Killing of upcoming BJP/ RSS leaders continues unabated in Kerala

Mysterious accidents, unexplained murder; targets are young BJP leaders

Mysterious accidents, unexplained murder all of young BJP leaders
Mysterious accidents, unexplained murder all of young BJP leaders

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]O[/dropcap]n September 12, had reported about the CPI(M)’s class annihilation move in Kerala. The State has seen three dedicated RSS workers being murdered in a gruesome manner by the CPI(M) activists within the first 100 days of the Pinarayi Vijayan-led government assuming office at Thiruvananthapuram.

It appears as though the CPI(M) has increased the intensity of attacks and vandalism on Sangh Parivar activists in Kerala. The State of Kerala, which was celebrating Onam holidays was taken aback on Tuesday when Kokila S Kumar, a 23-year-old councillor of Kollam Municipal Corporation lost her life in a mysterious hit and run case.

Kokila was on her way back home with her father Sunil Kumar (50) after attending an Onam function when both of them were fatally hit by a speeding vehicle which did not stop after the accident and sped away. Sunil Kumar died on the spot while Kokila succumbed to the injuries while on the way to the hospital .

Though some of the eye witnesses informed the nearest police station, the cops reportedly under the orders of the CPI(M) Kollam district leaders took their own time in attending to the case. The accused driver surrendered to the police after the “cooling period” which would enable him to escape from the noose of the law.

Kokila had become an eyesore for the CPI(M) because the party candidate tasted a bitter difference in the corporation council election in the hands of this young BJP activist. She had endeared herself to the people of Kollam with her sincere work and dedicated public service which further infuriated the comrades who usually do not allow rising stars of other political parties to survive in the State. She was the youngest councillor in the corporation. The service rendered by Kokila had impressed all people in the district cutting across party lines.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]O[/dropcap]n Monday (September 12), there was an attempt on the life of Rashmi Suresh, a BJP leader in Thiruvananthapuram. A speeding auto-rickshaw had a head-on-collision with the scooter in which Reshmi was riding. Though Rashmi fell down from the scooter following the impact of the crash, the auto-rickshaw which had come in the wrong direction sped away. Though the traffic police rushed to the spot they withdrew immediately following the information provided by the onlookers that she was a BJP leader.

Strangely enough, the accident happened in front of the State Secretariat where there were many closed circuit TV cameras. Even after six days the police have not taken any action in spite of the fact that Rashmi has been admitted to the hospital with broken legs, hands and ribs. The CPI(M) had been targeting Rashmi for her “boldness” to contest against the party candidate in the last year’s local body election from Thiruvananthapuram resulting in the party candidate biting the dust for the first time.

Renu Suresh, popularly known as Renu Thai (Thai means mother) is the latest victim of the CPI(M) ire. Perumbavoor-born Renu, a Dalit community member, has emerged as Kerala’s youth icon through hard work and perseverance. Her crime? Renu liberated and saved a co-operative society in Perumbavoor from liquidation. The society has been ruled alternately by the CPI(M)-CPI combine and the Congress–Muslim League alliance alternately for the last three decades. The society incurred debt running to a million forcing the cooperative department to liquidate the society. Following pleas from her close friends, Renu singlehandedly fought against the LDF-UDF combine and liberated the society. Now more than three hundred members of the Dalit community, irrespective of their political leanings are getting financial and social benefits from the society. Renu was appointed as Kerala president of the Mahila Morcha recently.

A member of the organising committee of BJP’s national executive being held at Kozhikode, Renu had taken time off to rush to Perumbavoor to call on her ailing parents because of the Onam festival. While she was returning to her rented house after seeking the blessings of her parents, a group of CPI (M) and CPI workers assaulted Renu and husband Suresh, an auto rickshaw driver. Suresh ended up with a broken leg while Renu suffered serious injuries on her hands, neck and abdomen. Both have been admitted to a private hospital.
Renu Thai speaking to PGurus

Renu Thai speaking to at Perumbavoor

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Marxists are worried that the party has lost its mass base in Perumbavoor because of the good work being done by Renu and her associates. There was an attempt to hush up the case by the CPI(M) and Congress combine. Vallom, a suburb in Perumbavoor, has hundreds of Muslim families where the women of the house adore Renu for the services rendered by her. The CPI(M) and the CPI do not want to see the emergence of a Dalit icon from a bastion of these parties.

Young BJP leaders targeted

According to Prasanth Arya, a scribe closely studying the pattern of the attacks unleashed by the CPI(M), the red brigade is worried over the unprecedented inflow into the BJP and RSS from their own cadre. “Persons who come to know more about the RSS and the BJP are joining en masse into these organisations. The CPI(M) is worried that it is fast losing its relevance in Kerala’s politics. The party wants to send a message to the minority communities that it was the only alternative which could tame and control the Sangh Parivar elements. It is a matter of survival for the reds,” said Arya. It should also be a matter of grave concern for the BJP National leadership as CPI(M) is targeting many of the up and coming BJP leaders.

Though the CPI(M) had claimed it would put everything in order, the party is facing unprecedented challenges from within itself. Senior party leader V S Achuthanandan who was trapped by his own chela, Sitaram Yechury, after the election though the nonagenarian leader had been assured of the chef minister’s chair. Achuthanandan, who has been cut up with the party following Vijayan’s resistance to offer the former an office in the secretariat, is pleading with politbureau and central committee for allotting him an office either in the new block of the secretariat or the old building.

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  1. No intolerance award wapsi from any so called “Intellectuals” after many such brutal killings and attacks as the attacks are “Secular” and so they are legitimate. Shame on the so-called intellectuals and MSM which has not at all interested to report these political butchering by commies.

  2. Communists are pursuing the proverbial Stalin era in Kerla. MSM is silent. But this is the beginning of the end of congi-commi era. The national exe of commis must answer the nation as they have demanded answer from BJP in case of Akhlaq or Vemula. Expose the rot heads.


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