakistani territory and there is every possibility that the area was targeted to carve out safe hideouts for infiltrators in the region by driving members of the Hindu families from the village.

Ankur Sharma claimed in the light of these developments we are seeking a thorough probe by the highest investigating agency in the country be it the CBI or the NIA.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


  1. We, it seems, r being ruled by fools who doesn’t know the implications. The less said abt the media and judiciary the better.

  2. We r being ruled by fools who doesn’t know the implications. The less said abt the media and judiciary the bett ji

  3. CBI and NIA should be entrusted to investigate first the Crime Branch personnel from Kashmir, the ‘Rudali’ gang, media houses, CM, then Deputy CM, local police. In second phase, they should undertake fresh investigation of the murder case to bring truth to light.
    Blaming Hindus at the drop of a hat must stop.

  4. There was too many things national media didn’t reported in this case,First CM tweeted this case is of rape and murder before any probe,local boys were harrased in police custody in large number,one of the officer was given psychological treatment in past because he killed a Hindu boy in custody.This whole thing angered the Jammu population and lawyers.Their protests was shown in bad colour.JK crime branch actively used a Hindu women officer as their face in media.They made a gruesome charge sheet and made the whole thing look filmy. Demand of cbi enquiry is justified in this case and no one should demean the locals for that.No sane mind would like the possibility of escaping of a child muderer and troubles for innocents.

  5. Now arrest all the CB/SIT police personnel. Subject them to narco test and truth will come out. this is the only way to bring justice. The HC/SC must take proactive action.

  6. This was very clear right from the beginning. The whole idea of JV with PDP was such a stupid mistake by that RSS inexperienced Ram Madhav. If anything happens to hindus of Jammu I think whole country should make MOdi and Ram Madhav responsible!!

  7. The country is made up of crooked media elements. And the party heading the ruling dispensation is cool abt it.

  8. The whole episode is fabricated in the same way as few years ago.Initisl medical report did not mention rape but later on medical report was fabricated.Why not go to Supreme Court for an impartial enquiry under CBI or SIT?

  9. Real sad and frightening the way things are shaping up and the way center is staying calm to all these things. If demographics can be changed and infiltrators can be protected in the area vicinity to the village, then it poses a serious threat to india. Hopefully center and SC wakes up and takes this matter very seriously. Elections around the corner !!

  10. “….the investigation was not only motivated but a very well planned politically motivated exercise.”

    What is even more worrying is the seamless way almost all the mainstream TV channels and papers took it up and toed the same line in an unusually aggressive manner. Seems to be a replay of the Aarushi murder case, but with far more serious implications. Even the supposedly ‘nationalistic’ channel Republic TV went along.It is important that this angle too be given equal exposure


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