What is keeping Karti awake at nights?

Is Karti afraid he will receive third-degree treatment for past deeds?

Is Karti afraid he will receive third-degree treatment for past deeds?
Is Karti afraid he will receive third-degree treatment for past deeds?

Why does Karti fear questioning by the CBI & ED?

Karti Chidambaram, a partner in corruption with his father P Chidambaram must be aware of how investigating agencies dealt with their opponents during interrogations. We now know how Home Ministry’s Director R V S Mani, Sadhvi Pragya, Col. Purohit were handled cruelly by investigating agencies when Chidambaram was the Home Minister. This might be the prime reason for son Karti’s hesitation to appear before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Does he fear third-degree treatment from these agencies like what used to happen during his father’s heydays?

Chidambaram, who did all the wrongs might be fearing that the BJP led Government may pay him back with the same coin.

In the Ishrat Jehan case, Chidambaram was leading the pack of hyenas to fix many senior Intelligence Bureau officers to target the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi with the help of uncouth officials and paid media such as NDTV and Tehelka. The CBI team headed by the then Director Ranjit Sinha and Special Director Saleem Ali and gang hounded and tortured Home Ministry’s Director R V S Mani to name Intelligence Bureau officials like Rajendra Kumar. Mani recently came on TV said that errant CBI officers tortured him and threatened him always. Like a third-rate mafia team, the pliant CBI officers put their legs on his chair and threatened to plunge cigarettes on him.

Is Karti afraid he will get the same treatment as meted out during his father’s days in the UPA?

Sadhvi Pragya also came on TV and said how she was tortured by the Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) team, the probe directly monitored by none other than Home Minister Chidambaram. She was tortured, beaten, thrown at the wall occasionally by the ruffian interrogating team. Similar was the painful story of Purohit, who is a serving Army Colonel.

These horrific stories during interrogation might be now a nightmare for Karti. Chidambaram, who did all the wrongs might be fearing that the BJP led Government may pay him back with the same coin. He is well aware that after the interrogation of his son, he will be next. The case is of Karti accepting kickbacks for Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance dubiously given by father Chidambaram to INX Media.

Now all their designs and forum shopping in various courts and calling in favors from some people in power has ended. On August 23, Karti is landing in the CBI headquarters. Both father and son knew their destiny.

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  1. The father son duo deserve more for all they did to Hindus just because they felt the Hindus have no one to take care of them. PC was hell bent upon pleasing his madam and amassing wealth for his clan. Even as an ordinary citizen of this country, hope truth prevails and the father son duo and all their masters are sent to the jail once for all.

  2. These chors should be put behind bars early for their anti national activities compromising on the country’s security.

  3. Chidambaram should be paid in the same coin as he used to , otherwise he may feel bad of BJP.He deserves even more for his cunning acts against adversaries and his help in dividing the people and implementing appeasement policy to its utmost heights by coining Hindu terror .

  4. Karma catches up! Both Karti and P Chidambaram deserve the plight they are in and we hope they will be made to face justice.

  5. How come Ranjit Singha and other CBI guys were left untouched If they booked they will give more info to nail father and son

  6. Need to move fast on this. This is not a soap opera TV serial. PC and his son should be taught a lesson for betraying India. Our patience is running out!

  7. As per Hindu scriptures, the son has an obligation to renunciate the wrong doing of his father, simiarly vice-versa. So beat them alternatively i.e. the painful cries should be held by father & father cries should be heard by son.

  8. Want both father & son to be given third degree handling to tell truth, real truth & ultimate truth. Beat them till they come close to death, stop, & give them medical treatment with Pepsi & Cola & some alcohol also, then once they recover, beat them again till they see darkness in day light & light during the dark nights.


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