Know the real Gauri Lankesh

What had Gauri Lankesh done to merit a 21-gun salute?

What had Gauri Lankesh done to merit a 21-gun salute?
Gauri Lankesh

The September 5 murder of Gauri Lankesh, who was the editor of a Kannada tabloid Gauri Lankesh Patrike was a despicable act. But what stood out immediately after the news about her murder was the kind of journalism practiced by most of the TV channels, newspapers and of course the politicians.

…poor Gauri Lankesh was not even cremated when these vultures were putting their beaks in the flesh of the corpse,” wrote Bisht.

Even before Gauri’s dead body was removed to the hospital for autopsy, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice-president who recently switched over to Artificial Intelligence to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was the first to hit the national headlines with the claim that the BJP and the RSS were behind the murder. A host of leaders led by the CPI-M proprietor Sitaram Yechury joined the scion of the Gandhi family and lambasted the BJP and Sangh Parivar for the murder of Gauri.

Gauri was accorded a State funeral by the Siddaramaiah government and it is has to be appreciated. It was a recognition for a journalist who relentlessly fought against the Hindu religion and supported all anti-Hindu forces. But a probe into the kind of journalism practiced by Gauri Lankesh Patrike (GLP) threw some interesting findings. In Karnataka itself, the Patrike was largely unknown. The GLP had a circulation of less than 1,000 copies and  was the bench mark of yellow journalism.

Last November, the Judicial First Class Magistrate Hubli sentenced  Gauri Lankesh to six months imprisonment and  imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 in a criminal defamation case filed against her by BJP leaders Prahlad Joshi MP, Umesh Dushi, Shivanand  Bhat, and Venkatesh Mestry.

The charge against her was that GLP in its issue dated January 23, 2008, had published an article  “Darodegilada BJP galu” which the petitioners contended as defamatory. The article alleged that the BJP leaders had cheated a jeweler to the tune of Rs 1,00,000 and had threatened him with dire consequences if he made any police complaint. Though the court gave Gauri Lankesh enough time to submit documentary evidence to substantiate her claims, she could not produce anything before the court which led to her conviction. Remember, the Siddaramaiah government accorded State funeral to a convict!

The court while sentencing and convicting her had given bail which saved her from the embarrassment of undergoing a jail term for the criminal defamation case. Gauri Lankesh was practicing the kind of journalism, which specializes in yellow journalism and extortion business. The conviction came in spite of Gauri’s efforts to stonewall the court proceedings because she was confident that her blatant lie would be exposed once the trial is commenced. Even the Karnataka High Court told her to face the trial when she approached it with pleas to scrap the proceedings against her,

Many journalists in India have been murdered by anti-social elements and mafia bosses. In Bihar, the criminal turned politician Mohammed Shahabuddin, leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal whose boss is Lalu Prasad Yadav, have bumped off many journalists who dared to report his anti-social activities. How many of us remember their names? There is the case of J Dey, a journalist of Bombay who was shot dead at point blank by the hired killers allegedly deployed by Chhota Rajan… Dey was a popular journalist whose name was familiar with newspaper readers in Bombay city. Not a single meeting was held in the premises of Press Club of India or for that matter anywhere in India over the killings of Dey and other journalists. There was neither any candle light vigils too. What made Gauri Lankesh more honorable than other scribes?

Sudhir Bisht, noted columnist and author, who attended the meeting held at New Delhi’s Press Club had written an exclusive article for PGurus in which he has expressed his anguish and disgust over the way “vultures were feasting over a dead body”. “I have never seen people playing such cheap and dirty politics over a dead body. Mind you, poor Gauri Lankesh was not even cremated when these vultures were putting their beaks in the flesh of the corpse,” wrote Bisht. Left wing politics over the dead body of Gauri Lankesh – PGurus.

A tweet by Dr Subramanian Swamy, MP and senior BJP leader,  was self-explanatory:

Dr. Swamy tweets, suggesting clues in Gauri murder
Fig 1. Dr. Swamy tweets, suggesting clues in Gauri murder

One need not look beyond this comment by Dr. Swamy to know why the Karnataka chief minister refused to order a CBI probe into the murder of the Lankesh woman.

The statements made by Sitaram Yechury, the CPI-M proprietor and Daniel Raja, his poor cousin of the CPI sounded bizarre. The comedic duo of Indian politics blamed the Sangh Parivar for the murder of Gauri Lankesh. If the police investigation proves that Gauri was murdered by some other groups, these self-styled secularists may have to swallow whatever they had vomited.

The observations made by Francois Gautier, French political writer and journalist based in India since 1971 is noteworthy. “A 21 gun salute and State funeral was given to a Maoist radical and intellectual terrorist by an anti-Hindu Congress government which is doing all in its power to encourage Abrahamic and  Leftist Fascism in Karnataka.

After a trial running to almost eight years, Gauri Lankesh could not produce a shred of evidence to prove her “news” was authentic. It was a neutral Court which found her guilty of wilful defamation. Condolences on her death, but she was hard core anti-India, anti-Army, and willing to go to any immoral length to score an ideological point to support forces involved in breaking India.She was given a State funeral”.

“Welcome to India, which will be utterly destroyed soon, if you don’t wake up and change this,” writes Gautier.

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  1. She met the Power Minister before her unfortunate demise according to his own admission & requested for some advertisements for her dying weekly for its Diwali issue. Imagine a ‘stormy petrel’ firebrand journo’ who exposed corrupt bureaucrats & politicians, meeting a corrupt minister who is under the CBI scanner, begging for help to revive her weekly !, Or was she blackmailing him as the rumor goes since the purpose of yellow journalism is only to make quick money. May be or may not be. But then was he investigated? is the important question.He is famous for applying pressure tactics like cutting off power supply etc whenever he was subjected to public & Media scrutiny for his dubious roles in shady deals.

  2. It would suffice to say in simple words that she was a criminal prestitute who indulged in worst kind of yellow journalism of political partisanship, political blackmail, worst kind of sheer deceit, lies and bare dishonesty, apart from indulging in most heinous of crimes such as practising hatred crime against the most well-behaved community, Hindus and thereby Hinduism while not uttering a word against evils of muslims and islam which are much more diabolical such as showing open enmity with other religions and practising hatred against other religions in the form of extremism, terrorism, sabotage, sedition and treason against the country they are living in, and also practising worst kind of hatred against the nation itself by supporting all those antinationals who want to break this country into thousands of pieces and are waging an armed violent fight against the nation in the form of naxalims-maoism by using arms which are not even available to our armed forces and training themselves with foreign military training manuals (Nobody is asking them how and where the funds came to them to acquire all these modern weapons including anti-aircraft guns). What would a nationalist like yours truly here do if such a criminal, antinational and terror-sympathser and antinational naxalite-maoist is killed due to her own sinful misdeeds do except for rejoicing at reducing of antinational-criminals by at least one? So, nationalists, please rejoice that a criminal, blackmailer, an antinational and a known Hindu-baiter is given a ‘release’ from her own sinful misdeeds which could be the effect of Karma of making fun of not only the most benign community like Hinduism but also their harmless gods unless an islamic god who wants heads of all the non-muslims and that god wants them by beheading all the non-believers.

  3. Hmm….
    For all the bad things that happened after her death…
    The good thing is that an anti national is no more and has brought to limelight a few of her fellow anti nationals who are now known to the public..

    Wherever anti Hindu slogans are there this Daniel raja (d.raja) and David Pandian (tha.pandian) will make their presence felt…

    Adding to this is actor Prakash Raj….(a Christian again)

    My god…. The English are still ruling us…among us…dividing us….

  4. If there was a defamation case against her based on the content then you guys(bjp) itself are reading her patrika. Next ” It was a neutral Court which found her guilty” so you agree that there are some biased court. If so then there are bjp or hindutva biased court as well. Thanks for agreeing. Quoting Francois Gautier and su na pa na are the most comedic thing i found in your article. This didn’t damage her name much. Try something better like she was a drug trafficker etc

  5. Formal education in the post independent India has served in making the educated ,the most intellectually dishonest class ,only to exploit every situation in politics, business ,industry or even in the houses of legislature .
    The new age journalists with their unbridled freedom to say write or speak anything on any one goes scotfree being in collusion with professional thugs called politicians.
    What more to come looks like a nightmare even to guess at this rate.
    Jai Ganesha!!

  6. Anybody who wants to get noticed by the media or wants to become close to the leftists will have to simply shout or write some slogans against Modi or just Hindutva!
    If trolling on the social media is enough to kill a person, Modi and his followers (whom the ’eminent’ journalists call Bhakts ) ought to have died a thousand deaths.


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